Calcium Controversy: Think Again Before You Take Another Calcium Tablet

When a woman loses bone mass density over time, does not make enough bone, or a combination of the two, she is usually diagnosed with a disease called osteoporosis. Approximately 10% of women in the United States are diagnosed with this disease and there is a wealth of information available for preventing and treating it. But sometimes the recommended steps for preventing it are misleading and can actually be detrimental to a woman’s overall health.

A common recommendation by doctors to help prevent osteoporosis is to supplement a lack of dietary calcium with calcium supplements. This advice has been disputed and dis-proven by numerous studies that are beginning to surface.

The relationship between taking calcium tablets and lowering osteoporosis is inconclusive based on evidence that women in the U.S. are taking high levels of calcium supplements yet the rates of osteoporosis found in this same population continues to be high. Another alarming fact about calcium tablets is that the risk of taking them seems to outweigh the risk of osteoporosis in many cases.

A major problem with the information about osteoporosis is that women are often told at a relatively young age that they need to increase the amount of calcium they take in order to prevent future bone loss. This advice predicates women’s bones at an early age as the ideal baseline compared to the bones of an aging woman where there is bound to be some natural deterioration of her bones. This perpetuates a cycle of taking calcium supplements to build bones, which in turn has created more sickness and problems coming from the supplements.

The Problem With Calcium Supplements

The reason that calcium supplements are often recommended as a measure to prevent osteoporosis lies in the fact that bones are made up of calcium. Yet, the first problem with most calcium supplements is that they are made up of elemental calcium which includes limestone, bone meal, and shells. Calcium carbonate, one type of calcium tablet found on many drug store shelves, comprises rocks and shells. This is not the type of calcium that helps strengthen our bones. The human body is not able to metabolize elemental calcium in a nourishing way because it lacks the other components that the body needs to absorb and to allocate the calcium.

Calcium tablets that are not absorbed properly can be very damaging to your body. The specific function of the body to absorb calcium is dependent upon having other vitamins and nutrients that work reciprocally with it by utilizing and distributing it in the right areas.

Two of the key vitamins that are crucial to the absorption of calcium are vitamin K2 and vitamin D.Consuming large amounts of supplemental calcium tablets alone does not give the body all the components to use the calcium appropriately.

When taking supplements, a person gets the isolated version of calcium (most likely in the elemental form) and if her body is lacking in the aforementioned vitamins, the calcium may not be absorbed in the correct way. Without the whole package, there’s a great chance the calcium will be distributed in her blood and not in her bones.  A risk of having too much calcium being distributed inappropriately is having calcium build-up in different areas other than the bones, which can lead to dangerous consequences.

The build-up of calcium (especially elemental calcium) may lead to chronic health problems such as kidney stones, constipation, or hypercalcemia.  Kidney stones may result from calcium building up and having to be pushed through the kidneys while constipation can happen if too much underutilized calcium builds up in the bowels.

Hypercalcemia is when too much calcium builds up in the blood stream and can cause blood clot formations, high blood pressure, and in some cases, heart attack. Calcium deposits can also collect in breast tissue and may lead to malignant breast cancer. There’s evidence of women who have supplemented with calcium tablets over long periods of time that have greater bone density but also have a 300% higher cases of breast cancer.These are all conditions that are caused by too much, inefficiently utilized calcium in the body.

Another issue with excessive supplementation of calcium tablets is the fact that iron and zinc are not absorbed when there is too much calcium in the body. These two minerals also help with rebuilding strong bones. This means that taking calcium tablets may interfere with normal amounts of bone formation in someone who could otherwise have healthy bones.

Healthier Alternative Sources of Calcium

Once you understand why calcium supplements are not the best option for maintaining and strengthening your bones, it’s important to understand the role that calcium does play in the body. Calcium has been touted as an all-important mineral for strong bones, nails, and teeth, which is true to a certain extent. In order for calcium to be utilized in the best way in the body, it needs to work synergistically with vitamin K2 and vitamin D, as previously mentioned. Another factor mentioned earlier is that there should not be too much calcium, or the body will have problems absorbing other key minerals for healthy bones.

Human bones get stronger from calcium found in food. This makes sense considering that we eat food, rather than rocks or shells. Food nourishes our bodies and we obtain most of the nutrients we need from food. When a woman gets the calcium needed from her diet, the food she eats will contain most of the nutrients required to distribute and utilize the calcium where her body needs it the most.

