The Deadly Sweetener You Must Avoid

Before you reach for that diet soda, read this article.

Well, here is something to think about…

Many of the foods we consume we sincerely believe are healthy for our bodies. Often the label reads “diet,” “sugar-free,” or even “diabetic friendly.” So, in an effort to make the right choice for our health, we choose the one with the least amount of harm associated with it.

Yet, the associations we make with food are often linked to what we hear in advertisements about these sugar-free options giving us no reason for guilt and leaving out the information that they contain a deadly substance. Misleading advertisements regarding sugar-free foods are leading people down a deadly path.

These faux-healthy options that are readily available on the grocery store aisles, in the soda machine, and even on the table in most restaurants may contain this deadly synthetic sweetener: ASPARTAME.

History of Aspartame

Aspartame was initially being tested as an anti-ulcer medicine in 1965 by a chemist for G.D. Searle Company, but found its way into the food industry as a sweetener in the early 1980s. Researchers who tested aspartame determined that it caused brain tumors, pancreatic tumors, uterine tumors, and mammary tumors in lab rats. These findings caused an appropriate delay in the approval of the use of aspartame in the mid-1970s.

Yet, in spite of aspartame’s detrimental effects to lab animals, politics and profits won out. In 1977, U.S. Attorney Samuel Skinner was chosen by the FDA to prosecute G.D. Searle Company for withholding or misrepresenting important research about the effects of aspartame on the lab rats. After a meeting with Searle’s law firm, Skinner mysteriously quit the FDA and began working for the other side. Eventually, the formal objections to the FDA about not approving aspartame were dismissed and aspartame began seeping into mainstream food.

What is Aspartame & its effects on your health?

Aspartame is a synthetic sweetener composed of phenylalanine, aspartic acid, and methanol. While each chemical poses its own risk to the body, research indicates that this combination of chemicals makes aspartame even deadlier to those who are consuming it in the array of foods it occupies.

Phenylalanine, an amino acid found in the brain, makes up 50% of aspartame. Ingesting aspartame increases levels of phenylalanine in the brain and may cause serotonin levels to decrease and may contribute to depression, mood swings, seizures, and schizophrenia. There is also heightened risk for those who have PKU, which is a disorder in which the person’s brain lacks the enzyme to remove or breakdown phenylalanine, which damages the brain in the aforementioned ways.

Aspartic acid, which makes up 40% of aspartame, is another amino acid which stimulates the nervous system. Its use triggers excessive amounts of calcium to flow into the brain, which leads to free radicals building up, and eventually causing cell death in the brain. Research indicates that aspartic acid causes lesions in the brains of lab rats. There are many common illnesses that are related to excessive amounts of this amino acid in the brain, such as memory loss, Parkinson’s disease, and dementia among an array of others, including death.

Asapartame is also excitatory neurotransmitter. Neurotransmitter excites the brain neurons and increases levels of electrical activity in the brain and the auditory cortex, which increase the level of tinnitus (ringing in the ears).

Finally, aspartame is made up of 10% methanol, also known as wood alcohol. This is a toxic poison that damages many organs of the body. Headaches, dizziness, nausea, vertigo, and gastrointestinal disorders are among the vast symptoms of methanol poisoning. Vision problems, such as retinal damage, are the most common symptoms from methanol poisoning.

What can you do to avoid Aspartame?

Now, after you realize the damaging effects that this sweetener has on your body, you need to understand how to avoid it. First, it’s important to recognize the brand names of aspartame sweeteners which are NutraSweet and Equal.

Then, understand that in the United States, as well as other western countries, aspartame is supposed to be included on the label of products that use it. It may also be identified as containing phenylalanine on the label.

The manufacturers of these substances go to great lengths to convince people that their products are safe and sometimes they hide the dangerous ingredient by using a different name. Therefore, it is important to avoid foods using chemical sweeteners in any form in order to avoid aspartame.

So, when you go to the grocery store to pick up something healthy for yourself, remember to skip those sugar-free diet foods. Avoid consuming diet soft drinks, sugar-free candies, or sugar-free gum. Double check the labels on yogurt, cereal, ice cream, or any other product that makes a claim that it is sugar-free or diabetic friendly.

If you want to cut down on your sugar intake, there are safer options for you!

Natural sweeteners are much healthier for people than synthetic chemical sweeteners like aspartame. Stevia leaf extract is an herbal sweetener with no calories. It comes from the stevia plant which could even be grown in your garden to use when needed. Stevia is a great choice to sweeten your food and beverages. Other great options to sweeten food are raw honey, organic grade b maple syrup, and even fruit juice concentrates. Many of these foods are high in antioxidants so there may be health benefits in consuming them in moderation. Apple sauce, bananas, and dates are especially useful for sweetening foods that you make in your home, although you may need to use these to supplement sugar rather than eliminating it completely.

