4 Day Diet

Dr. Ian Smith wrote the 4 Day Diet which is about a program that will help all the dedicated dieters to avoid the usual difficulties of dieting such as plateaus, treats not allowed, extreme repetition, and boredom. Contrary to what the name implies, the 2 Day Diet does not end in four days. Instead, the program consists of seven separate dieting modules that continue for four days each. Dr. Smith confidently states that it is so mush easier for a dieter to focus on what he will be eating for four days than what he will or won’ be eating for many weeks.

One of the main objectives of the 4 Day Diet in different modules is the increase of variety in the diet plan so as not to get easily bored from eating the same foods everyday. It actually has an effect in your metabolism, making it works properly by keeping the body guessing and has no time to adapt to the diet.

The seven dieting modules start with the Induction which is about cleansing and detoxing. It aims to remove the toxins that have accumulated in your body. This phase allows the dieter to eat fruits, green leafy vegetables, non-starchy veggies, low-fat or nonfat milk or yogurt, and brown rice. But, eating meats, fish, or poultry is not allowed on this induction phase. The only fats allowed is from the low-fat or nonfat salad dressing, plus the little amount of oil found in the recipes provided in the book. Dr. Smith is confident that this module focuses on losing weight quickly as well as cleansing and detoxifying your body, even though there is no known scientific evidence if our bodies really need to detox. Regardless, the numbers on the scale will go down as you lose your first few pounds of water, fat, or combination of both. It will certainly give you the motivation to continue going through the plan.

The second module or the Transition which reintroduces a new way of eating all food groups. In this dieting phase, the menu includes plenty of unprocessed foods that are rich in fiber which are excellent in helping you feel full on fewer calories for at least 1,300 a day. The diet includes fruits, raw vegetables, fish or poultry, beans, low-fat cheese, nuts, pudding, lean roast beef, and a diet soda.

The phase three of this module is the Protein Stretch which is about avoiding plateaus. Add fish, milk, lean, and eggs to your diet to avoid weight loss plateaus. The menu for four days of this diet includes eggs or egg whites, fruit, raw or cooked veggies, beans, brown rice, and a sandwich with lean meat and low-fat mayo.

In the fourth module, which is the Smooth where you can eat some forbidden foods like pizza, a bun, french fries, or a turkey burger. Though, this phase still reminds you about eating what you like in moderation, based on what you have learned in the previous modules.

Phase 5 is the Push which takes you back to a stricter eating plan. The menus in four days of this dieting approach include fruit, beans, green salad, skinless poultry, cooked vegetables, carrots, and fresh lemonade.

The Pace is the phase 6 of this module allows you to eat a few more foods and gives you the time to catch your breath again. This comfortable module includes eating pancakes, fruit, green tea, green salad, cooked vegetables, a cup of veggie soup, fish, and a diet soda.

The seventh and the final module is the Vigorous phase which has a strict plan to help you more in losing those last few pounds. The daily menu of this last phase includes fruit, green salad, cucumber, cups of broth-based soup, cooked veggies, and snacks.


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