Therefore, if we want to have strong bones and prevent excessive bone loss, then we will need to maintain a diet that allows our body to utilize nutrients in the correct ways. This can be done by knowing the foods that have the vitamins and minerals that we need and how to maximize their benefits by consuming them together.

There are many foods that are marketed as being “calcium-rich” but advertisements found in the media can be profoundly misleading. The most common foods that we are told to have lots of calcium are commercial dairy products. Yet, the process of pasteurization destroys much of the calcium that would otherwise be in dairy. They may also be fortified with supplemental calcium, which is commonly done with many processed foods these days. So, instead of drinking lots of pasteurized milk for your calcium needs, you may want to look for other foods that are natural sources of calcium.

Almonds and sesame seeds, as well as other nuts and seeds, contain high amounts of calcium. Green leafy vegetables, such as kale, mustard greens, and dandelion greens are high in calcium too.

It is also important to consider that dairy foods are naturally high in calcium when they are not subjected to high heat pasteurization. Therefore, if you have good sources of milk, cheese, and butter that are not pasteurized at high temperatures, then you should definitely consume these products to get your calcium. They also have vitamin K2 which is crucial for the absorption of calcium, as mentioned before.

Also, fermented foods can be cultured with a starter that contains vitamin K2, in order to increase the amount of the vitamin, which is one of many reasons we should consume fermented foods for optimal health and wellness.

In addition to vitamin K2, magnesium and vitamin D are important for the absorption and distribution of calcium in our bodies. Sea vegetables are a great source of magnesium. Supplementing with magnesium citrate is a good idea if you are not eating enough foods high in magnesium.

Vitamin D has become a very popular vitamin in the mainstream health world because it is a necessary vitamin for the body to utilize calcium, but it is important to remember the optimal ways to achieve good levels. Again, all of these vitamins and minerals work together to build healthy bones and teeth. Therefore, we should strive to obtain all of them in healthy amounts through our diet and lifestyle.

Similar to calcium tablets, another example of superfluous supplements that are often touted by mainstream health gurus as being important to health is the mega dosage of vitamin D. Research shows that vitamin D levels do not have to be as high as once believed in order for people to have healthy bones and bodies and if too high it might be dangerous.

Getting the adequate 10-20 minutes of sun exposure without wearing sunscreen is very beneficial to having normal levels of vitamin D. When a person has levels of vitamin D that are too high, they may have levels of vitamin K2 which are too low. This may increase the absorption of calcium in the soft tissues, which contributes to all of the problems associated with calcium not getting absorbed into the right places. This is all just more evidence that getting the vitamins and minerals we need from our diet and lifestyle is the way to go.

So, if you want to build and maintain strong bones, consider what you eat before you consider taking calcium tablets. You may also want to partake in some healthy activities that can help keep your bones strong. Walking and other forms of exercising can help keep your bones healthy.

Also, avoiding fractures from falls is a key to keeping your bones healthy as you age. A great way to keep agility in your body and prevent unnecessary falls is to practice balancing. Many common exercises such as yoga include a balancing component. Strength training is also an excellent way to keep bones healthy and strong. A combination of these components will help prevent osteoporosis much more safely and efficiently than any number of calcium supplements found at the drug store.


About the Author:

Emma Deangela is the best selling author of The Alkaline Diet Program and 80/20 Fat Loss. She has helped over tens of thousands of men and women to lose weight and transform their health with sound nutrition advice.

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73 responses to “Calcium Controversy: Think Again Before You Take Another Calcium Tablet”

  1. Plant Based Diet Please Avatar

    Hi Emma, Thank you for raising some proper awareness on this issue. I hope that more people really research these supplements out there (Especially for Calcium) and start leaning toward more plant based and natural sources. I would also add that Vitamin D3 in particular is something they should look for as well when going the supplement route. Cheers!

    1. Ruth Avatar

      I know several people who can’t consume any dairy products & take no calcium supplements, & they’re stronger & healthier than anyone else I know. Do not overstate the importance of weight-bearing exercises. It’s natural to have a little bone-loss as you age, but dr’s match that against a young person & say You’ve got bone-loss! & use it as an excuse to push harmful substances.

  2. Paula Avatar

    I would love to know how much of EACH the Calcium, K and D3 I should be taking.
    Is there a particulare brand? Can I get them all in ONE capsule (say 3 or 4 times a day).
    THanks sooo much for ANY suggestions you might have!