Over time, you may find that you actually prefer the natural flavors of food instead of the sweetened version and slowly transition from the need of much sweetener.

Now you know the truth behind aspartame and you know of other options for sweetening your food. You can proceed confidently into a store and walk away from any advertisement that makes incredible claims about a product saying it is sugar-free and will help you lose weight.

Avoiding deadly aspartame may be difficult because it is in so many products, but understanding the risks associated with it will hopefully give you a reason to read labels and stay away at any cost!

If you have been unknowingly consuming aspartame and other sweeteners, it can create serious damage to your digestive system. Go to the next page to learn more on the 3 digestive tips to strengthen your gut.


About the Author:

Emma Deangela is the best selling author of The Alkaline Diet Program and 80/20 Fat Loss. She has helped over tens of thousands of men and women to lose weight and transform their health with sound nutrition advice. If you have issues losing weight, check out her video to learn about her alkaline tricks to lose weight effectively.

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111 responses to “The Deadly Sweetener You Must Avoid”

  1. Denise Avatar

    is Acesulphame Potassium bad for us too?

    1. Emma Avatar

      Acesulfame Potassium is as bad too. Acesulfame Potassium is a potassium salt containing methylene chloride. And it has been linked to kidney problems, mood, nausea, headaches, and possible cancer.

      1. Shirley Avatar

        There have not been enough studies on Splenda to be sure of any consequences. However, It is known to shrink the thymus. It was originally formulated as an insecticide, but when an intern tasted it after his supervisor told him to TEST IT, he noticed how sweet it tasted so it became the most recent sweetener. Many cases of IBS may be related to Splenda use, including my sister-in-law who was diagnosed with IBS after she began drinking flavored waters sweetened with Splenda. I’ve known others who have had the same problems when ingesting anything containing Splenda..

    2. tina Avatar

      does Splenda fall into the same category?

      1. Sara Avatar

        Yes Splenda falls in this category too.

        1. Chris Avatar

          Splenda is NOT in the same category as Aspartame.. Please do your research.

          1. Randi Avatar

            Chris, I agree with you. Splenda is made from sugar and can be used in the same amounts as sugar.

    3. Jennifer Logue Avatar
      Jennifer Logue

      What is that?…not familiar with it. What products is it in?

  2. M Avatar

    What about dextrose and maltodextrin ?

    1. Emma Avatar

      Dextrose and Maltodextrin are both natural sugars and they are safe for the consumer. Like every food, an excess of these sugars can create problems like insulin resistance (long term) and weight gain if eaten in high quantities. As for safety issues, they are deemed safe and pose no direct threat to human consumption.

  3. Denise Lovegreen Avatar
    Denise Lovegreen

    After having been diagnosed with aspartame poisoning. I stay away from all artificial sweeteners. My neurologist gave me a list of some of the artificial sweeteners that are out there. I tried Truvia recently and had a reaction to it because of the artificial sweeteners that they add to it. Plain stevia would be ok to use for me. I just stick to sugar and read all of the labels.

    1. Ashley Avatar

      If you need a sweetener, always go with 100% organic, raw honey. It’s the perfect sweetener and natural.

      1. Kathy Boyle Avatar
        Kathy Boyle

        Hi Ashley, I wanted to hit “like” because I also think raw honey is the best choice… your like button doesn’t work..

    2. v woodall Avatar
      v woodall

      You are right about the artificial sweetners but sticking to sugar is even way worse. Causes and feeds cancer. Checkout Dr Becker and Doug Kaufmann and numerous authorities on this.

  4. Venky Ramakrishna Avatar
    Venky Ramakrishna

    What about Splenda? It has Xylitol just as most modern day chewing gums have.

    1. Emma Avatar

      Splenda is not good for your body too. In animals examined for the study, Sucralose (Splenda) reduced the amount of good bacteria in the intestines by 50 percent, increased the pH level in the intestines, contributed to increases in body weight and affected P-glycoprotein (P-gp) levels in such a way that crucial health-related drugs could be rejected.


    Thanks for such good information for our health

    1. kiilty Avatar

      There is nothing wrong with Splenda. The Chlorine molecule you are writting about is not a poisen nor is it dangerous unless you are going to have gallons of it.
      Afterall, water has Chlorine in it and saves millions of lives day after day.
      Too much of anything will make you ill.

      1. Karlos Avatar

        Chlorine is a carcinogen.

