Apple Cider Vinegar Diet

Dr. D.C. Jarvis authored a book in 1950’s that started the talk about how apple cider vinegar can help you to lose weight. After that, it has already started its popularity in the 70s when various diet programs are also made available to the public. But for more than a hundred years, it is said to help in treating other health related problems such as headaches, diabetes, arthritis, and a lot more.

Made with the process of fermenting an apple. You can make your own by first smashing the apple and squeezing its juice. Add yeast and sugar for its fermentation. Next process would require a specific type of bacteria to be added. As a result, acetic acid will be formed which is the apple cider vinegar. Organic ones may have a coagulated look. It Is said to have vitamins and minerals aside from various acids such as acetic, lactic, propionic, amino, and pectin.

The idea of Dr. Jarvis is that it can help burn fats in the body and avoid its accumulation by just simply taking the solution regularly with an amount of one up to three teaspoon full before taking your meal. Other believers of this diet also added that the pectin in the solution makes the cholesterol stick in it and flush it out from the dieter’s body. For this same reason, it said to be included in those detoxification diets. With all of this claims about how it contributes to shedding off your extra weight, no studies are made to back these all up.

It is believed that taking one to three teaspoons 15 minutes ahead of your daily meal will lessen your cravings for food and could give you feeling full. You can start by taking a teaspoon then gradually increasing the amount up to a maximum of 3 teaspoons.

Starters of this diet would be recommended to get their initial supply from health stores for this are organic and would still have the needed enzymes. Since this vinegar has a very strong taste, others would find ways to make taking it pleasant. Some will mix the solution with an amount of honey or water. There would surely be some difficulty taking this when you are just starting to include it in your diet due to the taste but in the long run, people gets used to its taste that it is no longer a big deal for them to take 3 teaspoons which is the maximum recommended dosage. In excess of that would already cause you problems due to its high acid content. Tablets form of this solution is already out in the market, which is preferred by most.

The apple cider vinegar contains pectin that is said to help reduce cholesterol level. This is why others relate it to burning fats and eventually losing weight. But again, the part that has something to do with losing weight still needs to be supported. Like other vinegars, this one is proven to have positive effect for people who have diabetes for it reduce the sugar level in the body. Lastly, pertaining to the help it can give with regards to weight loss, an initial study was made in 2005 with 12 participants. Result was that those who took the solution felt less hungry than those who did not. That came to a conclusion that in a way, it can help to lose appetite and sooner result to losing weight.

Users of this diet have their different views and experience. Some would claim that it really did help them to change their appetite that resulted to them losing weight. The other halve of the users are still questioning if it would really work for they have not seen results from the time they started the diet. While the rest are just positive in the apple cider vinegars effect to their other health problems. If they lose weight, then it is just a bonus.

What is good with this diet is that it does not tell you which food to eat or not to eat. You can still eat every food that you crave for as long as you take it in moderation.

Advantages that this diet could give you:

  1. Available in tablets for those who cannot take it in its liquid form.
  2. Said to help in other health problems (coughs, blood pressure, heartburn, insomnia and a lot more)
  3. The solution is affordable. You can even do your own fermentation provided you have the complete ingredients.

Drawbacks that this diet entails:

1.       High acid content that could cause some harmful side effects (palpitations, nervousness, irritability and may have other reactions with some type of medicines)

2.       Taste is strong that made it difficult to take especially for starters.

3.       The effect to weight loss is not yet proven.

4.       Not recommended to be taken for long period for it can cause weakening of the bone and deficiency in potassium.

There is still no basis that this diet could help a person to lose weight even though this is the claim of their sellers. It is proven to be helpful in treating and preventing other health problems but not when it comes to reducing your weight. Should there be changes in your weight while taking the apple cider vinegar, it would only be very minimal and this might be caused by the effort to take your meal in moderation as advised when taking the diet. So for people who are looking for a diet that will give them positive and significant result in attaining their target weight, it is recommended to leave this diet out of your list. Should you still opt to try and go for this diet, it is best that you ask for advice from your doctor first in order to see if this would fit you. You might be taking some medicines that when taken together with the vinegar would cause negative reactions in your body.



  • Likelihood of losing weight (2 stars)
    • Very little support on its effect when it comes to losing weight. Should there be changes made in your weight this is because of the advice to take your food in moderation, which just taking the advice alone would surely give you results.
  • Healthy (3 stars)
    • Even though there are proven health benefits that this vinegar can provide, long-term use of it poses risks to your health.
  • Safety (3 stars)
    • Safe to take if you are not acidic or does not take any medicine that could possibly react with the vinegar. Keeping it at a maximum of 3 teaspoon a day is said to cause you no harm. But as mentioned earlier, the longer you use it, you might be getting rid of some unwanted health problems but might be causing new ones due to its high acid content.
  • Easy (2 stars)
    • The taste is difficult to take especially for beginners. But in the long run some would get used to it and would no longer mind taking the complete 3 teaspoons. Adding honey and water is an option to make its taste bearable but for some who cannot get used to it can also choose to take its tablet form.


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