    1. William Cridge Avatar
      William Cridge

      I appreciate the information so long as my identity – info is not distributed. Thanks

      1. Me Avatar

        So why do you have your name for everybody to see. It’s funny how Americans don’t think anymore…

  3. John Polifronio Avatar
    John Polifronio

    I’ve always been concerned about the length of time we expose various surfaces of the body to the sun. In the course of reading material regarding proper sunning of the skin, I’ve come to accept the notion that no tanning lotion need be applied, provided total sun exposure is confined to, no more than 20 minutes. I’ve simply exposed the front of my body to approximately 10 minutes of full sunlight, at the hours between 11:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., followed by a few minutes each of sunlight exposure to the right then the left side, and finally the back. This never amounts to more than 20 minutes total. I’d like to have it confirmed by a skin specialist, that this is a satisfactory approach.

  4. John Polifronio Avatar
    John Polifronio

    On the Calcium issue, it’s troubling that we cannot find completely reliable info about desirable dose ranges. Researchers are either biased against supplement use, or biased in favor of use, becuase it’s profitable to them because they sell calcium, or because claims made for or against Calcium support their biases.

  5. barbara bodker Avatar
    barbara bodker

    I am an older person..small
    Is a powder form of cacium more effective., and how much should I take..and does a time of day matter?

  6. Elizabeth Avatar

    Which calcium supplements are most absorbable – citrate, gluconate, tablets, gel caps, powder, liquid? What dose and when, with what foods, etc. Thanks.

    1. dr. michelle levan Avatar

      take a homeopathic calcium, first it will be absorbed, the body will take what it needs and will not have residual in body

  7. Mary Rose Avatar
    Mary Rose

    Nice article, thank you!

  8. Judy Anderson Avatar
    Judy Anderson

    I am not able to get enough sunlight to maintain normal blood levels of vitamin D. As for oral sources, I had an esophagectomy due to esophageal cancer, and probably have absorbtion issues. My doctor put me on 50,000 units of vitamin D2 per week, and my levels went down, not up. I switched to over the counter D3, and over the course of a year, have steadily increased the dose until finally I have normal levels on a dose of 10,000 units a day. I had planned on staying at this dose, but your artical is scaring me. I am 70, by the way, and my bone density studies show only “minimal osteopenia”. My doctor put me on Fosamax, but I only took one single pill, and spent a week in bed with nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, vomiting blood and had increased muscle and joint pain. I am never taking a second dose of it or any medication like it.

    1. dr. michelle levan Avatar

      did you have radiation for your past cancer? if so this can cause problems with calcium absorption.
      the best source is a homopathic calcium by apex energetics called calcium absorption

    2. Robin Malcolm Avatar
      Robin Malcolm

      I found the info at very good for explaining why you should not take fosmax or any biphosphonates which are routinely prescribed for osteoporosis. Also info on what to do instead. These meds are extremely lucrative for the big pharma companies and useless also dangerous to take.

    3. Me Avatar

      That should prove to you that Medical Doctors can’t be trusted, they are nothing more than drug pushers.
      Try juicing, Wheat Grass juice is one of the best, of course organic fruits and vegetables, but never mix fruit and vegetables… they require a different environment in the stomach. 2 hours between consuming fruit/vegetables. ORGANIC ONLY. There is a great book: “Wheatgrass, Sprouts, Microgreens, and the Living Food Diet” Many blessings to you.

    4. patty Avatar

      Judy, You are your own best advocate for your health. I also take 10,000 IU of voitamin D3, per day, every day, which Gives me levels of 72. I have found over the years that what my doctor tells me to do is the opposite of what I need to do to be healthy. Keep doing what you feel is right. You are on the right track. Be well! Patty

  9. Barb Tervo Avatar
    Barb Tervo

    To All Those seeking supplement information relative to Bone Health:
    You can find tons of friendly support and excellent information on the National Osteoporosis Foundation website ( There’s an online community called “Inspire” where you’ll meet others like yourself who research and share about the kinds of information you’re looking for. Good Luck!

