Imagine yourself during a boring day. What do you do? Perhaps munch on a bag of chips, while surfing channels. How about conversation with friends? Maybe over a cup of latte or any other snack. Whatever it is that we are doing, food has become an important aspect. We are no longer eating to nourish our body, but food has played an important role in socialization and even in keeping ourselves entertained.

When eating has become a part of keeping ourselves and other people entertained, we are no longer conscious if what we are eating would be able to provide sufficient nutrients to the body. Instead, we focus on foods that we and other people may enjoy, even if they are overflowing with calories.

When unhealthy foods are not avoided, it is likely that we increase our body weight and expose ourselves to different health risks associated with being overweight and obese. The number of adults and children considered as overweight and obese is gradually increasing around the globe. Health experts are expressing their concern on how these conditions put
people’s life in danger.

• The Risks of Excessive Weight

There are several research and studies showing that excessive weight increases which could lead to obesity and being overweight, does not only tip the scales higher, but also increases the risks of developing health conditions. When the body becomes overweigh or obese, 5 out of 10 deaths in the country are associated with weight-related sickness like heart attack or stroke.

Some of these diseases is the coronary heart disease of CHD. When a person has CHD, blood flow to the heart is reduced and cold lead to angina or heath attack. There are several studies showing that losing 12 pounds of body weight would be able ton significantly lower the person’s risk of having heart disease.

Another health effect would be high-blood pressure and increased risks of suffering from stroke. Type 2 diabetes is also another possible effect of being overweight. Diabetes is associated with early deaths in the country.

Being overweight and obese could also increase the risks of colon, breast, gallbladder and endometrial cancer. Developing sleep apnea, which is a common sleep disorder. The person with sleep apnea would snore loudly and pause or stop breathing for a while.

There are also several research showing that obesity could affect the hormone levels of the body, interrupting the ovaries’ ability to release eggs. This would certainly affect a woman’s fertility. Looking at the dire effects of being overweight and obese on a person’s health, it is about time to consider weight loss, not only for aesthetic purposes but for building a better health.

• Effective weight loss through diet.

Dieting is one of the hardest ways for weight loss. Changing our eating habits does not happen overnight. These habits have been acquired for such a long time and would also require some time to break or completely remove.

Before you start losing weight, you have to question and convince yourself that you want to lose weight. This would require a person to have a strong dedication on the weight loss program and diet that you would be choosing. All throughout your diet, you are needed to make smart decisions about what you eat. Not only are you needed to be dedicated to it, you also need to be knowledgeable enough to make the right choices.

To ensure that you won’t be heading to nearest concessionaire stand when you have the time, you would need to have a support. Best support comes from friends and family. They would be able to help you stick with your diet and even provide you with tips about healthy cooking and eating.

Behind the success of a diet is self-discipline, and serious attitude change. If you are dieting, you need to stop thinking about the food that you are missing, instead think about what you would gain from sacrificing these food items.

• Choosing The Right Diet

There are numerous diets to choose from. Diets would often be backed by celebrities and different people claiming to be medical experts. But diets would have different effects to different people. Also, you have to think about sustainability. There are some diets which are impossible for a person to sustain for a long period of time.

Choose diets which are not too restrictive. The good news is that, there used to be diets restricting a person to eat carbohydrates or fats, but now these diets are more of low-carbs and low-fat diets. They have recognized the need for carbs and fats, to maintain balanced nutrition.

Consider the diet and your lifestyle. If you are living in a very fast-paced lifestyle and your schedule is always fully packed, then you would need a diet which is easy to prepare. There are diets which would not only allow you to lose weight, but make sure that they stay away.

Whatever diet you have decided to follow, make sure that they are combined with exercise. The most effective weight loss programs are not those that you don’t have to do anything to lose weight. Don’t forget to get complete rest when dieting and working out. Studies showed that lack of rest would just make dieting and weight loss more difficult. With insufficient rest and sleep, the body produces more hormones that stimulate hunger and appetite.

Bottom line, is that a successful weight loss program has three important components: diet, exercise, and rest. Without one, weight loss would never be effective or last long.


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