Think and Grow Thin – An Exclusive Interview With The Author Charles D’Angelo

If you have ever love one of the best self-help books, “Think and Grow Rich” by Napolean Hill, and intrigued by the simple strategies of becoming rich, then you’ll also love Think and Grow Thin by Charles D’Angelo  “The Weight Loss Coach”, because his book talks about the importance of a healthy and thin mindset.

Only with the right mindset, you’ll find it much easier to lose weight and stay healthy, just like having the right mindset will help you grow your wealth, as shared in the book, “Think and Grow Rich“.

The book is also endorsed from former US President Bill Clinton. So read on and get the information-packed exclusive interview with Charles D’Angelo as he shares with you his secrets and insights of using our mind to stay thin.

1. What encouraged you to write “Think and Grow Thin”?

I believe that helping people lose weight and feel their best is my vocation. It’s what I was put on this planet to do. As a 360 lb teen who grew up in a tough environment with very little certainty, I turned to food to comfort and distract myself. This shortsighted thinking caused me to have such a poor self-image that I would do anything I could to avoid interacting with peers because I believed I would be ridiculed and bullied. After the realization that a change in mindset would change my life, I lost 160 lbs in two years through healthy eating and exercise. My entire way of looking at life, food and myself had changed, and I felt it was my mission to help others realize their innate potential just as I had.

2. “Think and Grow Thin” is the title of this book, can you tell us why you chose this name?

The book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill is one of my favorite books. The title of my book is a tribute to Hill who espoused that true wealth – not just in a financial sense – is a result of far more than just mechanics.

3. Your book is a comprehensive guide that targets mind more than muscles to help people battle the mindset that’s making them fat. Can you elaborate more about this?

Having been a morbidly obese person, I looked outside of myself for an answer to my problems but realized something was missing out there. There was no lack of education, gyms, trainers, diet pills and programs, and books that claimed to change a person’s life, but if all these claims were true, we wouldn’t see so many people in our country afflicted with this problem.

I look at my approach to weight loss as a three-legged stool, one leg is diet, the second leg is exercise, but the third leg, and what’s been missing in everything else out there, is what I call the mindset. It’s learning how to change thought patterns, disconnect from old ways of thinking and eventually reconnect to food and exercise in a healthy way. My approach involves helping people learn to be in charge of their habits instead of their habits driving them unconsciously.

4. What are the worst trends you currently see in the average American diet that lead to obesity or an increase in waistline?

I think that spontaneity in lifestyle choices is one of the most damaging habits a person can engage in. For a person to achieve success in anything, they must be strategic rather than spontaneous.

5. What makes “Think and Grow Thin” effective and different from all the other weight-loss books out there?

As I mentioned earlier, it presents more than just the mechanics of losing weight (diet and exercise). It also presents that missing third leg of stool: the way to change one’s mindset and take charge of one’s destiny. It’s what almost every other program is missing. “Think and Grow Thin” dispels all the anxiety about what to do by presenting a very straightforward food and exercise plan that has helped thousands take charge of their health.

6.  Could you share with us on average how much weight do your clients usually lose while following the strategies and eating plans in “Think and Grow Thin”? And what is the ONE thing that helps them to lose weight?

“Think and Grow Thin” teaches that while the number is relevant, it shouldn’t be your main focus – changing your health and habits should be. When a person eats in a healthy way and exercises consistently, fat loss follows almost magically. Having a distinct plan, and the confidence in the plan because it has helped so many achieve success, will help one to continue to stay focused and on track.

7. What should a person expect to experience while following “Think and Grow Thin”? Could you share some of the experiences that your clients have gone through with the program? (if it’s not confidential)

My clients report more energy, more confidence, clothes that have become too loose, increased stamina, and an overall feeling of relief because the burden of dieting has been taken off their backs.

8. What medical health conditions can be improved by following the guidelines stated in your book?

I always encourage anyone who follows my program to work in conjunction with his or her physician. Many of my clients’ doctors have been able to eliminate or reduce dosages of diabetic, blood pressure and cholesterol medications!

9. What are the difficult aspects for a person to switch from their normal lifestyle to following the program in “Think and Grow Thin”? Could you share some of the experiences that your clients have gone through with the program? (if it’s not confidential)

It’s not difficult once healthy habits have been established. People don’t complain of hunger but rather they find it to be a challenge to eat all the foods they NEED to be eating. Changing from a spontaneous approach to diet and exercise to a very exacted and strategic approach can feel different, but isn’t difficult – especially once they start seeing results!

10. As there are readers and subscribers who are struggling to lose weight to help them shed the fat, do you have anything specific that you want to say to them?

Never lose hope. You’re reading this for a specific reason and I know that if you put yourself out there just one more time and follow the program in my book, your life will forever be changed! You CAN do this!



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  1. Marc Schoenfeld Avatar
    Marc Schoenfeld

    Being one of Charles’ clients since last August I can tell you that the program works as he says. I lost over 70 pounds that I had been carrying for decades. I have not been this thin since I was a teenager and I am 63 now. It works!

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