  10. Dottie Moran Avatar
    Dottie Moran

    I am so disgusted with all this news…I am on actonel and take 2 calicum pills a day..with mag. my bones are really bad and worried about what you say…I am a woman in my 70s I am told if I do not take this I will break something and die or spend the rest of my life in a nursing home..I also have heart disease and have had 3 stents…one of my stents had hard plague in it…in I need some good advice please…do not know where to go from here as i am doing what Dr says…

    1. dr. michelle levan Avatar

      it seems in your case it is a question of absorption of calcium.
      also some of the calcium you take and not absorbed is responsible for plaque.

      investigate homeopathic calcium source

    2. patty Avatar

      Dottie, years ago I took one actonel pill and never again! These drugs are extremely dangerous and only benefit Big Pharma. I take Serrapeptase, one capule equalling 120,000IU per day, (on an empty stomach) with a full eight ounces of water. I do this for cronic pain but it is also good for arterial health, to start. Boron is a mineral that also helps me. I take a three mg capsule one to three times a day. I do not take calcium because of these articles and also because years ago I used to follow my drs orders to take calcium for severe muscle cramps, which never did anything for that. Magnesium is very impotrant to take! Read up on the different types of magnesium. The best of health to you.

  11. elvira ibarra Avatar

    que productos nesecito consumir para obtener vit.K2

    thank you por su information


  12. dr michelle levan Avatar

    i am homeopathic doctor and have been in practice over 30 years. your artifcle was right on. however, to bypass the side effects and insure absorption, i use homeopathic remedies for the calcium supplementation.
    with the homeopathic remedies there are no side effects or build up in the body from malabsorption.
    the product is called calcium metabolism. by apexenergenics.
    when you take medications, it is up to you to look up the side effects. fosamax also has indications to cause jaw cancer.
    we need to take charge of our health.

  13. LINDA CAROL Avatar

    Enjoyed the informative article..last physical w/ bone density check, I was told to take tums for my calcium?..I don’t have stomach problems, I do have blood acid problems.. also D3 was suggested..but added that it was because of my age,68 and being female that I should start those .I take no prescriptions at this time

    1. dr. michelle levan Avatar

      calcium needs to be absorbed in an acid environment and tums stops the acid. consider changing your diet;SUGAR, CARBS PASTA AND SOME FRUITS ARE ACID FORMERS. you may be experiencing stress that can make your system acid at your age i would consider an adrenal supplement

  14. Betty Graves Avatar

    Thanks for the article. I was never able to take calcium tablets without distress of bloating, I am happy to hear about vit. K which I will buy and use. I already take vit.D. I have rheumatoid arthritis and do an infusion every 8 weeks of remicade, also had some fractures in my sacrum and then later a fracture in my public bone. Dr. put me on Forteo for 2 years, I have completed one year this past May 2014. I also take methotrexate. Just 8 weeks ago I slipped on some slippery wet leaves and fractured the 3rd metatarsel bone in my foot.

    My bone scan was an 15% increase in right hip, no change in left hip,
    I am beginning to believe some of these meds are not in my best interest…..I am 75 years old, have exercised and walked on a daily basis. Some advice would be appreciated.
    Thank you

  15. dr. michelle levan Avatar

    i just discussed this on my blog
    the question is why arent you absorbing calcium or more importantly why are you losing calcium. diet certainly is a big factor. our diets are too acid.

    if you need to supplement consider homeopathic sources of calcium it they will be assimilated and can correct the problem.
    also it will not deposit in your body

    1. Susan Gervasi WHCNP Avatar
      Susan Gervasi WHCNP

      Actually, I would recommend seeing a well credentialled health care provider with a strong nutrition/lifestyle credential to evaluate your current diet, health, medication and supplement history. This person can support you, along with your provider of health care to improve your immune system and help regulate homeostasis (relying on a healthy body with best nutrition and lifestyle to keep your body in healthy balance). If you are motivated enough on your own to research many approaches to do this great! Most people will need a good health coach and health care provider to find your unique bioindividuality. “One man’s medicine/food is another man’s poison”. Do NOT let anyone lead you to believe there is only one diet, one medication/supplement or pathway to do this! It takes time and education to help you wade through all the experts!!

      1. Aletha Avatar

        @ Dr. m Levan: How can I find such a person? Sounds like exactly who I need.

  16. June Avatar

    I’m 69 yr old female and have been taking Jarrow’s Bone Up for approx. 15 years. Do you have an opinion on the product?

  17. Ariel Gail MacLean Avatar
    Ariel Gail MacLean

    thank you for the clarifying article on this confusing and changing subject. One point you missed is that our ability to rely on sea vegetables is history. The fact of fukushima radiation contaminating sea vegetables all over the world is a fact which is being suppressed right now; this tragic result of Fukushime – the damage to our food-producing capacity by radiation landing on water, soil, and all biological life includes this: the world’s most longstanding reliable and productive dulse harvesting areas are in the Finland-Norway region which has recorded severe radiation damage….the loss of many species of sea vegetables are being reported along shores around the world, by Citizen Scientists who are attempting to put the public’s interest first (do a google for many hours of video documentation which will break your heart) – it’s not just fish and sea life which is missing in the deadzone from Mexico to Alaska, it is sea vegetables. No government on the planet is informed and in fact is working overtime to keep the information from reaching the public, but radiation contamination to prime agricultural lands such as the Pacific NW and even inland agricultural regions, are registering high levels of Fukushima radiation also. It may take a little bit longer before this will be reported by the conventional media, but this news will come out soon.

