Weight Watchers Diet

Weight watchers diet is a weight loss program that managed to gain popularity since the 1960’s. A program founded by Jean Nidetch, who herself was also trying to manage her weight. It started when she had a confession with her friends who are also battling with the same problem. They started a small group that eventually increased and was opened to the public to join. This later on became a business and by 1978, it was acquired by the company H.J. Heinz Company. Since then, growth and success of the program can no longer be stopped. Over time, improvements on the program have been made in order to adapt to the changing needs of dieters same as to make it more effective and enjoyable. It started with what they called as POINT system then later on has added THE MOMENTUM in their program. This diet believes that losing weight is not just from restricting the food you take but also getting the motivation and help from others who have the same experience.

The program aims to promote long-term weight management by teaching you how to eat healthy. It doesn’t just point you on what to eat and not to eat. Instead, it will help you to make good choices and strategies to feel full and remove too much craving for food. A meeting is held with the a trained expert of this program together with other dieters to share experiences, support and new learning on how to effectively lose weight. Attending the meeting does not bind you to a contract. It is according to your will to attend a weekly meeting of not exceeding an hour. Fee will be collected only when you attend. For people who do not have time to go to meetings, the program is made flexible by having it online. Here, tools are provided for you to keep track of your improvements and you can join communities to continue with the sharing.

With the POINT System of this program, every food is equivalent to certain points depending on the calorie content and serving size of it. This one computes and monitors what you take in your body. More points are given to food with large fat content and less points for those that are fiber rich.

THE MOMENTUM program on the other hand works by providing your body with fiber rich food to keep you feeling stuffed, since these kinds of foods take longer to digest. With this feeling, you keep the energy you needed to perform things normally.

If you are still in doubt if this program works, well it definitely works. May not be for all, but for most of the people who have tried it. It is said to make you lose 2 pounds for every week you follow the diet.

The program does not restrict you on what food to eat or not. You can still go on eating the same food that you normally eat. Moderation and disciplined in the amount of food that you eat is what you needed to perform the diet. Because of this, it is not difficult for a lot of dieters to maintain following the program.

Here is a list of benefits and drawbacks on following the diet:


  • No restrictions on what food you need to eat for as long as it is taken in moderation
  • Doesn’t leave you feeling hungry and weak
  • You get support from people who understand you and are battling with the same problem.
  • Easy to maintain


  • Attending meetings cost you some money
  • Even though meetings are held to help each other, competition among participants cannot be avoided.
  • It puts less value on exercising

Like any other diet program, this one may or may not fit a person. Determination to lose weight is always the key to success of a diet. If you are the type of person who finds determination to do the diet by attending support meetings and does not mind spending some money, then this one is right for you. However, if you want to be more practical, then you can leave this type of diet program aside. As what others said, there is nothing really special in this diet program. Getting support from other people is not difficult to find. You can find it free from friends and need not pay to be in a group just to share experiences. Same as counting the calories of the food that you eat. Paying to have someone help you monitor it can be scratched out. A lot of free calorie calculators are available online. You can even do the counting by yourself. Always remember that making a diet work is up to the person doing it.



Likelihood of losing weight (5 stars) – Monitored and disciplined eating will certainly make you lose weight. Once you get used to it, winning the battle of losing weight is no longer impossible.

Healthy (4 stars) – This program is it does not cause you to lose nutrients that you can get from the foods that other diet will restrict you to eat. But also because of this, you are still unable to get rid of eating some foods that has some harmful elements for your body.

Safety (4 stars) – Weight watchers diet does not pose health risk to a person following it. It actually lets you eat normally, just more disciplined. Promoting the use of exercise is just the missing factor that the program failed to do. As we all know, exercising is the most natural way to lose weight at the same time keeping our body healthy.

Easy (5 stars) – Following the diet program is not difficult. You can eat the same foods that you like only monitored. It does not leave you feeling hungry and weak just like other diet. Energy is sustained and let you carry out your normal activities.


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