      2. Anita Avatar

        I disagree. The fact that these diet, sugar-free foods saturate the market aisles and billions of dollars are spent to convince people that they are safe and okay to consume, poses a serious threat. People rely on what they read and see advertised in commercials, especially when they use a celebrity to endorse their products. Because people think these foods are safe they consume way too much which is why so many are ill. That can’t be compared to drinking water. For one, because a lot of people don’t drink as much water as they should and consume more diet drinks and foods with aspartame, Splenda, etc., which makes it lethal. But lobbyists and money speak louder and so always win out, even to our detriment.

  6. Marvin Avatar

    I have known about this for more than 20 years. It continues to be sold for money, not health.

    As for sugar: I have prostate cancer most likely from a lot of x-rays after an injury with 7 weeks coma. For the cancer, two doctors told me only surgery, and another suggested radiation. All of these I flat refused. Instead I take two herbs which stopped the symptoms I had more than a year, in three weeks. But if I eat half as much sugar most Americans have, the symptoms return in two days. Sugar feeds cancer.

    1. carolynn Avatar

      Marvin,I noticed your comments on your prostrate symptoms, thought you would like to look into this information. If your symptoms worsen with sugar there is a large chance you have fungus and not caner.Under a microscope they look almost identical.This is a mistake made often in the medical field as they know little about fungus. There are many natural remedies for fungus but if you are having prostrate issues then Diflucan is an antifungal that doctors can prescribe.You need to demand they check you for fungus.You were wise not to get treatment because if you have fungus the steroids they give for cancer is a food for cancer.Fungus is a killer.There is a program you really need to watch it is called Know The Cause,by Doug Kaufman.You can find them on internet also. I believe you could reach Him and ask about this,I am sure he will respond. Last but absolutely most,God Bless you .

      1. Marvin L. Zinn Avatar
        Marvin L. Zinn

        Yes, I recognize this, but I have neither time nor money for any of it. Most things in life I just have to do it myself, but I have more confidence in that than the medical system we have.

        Worst of all is advertisements. The more I see advertised, the less likely I will ever buy.

    2. Joy Yates Avatar
      Joy Yates

      Dear Marvin,

      I read your comment about sugar and cancer from 2013 and you said you refused chemo and took two herbs instead. I was wondering what you take as I study natural cancer cures. I like to hear testimonials from cures that are working well for people. Also, you say you don’t eat sugar but can you eat fruit and things with natural fruit sugars in them? I hope you are still doing well. Thank you for your answer.

      1. Marvin L. Zinn Avatar
        Marvin L. Zinn

        Yes, there are many kinds and locations for sugar. What I meant is avoid anything added. A small amount infrequently is unnoticeable, but most Americans eat many times more.

    3. lurl Avatar

      Well you are wrong. Sugar feeds Cancer? Not so.
      Were that the case giving a patient nothing with sugar
      would cure them. It doesn’t.

    4. Ashley Avatar

      Without a doubt Marvin! I highly recommend a RAW food diet. If you look it up, A LOT of people diagnosed with different cancers have come back from it (with test results showing little to NO cancer). You are absolutely right that sugar feeds cancer. There are A LOT of things in the world today that are poisoning us (some we have no control over like the air in which we breathe) but those we do have control over (like how much sugar we consume) we can change by ourselves. If I ever need a sweetener, I go for the natural ones like raw honey.

      1. Marvin L. Zinn Avatar
        Marvin L. Zinn

        Since you mentioned RAW, my favorite harmlessly addictive candy is Raw Revolution, only available at a few health food stores. Several flavors contain only dried fruit, nuts, and some flavor like cocoa. All is organic if available. I cannot eat one without wanting another.

        The only problem is the highest cost of all. Like everything else in market, to avoid raising the price too often, and use the same wrapping with a smaller amount.

    5. Kathy Boyle Avatar
      Kathy Boyle

      What were the 2 herbs?… How are you doing now?

      1. Marvin L. Zinn Avatar
        Marvin L. Zinn

        I use graviola (known in Brazil where I worked a lot) and Turmeric which my doctor understands because he was born in India.

  7. Brenda Avatar

    Is coconut palm sugar acidic or alkaline?

    1. admin Avatar

      Hi Brenda, coconut palm sugar might be towards the alkalizing side compared to sugar, honey, and many other sweeteners. It is definitely a healthier and much better choice.

      1. lurl Avatar

        A sugar molecule is a sugar molecule no matter what you call it.
        Just like Freud said, “and a cigar is just a cigar.”

