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Pennsylvania 1971, a man named Jay Katz became popular when he opened his first center of NutriSystem Diet. He got the idea from his mom who was like most of the women, have been constantly battling to lose weight. Since more and more people are becoming conscious with both their health and physical appearance, it was not hard for the weight loss program to reach success. Right after a year, it was opened for franchise and from then, growth is already inevitable. In 1986, the business has started to feel financial difficulty and had to be sold to Donald McCulloch. With its new owner, the style of how the diet was marketed and sold has been transferred via web. All centers were shut down and was launched. With this new way of selling the product, the diet program was in a way saved from totally closing down but due to some reason, it have to be sold again to another owner by the year of 2002.

This weight loss program offers different plan that has a corresponding meal menu.  The plan would vary depending on gender, age group, and special considerations or factors. After choosing your plan, you will then be asked to choose from a list of their pre-made packed meal that will cover your breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert for the whole 28 days. These choices will then be delivered at your doorstep. Aside from the pre-made meal, a kit is also included that includes guides, planner and tracker that you can use for the whole duration of the program.

The diet has variety of plans to choose from. These are made to fit different needs of people who would want to try the program. Available plans are:

  • Basic – would fit most if not all consumers
  • Silver – made to fit older people who would like to try the program
  • Diabetic – considerations to medical condition of diabetic, foods for this plan are made to fit restrictions for people with diabetes.
  • Vegetarian – a food plan was also designed to fit people who have certain food preference such as eating plain greens.

NutriSystem Diet works by monitoring the Glycemic Index (GI) of the food that we eat.  By lowering the GI, glucose that is absorbed by our body is maintained at a balance level. This in return would prevent fat accumulation in the body.

With the pre-packed meal that you order, there would be no need for dieters to spend a lot of time cooking like what is being practiced with other diet program. Dieters need not worry on counting the calories of the food they eat. No need to skip any meal for the day for it provides you with a complete set of meals that is specially prepared to control the level of calorie intake.

People who have tried the said diet program have nothing but good to say about the program. Every food that is in their menu is satisfying and tasty as well, not to mention that it do not contribute to adding points to your weight. It is proven to make you loss weight quickly. However, negative comments are given to the availability of some food and its delivery. Some dieters are surprised to receive a delivery with a different food due to unavailability of what was ordered. No prior advice is given before your order is replaced. So it is advisable that you check if your food selection is available prior to confirming. Should you be unsatisfied or have unused food, refunds are offered within 30 days from purchase.

Dieters who will avail of this program will no longer have to worry on being cautious on what to eat or not. Foods are prepared by experts from NutriSystem and will be delivered, ready for you to eat. A meal menu is listed on their website where you just have to pick for the whole 28 days duration of the program.

If you are one of the many who are looking for a diet program to follow, see the list of pros and cons that this diet entails before you make your decision:

Advantages of this program includes:

  • No more counting, measuring of calorie and food.
  • You can eat 3 meals in a day with dessert from the menu that they offer
  • Convenient. Ordering of foods is made over the phone or via the Internet.
  • Easy to prepare food. No more tedious cooking.
  • Safe, effective and nutritious
  • Wide variety of tasty food selection to choose from.

Disadvantages would be:

  • Delivery can be expected 6-10 days after confirming orders.
  • Some issues on availability of food from their menu
  • Delay in customer service response may be encountered
  • Possibilities to gain weight after you stop availing the plan and go back to normal eating habit.
  • Cost of food may not fit to budget of most.

Even if a lot finds the weight loss program to work, it does not guarantee that it would work for all. If you are looking for a diet that works and comes with convenience, this is the right one for you. No more cooking and calorie counting needed, you let the experts do this for you. If you are a dieter who runs on a strict budget, wants more interaction and getting support from other people, then this might not be a good choice for you.



Likelihood to lose weight (5 stars) – Food that you eat is specially prepared by experts to fit the right calorie to take in your body.

Healthy (4 stars) – The food in their menu is nutritious and seemed pleasurable to eat but it is recommended to also include exercise to attain full wellness of the body.

Safety (5 stars) – Practicing the diet is safe since the menu are made to vary depending on considerations on your gender, age and other factors.

Easy (4 stars) – Dieters who have availed of the plan find it easy to follow and maintain. Foods are made to look and taste attractive. Apart from that, you are allowed to eat a regular 3 meals a day not to mention that you are also allowed to include dessert for each meal. Will not make you feel like starving.


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