  18. Nellie Avatar

    Wish I had known this when I was 20 . I have always loaded
    Up on calcium for bones and teeth and nails. Last year at 57
    I had extreme pain in my side and rushed to emergency room.
    I had 35 stones total built up in my kidneys that I had caused myself due to doing what I thought w healthy. Thanks so much for your info.

    1. Betty Avatar

      Nellie, You too? I didn’t have nearly that many stones – just one at a time and two years apart. I learned that a 1:1 ratio of calcium and magnesium is what saved me from getting more stones. Equal parts magnesium and calcium and not the two parts calcium to one part of magnesium like most formulas. I use Soloray brand.

  19. Leo beer Avatar
    Leo beer

    Think you Emma ,I follow all your info

  20. Florence Nyoike Avatar
    Florence Nyoike

    Thank you for the information. I’m currently a student at institute for Integrative Nutrition. I’m 57 and I don’t take supplements. Diet exercise and lifestyle is the way to go.

    1. Jacquelyn Avatar

      Since diet isn’t the same for everyone how do you know it is the right diet.

  21. Mila Sebastiani Avatar
    Mila Sebastiani

    Would you give more information on fermented foods and different types of vit K
    Thank you for your articles

    1. Patricia Murray Avatar
      Patricia Murray

      Dear Sir/ Madame, I would like to have more information about Vit K and fermented foods. Thank you.

  22. Methuselah Avatar

    Emma — would like to see you address the stealth pathogen “Mycoplasma” with respect to effects in the body, specifically with respect to calcium, its absorption and utilization.. I have see some strong indication on the internet that it is the “bad guy” necessitating calcium supplementation, calcium deposits in strange places like above/below the respective gum lines. Actually, I suspect it is the cause of most nutrition shortages, and the reason why our food cannot supply all our nutrition.
    Separate subject: I have long been very sensitive to sunburn — have to be super careful. Someone told me about Krill oil — which I now take regularly, at least during the season when I can expose bare skin outside — amazing result — has eliminated most sunburn — I can even be out during the middle hours for 4o minutes or more to start, with no burning — just turns to tan.

  23. Jenny Avatar

    I was recently diagnosed with Osteoporosis (I’m 56). I’ve been taking calcium for years and my doctor (I also have RA) wanted me to start using Prolia. I told him I would think about it as I wanted to research it more, look for a more natural approach, and to treat the cause not just the symptom. I did research in the following weeks, and learned that taking calcium alone is the worst things to take for osteoporosis. I agree with this article that a person needs vitamins D3 and K2 along with calcium; however, you also need magnesium as well. Taking all of this in the right ratio is the key. I am now in the process of increasing my magnesium, and regulating my D3 and K2 vitamins in the right amounts. I’ve cut out the calcium and have been using magnesium oil for 2 months (to avoid the intestinal issues and better absorbed) and I’m already seeing positive changes. Can’t wait for my next Dexa Bone Scan!

  24. Mary Avatar

    Keep up the good work explainning Calcium. I agree with you 120%. Personally I have experienced thru my husband health. The Nephrologist prescribe him Calcium Carbonate, it blocks his arteries, had stroke. Calcium made with old corals, sea shells was contaminated from oil spells on the ocean. Some Doctors prescribe iron & calcium at the same time…say no to them. Look & be vigilant of your own health.

  25. Ned Avatar

    I had a bone density test done at a chemist yrs ago and told I had strong bones. So I thought that’s all I needed to know. Emagine my surprise when told I had too much calcium and not only could block my arteries but cause hart conditions. I was stunned. I have always taken extra dairy thinking that was the right thing to do. I had no idea too much dairy was not good and dangerous. Everyone needs to see a Naturopath. They put me onto a powder Vitamin K2 plus other things to get my health on track. Why isn’t there anything out there in the Medical profession to Advise people in Prevention. Alternative medicine is a must for everyone. Knowledge shared may l ad to less people in the waiting rooms.

  26. Anura Gammulla Avatar
    Anura Gammulla

    Thank you for clarifying sho many myths about this subject.