    2. kiilty Avatar

      Surely you mean Prostate. Another mistake in your statement is the cancer cells look just like a fungus.
      How many fungi have your researched and how many types of cancer cells have you diagnosed or researched.
      Your statements can lead a person to die of this disease which in its eary stages is very curable. Early care is of the utmost importanc.e

      1. Marvin L. Zinn Avatar
        Marvin L. Zinn

        All the diagnosis and tests in the world are sometimes worst conclusions than a guess. It is mostly done for money.

  8. DeAnna Rice Avatar
    DeAnna Rice

    They have changed the name of aspartame to aminosweet in order to disguise it becos they KNOW its deadly and they KNOW we are looking at the package ingredients… so don’t just look for the word aspartame look to aminosweet as well.

    1. lurl Avatar

      Who are the “THEY” to which you refer?

      1. Kathy Boyle Avatar
        Kathy Boyle

        they are the company that sells it..

  9. Deb Avatar

    maltodextrin is an excitotoxin. For those who have migraines, and sensitivities to free gluatamates should avoid it. Research msg and its hidden names .

  10. Marie Avatar

    Good info.
    What about Monk Sugar? How does it affect glycemic levels?

  11. ld truce Avatar
    ld truce

    It took me about two years to figure out that i was “allergic” to aspartame. My hip joints and knee joints ached frequently. I thought it was caffeine, so i drank caffeine free diet soda. No change. I thought it was my age (40) and that my career required me to be on my feet 10 hours a day, then i read An article about being allergic to aspartame. So after only three days without this artificial sweetener, my joints were back too normal. it has been 8 1/2 years since my discovery

    1. Michael C. Price Avatar
      Michael C. Price

      ID: I like your comment about searching out the cause of your joint pain. I too have these problems.

      I fear mine may be of the inflammatory type.

      Please tell me what you did and how I can do the same.


      1. Kathy Boyle Avatar
        Kathy Boyle

        cinnamon is an anti-inflammatory…

      2. Cathleen Avatar

        You may want to eliminate all aspartame and see if the inflamation goes away or lessons. My personal experience with joint pain was eliminated when I gave up wheat gluten. My pain in my joints especially my knees was so bad when I stood up from sitting, I could hardly walk. One day I found out I had a bad reaction to wheat gluten and within 2 weeks of eliminating it from my diet, all of my joint pain was gone. Every now and then I cheat and have some bread or pie and my joints will feel it. Maybe you can try this also. good luck

  12. Cristine Avatar

    What about Xylitol? I know it is an alchohol sugar derived from
    trees. Is one type any different from another.
    Xylitol is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral. I use “Xlear” , a saline-Xylitol solution to clean the sinuses. With all my health problems, I need all the help I can get!

  13. Juanita Avatar

    I discovered on my own that Aspartame is EVIL! Anytime I would drink a diet soda I would have incredibly painful abdominal cramps! So I thought “well it must be the diet soda”, then I tried diet gum; same thing happened. I thought to myself if aspartame can cause such drastic/immediate effects on me, it couldn’t be good for anyone. So I read all labels and won’t touch the stuff!

    1. Anita Avatar

      Yes, I agree 100 percent. I had bad renal (kidney) problems eating the typical American diet. After going organic, though expensive, it has paid off health wise. My kidney functions have returned to normal. Aspartame is a money-making racket. Too bad so many people are hooked on it. But that is how the drug companies can accurately predict the numbers of certain illnesses in the future. Simply because they are causing the problems so they can make a so-called solution and make even more money.

  14. June darling Avatar
    June darling

    What other suger free sweeteners are safe for us to use and can be used for cooking with also is there bad chemicals in powdered creamers as well what about brewers carb smart I e creams ?

  15. Victor Isham Avatar
    Victor Isham

    I use a “wanna be” sugar ,,,brand name of: IDEAL is this a bad one also?

  16. Donald Avatar

    Why do you avoid the questions about xylitol ? Is it ok and safe

    1. lurl Avatar

      xylitol is safe in moderation. It is used in gums, some foods and dressings. Look on the label. It is a sugar alcohol and too much leaves you with diarrhea.

    2. Ashley Avatar

      Xylitol is good in moderation. I personally use raw organic honey as a sweetener but did recently buy some xylitol to use for my homemade toothpaste.

      1. Marvin L. Zinn Avatar
        Marvin L. Zinn

        I canned 175 quarts of pears this year (less than half the amount last year) with honey, lemon juice, and cinnamon. All is organic. Since I leave most of the peeling, there is a lot of fiber, sometimes too much with no balance may cause diarrhea. Most I give to friends and customers in some health food stores for no charge but to bring back the jars.

