Drink THIS First Thing in the Morning

Every day people are bombarded with choices of what to eat, what to drink, how to move, how to spend their time, and so on and so forth. Some of these choices add to wellness and some deplete health and wellness. Consider the beverage choices that are available to individuals each day. They may choose coffee, tea, soda, juice, or alcohol, or maybe a combination of all of them mixed throughout the day and to accompany different meals.

There is no inherent problem with drinking most of these beverages occasionally or even some of them daily (with the exception of soda). But when you first wake up in the morning, it is best to avoid these beverages.

If there is ONE thing I could recommend you to drink right in the morning, to help you remove toxins, enhance your digestion and boost your health, and it only takes a minute for you to prepare it, would you drink it?

I’m sure you would!

Simply squeeze around 1/2 – 1 lemon (depending on the size of the lemon) into a cup of warm water every morning. This will increase its flavor and provide more benefit to the body!

This is a simple and yet very effective drink for achieving better health and wellness.

Warm lemon water is an important component to maintaining a healthy body. Drinking it after a good night’s sleep is even more vital.

First, consider what happens to the body while sleeping. When you go to sleep at night, your body loses water because you are not drinking water or liquids as you do during the day.

Your body continues to excrete fluids because there are still toxins that are being filtered out of your system, which means that the body will use the reserves of water already present in the body to continue this process. Often times the air you breathe in at night is dry and the body has to moisten the oxygen with its own water supply which causes some more of the reserves of water to be depleted in your body while you sleep. Therefore, it makes great sense to wake up and rehydrate your hard-working body by drinking warm lemon water each morning.

In addition to your body needing to be re-hydrated when you wake up,due to the natural loss of water reserves during sleep, there are also many other great reasons to drink warm lemon water. After sleeping your body has not only lost water, but it has lost some of the minerals that you need. Lemon water will replenish some of these lost minerals which will help you to feel your best.

Lemons have vitamins and other minerals that your body needs. Vitamin C is one of the best vitamins to strengthen immunity and to ward off colds and flus. So by drinking this beverage each day you are making your body stronger to keep away anything that might try to compromise your system. Drinking warm lemon water is a habit that will get your day started with a healthy input of important nutrients.

Another reason to drink warm lemon water in the morning is to boost a weight loss regimen that you may be working towards. Lemons have pectin fiber which may help you to feel fuller and therefore keep you from overeating at breakfast.

Warm water stimulates digestion in your body and will aid your body in natural waste removal, which is a critically important component to having a healthy system and to weight loss. Plus the simple act of making and maintaining the positive habit of drinking warm lemon water in the morning may encourage you to make better choices for your weight loss goals throughout the day.

The scent that comes from the lemons may also be an important addition to your senses when you wake up and make your warm lemon water. Sense of smell has such a powerful ability to affect mood and is actually an important component to the experience of eating and drinking. Some people set coffee pots to automatically brew their coffee in the mornings so that they can awake to a pleasurable smell each morning.

Warm lemon water can offer a similar pleasure because lemons have a lovely smell that is a known energizer but without the caffeine. After making this beverage for yourself every morning, you will begin to find pleasure in the smell of the fresh squeezed lemon and it will become a ritual you look forward to each morning.

Lemons will also naturally alkalize the pH of the body. Alkalizing your body is important because an alkaline environment helps maintain a strong immune system and provides an environment that is balanced and not overly acidic.

The Standard American Diet is full of acidic foods, such as sugar and simple carbohydrates, which cause too much uric acid to build up in the body and can cause pain and disease. Having a simple routine that counteracts the acidity of the other foods taken in is an important step to prevent these problems. Lemon juice is acidic before entering the body, but becomes alkaline when mixed into the chemistry of the body.

In order to reap the benefits of drinking warm lemon water each day, have fresh lemons and purified water on hand. Packaged lemon juice is not a good substitute as it has been processed and packaged and might contain additives that are not conducive to a healthy beverage.

Then warm the water in a tea kettle or a pot. It’s important to remember that having warm water in the morning is healthier for the body than cold water because cold water will shock the system. The next step is to squeeze a couple of wedges into your warm water and then you have a simple and healthy beverage that will get your body ready for the new day! If you want to get even more benefits, replace other beverages that you drink with warm lemon water throughout the day.

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Emma Deangela is the best selling author of The Alkaline Diet Program and 80/20 Fat Loss. She has helped over tens of thousands of men and women to lose weight and transform their health with sound nutrition advice.

