The Belly Fat Diet for Dummies – Exclusive Interview With Author Erin Palinski

Erin Palinski-Wade, Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator and Certified Personal Trainer, is the author of “Belly Fat Diet For Dummies”, recognized nationally as an expert in fitness and nutrition.  She writes the book hoping to educate people about belly fat, the dangers of it, and healthy methods to shed the unsightly belly fat.

1. Your book was called “Belly Fat Diet For Dummies”, what motivates you to write it and why did you choose that title?

I am very passionate about belly fat since I truly believe it is the root of many of today’s biggest health problems such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and even certain cancers. Even individuals who are at a healthy body weight may have excess belly fat, putting them at risk for disease, so I wanted to write this book to educate individuals on how to determine if you have too much belly fat, the dangers of belly fat, and most importantly, how to shed it permanently.

2. You describe that lowering body weight can improve sleep apnea and sleep problems, could you explain why?

Excessive body fat, specifically in the midsection can contribute to sleep apnea and exasperate symptoms. When you lay down to sleep, excessive belly fat increases pressure on the diaphragm, making breathing even more difficult. By reducing midsection fat, this is alleviated, allowing you to breathe more normally when sleeping.

3. What do you think are the main factors that have resulted in the obesity epidemic in the modern world?

There are so many factors. The main factors include increased intake of processed, high calorie foods and less exercise. However, chemicals in foods and in the environment can also increase obesity risk. Eating a pro-inflammatory diet, such as a diet high in refined carbohydrates and saturated fats, is also a main culprit to obesity and disease.

4. Your book says there is no-gym fitness plan to start with a fat-melting bodyweight-only workout, could you give us ideas what are these workout?

Yes- these workout incorporate toning exercises to build muscle, raise metabolism, and flatter your abs along with interval training cardio walking routines to burn off stubborn belly fat for good.

5. What is the basic premise of this diet/eating plan?

I focus on incorporate whole foods that are packed full of taste but also loaded with belly blasting nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, monounsaturated fats, and vitamin C. I focus on promoting high volume, low calorie foods that keep you feeling satisfied while shedding body weight. And the most important aspect of this plan is that I focus on making this a lifestyle plan, not a “diet” to go on and off. I even devote an entire chapter to weight maintenance to help you keep your results permanently.

6. What is the biggest factor that helps a person to keep track of diet plan or stay with it like the “Belly Fat Diet for Dummies”? Could you share some of the experiences that your clients gone through with the diet? (if it’s not confidential)

The Belly Fat Diet For Dummies plan offers 3 unique weight loss paths as well as custom meal plans for both men and women, since nutritional needs vary between sexes. I offer the “Turbo Charged” plan for individuals who want to see rapid results, the “Moderate Plan” for those looking for a steady 1-2 pounds per week of weight loss with moderate lifestyle changes, and the “Gradual Change Plan” for those who have only a few pounds to lose or those who want to transition into the Belly Fat Lifestyle a bit more gradually. These custom plans allow everyone from the impatient diet to the person who only likes to make a small change at a time a way to be successful and stay on track until weight loss goals are achieved!

7. What are the unique features that make ‘Belly Fat Diet For Dummies’ different from other diets and what are the main features that account for your successful results?

The biggest difference is that the Belly Fat Diet For Dummies is not another “diet” to go on and off, but instead, a lifestyle change. With my three custom meal planning tracks, this book provides a program that will work for everyone and allow them to see great results whether they are looking to just tone their abs or drop 100 pounds. Belly Fat Diet For Dummies also addresses all the reasons one may get off track with a weight loss plan and provides real life strategies to overcome these obstacles and stay on track. For instance, I offer advice on eating out, traveling, eating vegetarian/vegan, increasing motivation, and even combating emotional eating.

The Belly Fat Diet For Dummies also incorporates research based foods and nutrients that have been proven to shed belly fat into all recipes and meal plans, helping to maximize your results.

8. What kind of success have you seen with your dietary recommendations  and what scientific support do you have for them?

All of the “belly blasters” in this book have been proven in scientific studies to promote weight loss, and specifically, fat loss from the midsection. These include powerful fat fighters such as blueberries, walnuts, low fat yogurt, whole grains, and even chocolate!

9. Besides losing weight, what other benefits should a person expect to derive following “Belly Fat Diet for Dummies”? Is it for everyone?

Weight loss, decreased waist circumference, increased energy, reduced insulin resistance and blood sugar (if diabetic or pre-diabetic), lowered blood pressure, lowered cholesterol, and improved fitness.

Since Belly Fat Diet For Dummies provides customized meal plans, there truly is something for everyone in this book and everyone who follows the plan will experience great benefits!

10. As there are readers and subscribers who are struggling to lose weight to help them shed the fats,  do you have anything specific or advice that you want to say for them?

Don’t give up. Diets don’t work since you go “on” them only to go “off” and back to your old habits that caused you to gain weight in the first place. Instead, you need to start making healthy, maintainable, lifestyle changes that you can stick with for permanent results. Start by incorporating belly-blasting foods into your regular meal plan such as omega-3 fatty acids and foods rich in vitamin C while decreasing your intake of pro-inflammatory foods such as refined carbohydrates, saturated and trans fats, and simple sugars.

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  1. angie Avatar

    Is age a factor in the slow metabolism of belly fat ? I am 65 yrs old and I try to follow the recommended low fat foods, but it does not satisfy my belly. What causes the craving to eat more after eating all these recommended diets?
    I would love to see a 7day menu plan. Maybe I am not eating the right combination of foods.

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