  17. Sam Avatar

    Xylitol is very poisonous to your DOGS!!! Look it up on Google or etc… If you Love your dogs please. I wish the makers of all products containing Xylitol would be required to place a warning on any product containing Xylitol. There is an extensive list of Foods, Fruits and Products that are poisonous, toxic and indigestible to Dogs, Cats, Birds and common household pets alike.

  18. Caro Avatar

    Thank you for such great info!!!
    THANK YOU!!! 🙂

  19. PHIL Avatar


    1. lurl Avatar

      Ever hear of E-Mycin?

  20. Randy Avatar

    Answer to PHIL’S comment above:

    Erythritol, while called a sugar alcohol, is neither a sugar nor an alcohol, is usually derived from plant sugars that are fermented, but the end product is neither sugar or alcohol but rather a substance called a polyol.

    erythritol cause many abdominal issues such as gas, cramping and pain or upset stomach. This happens because sugar alcohols are not entirely absorbed by the body but pass through the system almost unchanged. This can lead to a build-up of foreign substances in the bowels, which typically causes the systems listed.

    Sugar alcohols are nearly as damaging to an individual’s health as traditional refined sugars. But, eating unprocessed, organic and locally grown foods would be good to promote health. This means organic honey, organic cane sugar and other naturally occurring sweeteners are far healthier and more easily metabolized and utilized by the human body than sugar alcohol sweeteners such as erythritol, even in its organic form.

    Read more here: Dangers of Erythritol – .

  21. Diane Avatar

    I started to chew altoids gum, became so depressed I did not want to go out of the house. Went to my doctor, she couldn’t find anything so I started to go over new things that I was eating, the gum was the only new thing, I then read the ingredients it contained aspartame, I stopped chewing the gum & within 2 days I was back to normal. This was the only time in my life that I ate aspartame, & I will never eat it again.

  22. Laura r Avatar
    Laura r

    What about the unrefined/raw sugar (turbino) (sp) specifically from Columbia. Is this ok and what are the glycemic indicators.?

  23. Sandy Harke Avatar
    Sandy Harke

    I am Diabetic and use organic coconut sugar. I was told that coconut sugar did not cause the insulin spike that regular sugar does. Is this true?. I only use it in my coffee every morning. Also, is it acidic?

    1. Ashley Avatar

      I have read a lot about organic coconut sugar being fine but just like everything else, use it in moderation. Too much of a “good” thing isn’t really a good thing.

  24. Mimi Avatar

    I am fond of diet coke. Is there a dangerous amount of aspartame in one can? Or is one too many? Thanks.

  25. T J Avatar
    T J






  26. SLC Avatar

    Aspartame causes me to have severe migraines.

    1. SLC Avatar

      And why do so many products use this and hide it?!

  27. Sharon Avatar

    I use sweet & low. How bad is that for you

    1. Anita Avatar

      I used Sweet n Low in the past for many years. Never had a problem with it. It’s Saccharin and not nearly as bad as aspartame. Saccharin was previously given a bad reputation back in the 70s just to make room for aspartame because it would be a money-making product. But now I eat organic. If you can afford it, good. But that’s the only up side, the cost. The government should make it possible for more people to be able to eat healthy. At least let the consumer be fully aware of what is in their food and then make a choice.

  28. Nan Avatar

    I have tried Stevia and find it to be very BITTER! I have tried Splenda and it causes my bladder to spasm all day long. I have gone back to Aspartame! It causes less of a problem than the others. I only use one in my coffee each morning. How can that be so bad? I hear you but what are the options for those who CANNOT use sugar or anything that has glycemic index?

    1. Kashi Avatar

      Cane sugar or honey

    2. Jane Avatar

      Aspartame is mutated E. coli bacteria feces. That’s what it is. Eating feces is a bad unhealthy thing to do in my opinion. Do you want to ask again how it can be so bad?

      When has eating poop been ok? In the eyes of greedy companies it sure is. And with trusting unsuspecting people, you’ll eat it because the lying companies say so.

      They don’t care about your health; they only want your money. They don’t care if they have to lie or kill you to get it too.

      Diet soda makes you stay fat and get fatter by the way. Ditch soda all together.

      People need to stop being like cows and eat everything put in front of them.

      Plus people need to stop being so blindly mislead like sheep.

      Question and RESEARCH everything FIRST before you try, buy, or eat anything!

      1. Anita Avatar

        I think we are guinea pigs for the government to test their products on live human beings, instead of just rats. Then when we get sick, they can use the drug companies to bail us out, so to speak.

        We need to take it upon ourselves to be more informed and resourceful. Diabetes and overweight issues can be resolved instead of just being addressed as another problem Americans are facing, along with alarming statistics. And our children are affected at even earlier ages with Type 2 diabetes. Before, this was just an adult onset problem. Not anymore. Ever checked to see what food is being served up in the school cafeterias? Our children are depending on us to steer them in the right direction. And our society is setting a poor example in this regard.