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21 responses to “Drink THIS First Thing in the Morning”

  1. Joanne Bayer Avatar
    Joanne Bayer

    Good to know

  2. Glynda Harrell Avatar
    Glynda Harrell

    Thank-u so much for this information! U are a godsend! Ms. Glynda Harrell

  3. Deb Costanza Avatar
    Deb Costanza

    I drink it everyday. I also put cayenne pepper in my water to wake up my internal workings. I would recommend doing that every third day or so depending on how it makes you feel.

    My father drank warm lemon water everyday. The old ways are the secret for good health.

  4. Deb Walker Avatar
    Deb Walker

    Going to go out now and buy me a bunch of fresh lemons! Thank you & GOD bless

  5. Jeanne Davis Avatar
    Jeanne Davis

    I don’t have fresh lemons today but plan to purchase very soon!!

  6. nikki Avatar

    organic lemons and green tea in the morning organic bc pesticides and other chemicals are hard for the liver to remove and green tea bc it has antioxidants and a little honey and you have a great start to your day

  7. Alicia Nordquist Avatar
    Alicia Nordquist

    I’m doing two tbsps of Bragg’s apple cider vinegar every morning. I heard that it acts as an alkalizer. Your thoughts?

  8. Jan Avatar

    Will limes work too? I gave a lime tree in my yard and that is what I use.

  9. Carly Gutierrez Avatar
    Carly Gutierrez

    I drink purified water with lemons every day and it has really made such a difference in my body and well being. I highly reccomend it to everyone!

  10. Roxanne Avatar

    Good question Jan . Lemons are hybrids limes are the real thing .

  11. Lena Williams Avatar
    Lena Williams

    Thank you…This is great information…It WORKS!

  12. Tricia @ Night owl mama Avatar

    I’ve always been told to drink ICE COLD Lemon water. It doesn’t shock the body like you say. It actually helps to speed up your system to warm the water to body temperature and that helps boost your metabolism. Thanks for the tips. Warm Lemon water is certainly nice during this cold season

  13. fran Avatar

    Word of caution, I did try the lemon juice every morning since so many sites touted it. By the 5th week I had severe reflux, GERD, burning you name it, I had to go on prilosec. So anyone who is sensitive or have a family history of GERD or reflux disease I would stay clear.

  14. Diane Avatar

    I’ve been doing this for a few years. My naturopath recommended it because of the cleansing effects (I had Hep C) and had developed kidney stones. The kidney stone doc also recommended lemonaid but I didn’t want all that sugar. I add a couple drops of lemon-flavored stevia. I’ve had no negative effects and I know it is better than caffeine in the morning. Unless someone can find a negative to using the stevia I intend to continue this as my morning wake up beverage.

  15. nolitha Avatar

    pls send me more info about lemon

  16. Sergio Roberto Valença Avatar
    Sergio Roberto Valença

    I usually drink lemons with warm water as the first break when I wake up. I add also as a second choice that is called here in Brasil as ~DETOX~ from supravita labs and it contains FOS, lemon, blueberry, aple,colina, cupper,iron,cromo, selenio, molibibdenio,fosforo,manganes, fluor, sodium and vitaminis A,C,D,B1,B2,PP,BS,B6,H,K, B12 and some green vegetables as kale,sause, spinach,ginger,etcc.. I feel myself very strong and in a good health now at 70 old ~young~ I was very fat and I really lost weigh, of course helped with a green meal and avoiding alccool and cane sugar.

  17. Ilene Miller Avatar
    Ilene Miller

    I drink 2 teaspoons of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar with 8 ounces of water every morning. It has actually done wonders! I have more energy than I’ve ever had! I believe it does mostly the same thing as drinking warm fresh lemon water. Your thoughts?

  18. Debb Robinson Avatar
    Debb Robinson

    It sounds promising. I will give anything a try once. Will let you know hoe it work’s.

  19. Mona Avatar

    The suggestion of pure water and lemon is a nice boost especially when you have an early schedule and can’t have breakfast immediately.
    Also try lemon in your organic coffee when you wake up with a headache . It might help!

  20. Tara Macduff Avatar
    Tara Macduff

    Will lemon essential oil work as a substitute for real lemon juice? My time seems to be both limited and very rushed in the morning due to an illness I have that has my sleep disrupted.

  21. Margaret May (Queensland, Australia) Avatar
    Margaret May (Queensland, Australia)

    Warm lemon water is my first morning drink. Good stuff!

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