  29. April Avatar

    Thanks so much to everyone that provided information…… It’s much appreciated!!!!!!

  30. cathy Avatar

    Is there a way to detox your body from the aspartame. does it ever leave totally.. I have been a diet coke person for years. trying to eliminate
    it totally!

    1. Ashley Avatar

      There are plenty of ways to detox the body of all the poisons we put in it. Google “ways to detox the body” and you will find a lot of great links on consuming raw vegetables (juices even) and spices that help the body detox.

    2. Kathy Boyle Avatar
      Kathy Boyle

      Kathy,Try garlic to detox…a half or a whole bulb, peel, cut in big chunks, fry in xtra virgin olive oil, turn over, brown , drain on paper towel add a bit of sea salt…better than pop corn…

  31. Joseph Avatar

    Are sorbitol and sodium saccharine listed as ingredients in a toothpaste bad? Should I avoid using this toothpaste?

    1. Ashley Avatar

      Joseph, I too have noticed a ton of nasty ingredients in the toothpaste my family uses. I don’t even trust the “flouride free” toothpastes for kids. I instead found a good recipe online to make my own homemade toothpaste free of the harmful ingredients (it consists of things like coconut oil!) Coconut oil is really good on the body (internal and external!)



  33. Shelia Avatar

    If I ingest ANYTHING with Equal (aspartimine) it make me hurt. My abdomen, head, joints , mostly I feel unwell afterwards.

    I’ve also found out it’s been stated not to COOK with it because it turns poisionious!

  34. Loma Davidson Avatar
    Loma Davidson

    All these comments are invaluable to those looking for sugar
    alternatives and their hazards. Stevia and/or raw honey are
    my choices, Thank you for sharing.

  35. Kimberly Avatar

    I used to drink allot of diet drinks and sugger free products and I have terrible shaking now . Is Aspertame the cause of my problem?

    1. Jane Avatar

      Aspartame is mutated E. coli bacteria feces, so it probably is the cause of your problem(s). Eating poop is never a good idea. Especially mutated poop.

      Diet drink especially diet soda are made to KEEP you FAT forever! Don’t drink diet soda or any soda for that matter! I drank regular soda for over 25 years and it rotted out my teeth (I suffered plenty painful surgeries and healing time).

      I love soda, but I hate what it has done to my health. Don’t drink soda, diet or not, you will gain pounds from it.

      And aspartame, avoid it at all costs. There never will be any health benefit to eating mutated E. coli bacteria feces, I assure you.

  36. cheres Avatar

    What about sucralose?

  37. Susan Avatar

    I became a diabetic in 1977 at age 15. At that itme the only sweetener available was saccahrin. After years of using this it was advertised that saccahrin caused bladder cancer. conveniently this news came to light as other new sweeteners were being discovered. So, now that we have artifical sweeteners, companies developing “natural” sweeterns, the products we have used for years, are suddenly bad, even dangerous for you. When the experiments are conducted with these “bad” products on lab animals, they are given extraordinary doses of the product. Often times in quanitities no human would ever consume. You can always argue the point that no matter what you eat, there is always a risk to it. Red meat? raisies cholesterol. Nitrites cause cancer, soda makes you gain weight, and now apartame is deadly. On any given day you can watch a TV program where the host is interviewing a nutritionist, doctor even, and they are saying red meat, butter, ,etc. are fine for you. the next day they have on another “expert” who disputes the previous claim. So the moral to the story…moderation. limit quanitites of these foods. What your are fed by the media and “experts” depends on whose best seller is being advertised. take it all with a grain of salt!!!

    1. Marvin L. Zinn Avatar
      Marvin L. Zinn

      I see you paid attention to what you needed to know and stupid people ignore.

      Did you ever try Agave? I recently read a new science test that shows it has the opposite diabetes effect than sugar, so it is good for them. I also know from a lot of practice that a few candy bars with typical sugar amounts causes my cancer to get worse and herbs fail, but the Raw Revoltion bars sweetened only with agave are no problem. (Some of that brand also has sugar, so I avoid too much of that one.)

    2. Dr. Ali Avatar
      Dr. Ali

      Yes agree with you. moderation is the only one solution. I think all medicines have some side effects.

  38. Cathleen Avatar

    I first discovered the ugliness of artificial sweeteners when everytime I added saccharin to my ice tea my throat would start to swell. Took months of eliminating foods to discover it was the saccharin. So then I used aspartame to sweeten things, thinking I was doing good. Used it for years not knowing what was happening. My health was declining, sinus infections all the time, headaches that I never used to get. Not feeling my energetic self. One day I came across an article about the aspartame effects, so I eliminated it and no more headaches, etc. Now if I eat something that contains aspartame in it, I will get a headache within a few hours and it is not a mild one. So I am persistant about asking what food is sweetened with. Life is so much better without the artificial sweeteners for me. I even tried Stevia, which is a natural sweetener with one drop in my coffee and within 1 hour I was full blown hives. Apparently you can be allergic to the Stevia plant. So I stick to honey or agave and real sugar in moderation.

    1. Marvin L. Zinn Avatar
      Marvin L. Zinn

      ” So I stick to honey or agave and real sugar in moderation.”
      An excellent description, the same as I do.

  39. cynthiaroberts Avatar

    enjoyed info in regards to aspartane, diet drinks,rtc.i’ll go back shopping at whole foods again for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,I am a diabetic&have learned to eat everything in moderation.,

  40. Rosalie Avatar

    I really enjoyed hearing about the Toxic ingredients and foods to stay away from.. Thank you, keep up the positive work. It causes positive energy!

  41. Bill Deck Avatar
    Bill Deck

    Tons of brown sugar works well for me.
    I could get into high school, I’m so skinny, like a few of my other geezer friends. With no teeth, a side effect of tongue cancer (radiation treatment) in ’91, i’ll eat anything I like.
    My bike & surfboards are my fun toys.
    Life is a suicide charge. No one gets out alive. Make the most of what god gave you.

  42. sam Avatar

    I was wondering about coke zero my husband was recently diagnosed with diabetes and the doctor said that was better then diet soda?

  43. KC Curry Avatar
    KC Curry

    If you find that Serbia is bitter, you are using too much. I use it all the time with no bitter taste. Splenda or sucralose causes me to overeat the next day.

  44. Ravyne Avatar

    I stopped consuming anything with aspartame in it years ago as it caused severe numbness all over my body, particularly my face. I cannot consume anything with sucralose/Splenda in it because it gives me severe migraines. I used saccharine for years because I am a Type2 diabetic and there was just no other alternative for me. However, I began noticing a couple of years ago that even using the powdered packets, my blood glucose levels were still rising with no apparent change to my diet. Come to find out, the maltodextrin was causing the spike. I began using stevia when I found it in a health food store about 5 years ago… the liquid drops. When it came out in powder form, I purchased it (not reading the label!) and again, began having spikes in my blood glucose levels… turns out, it TOO had maltodextrin in it! I’ve since switched back to the liquid form and no spikes. So no, I do not believe maltodextrin is a safe alternative, especially not for diabetics. Only pure liquid stevia is.

  45. Ravyne Avatar

    I also caution people to read labels carefully. I have found aspartame hidden in stuff not labeled sugar free or low cal, like Big Red gum, store brand raisin brand, and all of the regular sodas sold at Dollar Tree. I have written to all of the companies about this hidden attack on us and gotten a similar response from all of them… added to improve flavor. So please read ALL labels! I fear it will begin now with sucralose as aspartame is being phased out and sucralose is being added to just about everything.

  46. Lisa Avatar

    What is a good choice of sugar free gum. I always use d trident white but see it has aspartame

  47. LISA Gilmore Avatar
    LISA Gilmore

    what options are there for sugarless gum? I have a problem with always clearning my throat, and a dry cough, I consume a lot of sugarless gum to relieve my throat but maybe the aspartime is the cause?

  48. Cedar Avatar

    lurl, Your comment isn’t logical I’m afraid – to say that stopping giving sugar to people with cancer would cure them isn’t the same as saying that sugar is a carcinogen. Sugar has proved to be a carcinogen over and over.

  49. Lori Avatar

    I’ve read all the posts. The people who refuse to believe that sugar, aspartame, saccharine, or any other artificial sweeteners are bad for you are just in denial. The majority know that these chemicals are produced to make profit for the company’s not to benefit our health. Some people just don’t want to believe the truth. I’ve stopped trying to convince the ignorant, and worry about what I put into my body. Europe has banned potassium bromate, yet in America we still allow companies to add it to our flour, store bought cakes, and cookies. It’s a carcinogen!! Yellow dye 5,6 not used in Europe yet it’s added to somany products just for aesthetics. It should be illegal. Neotame is monsantos newest sweetener, it’s ingredients also on the Epa’s list of most dangerous chemicals. Stop worrying about calories and start worrying about chemicals! It’s really sad that some of you refuse to believe the research, and choose to pollute your bodies with poison.

  50. Lori Avatar

    To answer cathy’s question, aspartame is an excitotoxin. It actually causes you to crave more carbohydrates and ultimately to eat more food plus Diet Coke also adds salt so not only are you bloated you are consuming more calories thus gaining weight. You can detox your body. Go on a juice fast and you will feel so amazing that you will never go back to diet coke, and you will lose weight without trying.

  51. DJ Avatar

    I have systemic lupus and I have alot of joint pain.I use truvia in my coffee,and I dont drink most sodas.I drink flavored water.I have been sick since 1982.Will I ever feel better?
    Blessings to all

  52. Anna Tran Avatar
    Anna Tran

    Thanks for the advice I am turning 28 in June I don’t want this to happen to me I have type 2 diabetes and I take the pill and I keep getting stomach aches and I take stevia and I heard that equal can give u cancer is that true? Please email me back thank u so much

  53. Cathy Avatar

    Toothpaste has either a red, blue or black mark at the bottom of the tube. Red is full of chemicals, blue is moderate for chemicals and black is the least if any. Also, I have known about aspartame for many years and use stevia however we drink a lot of ice tea so I bought the big bags of Great Value stevia. One day I noticed two dead ants in my container of it which caused a rude awakening. Go for the real thing.

  54. B Avatar

    I try to avoid all artificial sweeteners because they cause stomach issues. Sorbitol is a big one. You don’t just have to check food labels you need to check all labels. Sorbitol is in toothpaste, mouthwash and some hair conditioners. Now I am really glad I avoid these because they cause cancers too!!!

  55. Judy Mata, RN, BSN, MPHN Avatar
    Judy Mata, RN, BSN, MPHN

    I think Stevia is a trap as well. It makes me very ill. As do most sweeteners, EXCEPT cane sugar. Even eating fruits will make me ill if I eat more than about a cup at a time. Agave Nectar and even honey cause adverse effects in my metabolism. So each person needs to figure out their own path. So I eat carefully and as cleanly as possible.
    I don’t know what will happen, and if we can really prevent as many health risks as we think by diet and exercise, as I know people all along the spectrum fro very healthy to couch potatoes–and at every level they have some type of health problem. As a matter of fact, the couch potatoes seem to have the fewest-at least of the ones that I know. So go figure.

  56. Chuck Avatar

    When someone says “they” don’t want you to know how bad artificial sweeteners are, they are referring to our wonderful crooked politicians and drug companies etc. Unfortunately, our government does not want us healthy. When anyone challenges these sensitive topics the government tries to shut it off as soon as possible so it doesn’t gain any traction. Just like vaccinations. Same thing. The best advice that I can gain out of these comments is, to educate ourselves. Research more than one source.

  57. Pete Avatar

    Only pure Stevia extract is ok. The ones in the supermarkets contain all sorts of crap.
    Stevia sold in stores and online is sometimes mixed with fillers and flavor enhancers like:
    – maltodextrin
    – glycerine (I use this for low carb baking anyway and don’t really have a problem with it as long as it’s not made from GMO soy)
    – dextrose
    – cellulose
    – erythritol (I have mixed feelings on this one)
    – the ubiquitous undisclosed “natural flavors”

  58. M B Avatar
    M B

    About 20yrs ago, a friend sent a forward of an email of how aspartame is “bad”. Seems there was a lady that had become “handicapped” and seemingly near death. Her family had scheduled a final trip to a big amusement park, with her in a wheelchair. She was taking many pills for “the problem”. Finally, she went to a doctor who determined that she had “Aspartame Poisioning”. He took her off other medications and gave her a pill for Aspartame Poisioning. Her health issues went away and she WALKED through the amusement park rather than being in a wheelchair. She had been drinking about 20 bottles of the popular diet soda per day, which also stopped.

    Upon reading this and Aspartame’s history, I stopped drinking similar diet sodas. Prior to that, I’d noticed that diet sodas were higher in sodium than their normal variations. At that time, I figured out that either way, sodium or refined sugar, they were not good, but with equal consequences. That was before the “high fructose corn syrup” recent concerns.

    Several name brand sodas now have “real sugar” versions, which don’t seem to affect me as the hfcs versions seem to. BUT no more Aspartame for me!

  59. Bill Avatar

    Stuff like Wrigleys chewing gum that is not labeled as being sugar free is putting Aspartame in the gum along with sugar to prolong the sweetness. Read the package. Always read the packaging. Aspartame has been causing brain tumors since the 80″s. If the movie “Sweet Misery” is still available on Amazon, buy it . It might save some lives of people you know.

  60. armande lefebvre Avatar
    armande lefebvre

    I do not use diet products,and very little sugar

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