  27. TOM Avatar

    This article mentions magnesium in one small paragraph above. Magnesium is the most important mineral to be taken here as without it calcium remains in its brittle form. D-3 cannot work properly without it. Humans burn through more magnesium than calcium or D3, because it is water soluble it flushes out easier and with an acidic diet in America it is leached from the bones to help neutralize acid build ups in our bodies which also taxes the kidneys. Calcium does not leave the body so easily, and without enough magnesium to regulate where the calcium goes, calcium ends up where it shouldn’t, like in the soft tissue and in bone spurs with arthritis. When osteoporosis is present it means there is a deficiency of magnesium in the bone, magnesium is the main component to making the bones hard as calcium is generally brittle. That’s why they add magnesium to steel wheels, it makes the steel stronger and more durable. So do yourself a favor and concentrate more on magnesium than calcium, both are needed, but magnesium needs to be added more frequently.

  28. Eleanor Wilson Avatar
    Eleanor Wilson

    I am 81 years old and have no health problems. Could it be because I have been a vegan since 1968. I do take supplements, but very careful about the ones I choose to take. I would strongly recommend the book “Supplements Exposed” by Brian Clement.

    I very strongly disagree that we should take dairy products. That’s about the worse thing you can take, bar non! No other animal, except humans and unfortunate pets, drinks the milk of another animal. We have been brainwashed too long by the dairy industry that we need to drink this product that has cause too many health problems.

    I strongly recommend the book “Dairy Deception” also by Brian Clement.

  29. Dr. Raghavan Avatar
    Dr. Raghavan

    Dear Ms. Emma,
    Self is 63 and my wife is 55 (both from India). My wife has undergone a key hole surgery for her (left) knee pain. After that, for the last about 3 years she is taking a calcium tablet (shelcal HD) every day. I also take one each day after a osteoporosis test. Is it okay or we have to make a recheck?

  30. G. Rodgers Avatar
    G. Rodgers

    Thank You! Your calcium report was right on about too much calcium/radiation gives kidney stones and bowl problems. I am in this position right now Will check further with my intern. Do appreciate your information

  31. Melanie Avatar

    I take New Chapter brand Calcium because it comes from organic plants that are rich in Calcium – not rocks and shells. I take it along with Vit D and organic K2. New Chapter considers all of their supplements “whole foods”. I also take their Tumeric tp ward off cancer and inflammation. (They use whole organic plants rather than just a leaf like other brands.) I had thyroid cancer, and my nuclear dr. was intrigued with Turmeric, and researched it. She said the results were “profound” and now takes New Chapter brand.

  32. mary Avatar

    I might also add that calcium supplements without added magnesium can deplete the body of magnesium, an essential nutrient.

  33. Jane Patnode Avatar
    Jane Patnode

    I will continue to take my calcium pills because I trust my Nephrologist. He gives me blood tests and monitors the balances of the elements in my body in order to keep my one kidney going.

  34. frank valois Avatar
    frank valois

    i have to much iron in my blood 870 which it should be not over 300and my hemos are below 11 and after 7 blood donations it has not lowered except the hemos which should be above 15 they cant tell me why i have this they had a family check to see if it was hereditary and that a if you have any suggestions or miracles in your knowledge bag .it would be appreciated…frank

    1. Chris Avatar

      Have you been checked for hemochromatosis?

  35. mr khan nabi Avatar
    mr khan nabi

    I do appreciate for your hard work for the beneficial of the people who need wife is on calcium for long tlme but no use.taking your advice she has now made up her mind onnatural food.

  36. Amor Lopez Martinez Avatar
    Amor Lopez Martinez

    hello Emma, i am so pleased with the information that you share here,thanks a lot,I happend to have a high level on my Gout.Which is a big problem for me. I have read all the do’s & don’ts food for my gout but it still keeps flaring up ( toes swollen ) every now and then.My GP has given me a maintenance pills for it but I am really surprise why I still get the episodes,thank you for your time in reading this,please give me some advise.

    1. Amor Lopez Martinez Avatar
      Amor Lopez Martinez

      I forgot to tell you,I am 69 yrs of age had 2 stents twice and I am taking the vitamins vitamin C, total calcium,magnesium+D3.I am female.and also have a problem on my lower back that I have to go to chiropractor once a week.

    2. Sussana Avatar

      New Chapter sold out to P&G. Proctor and Gamble. Every time somebody sells out, the produCT ingredients changed. More money using cheaper ingredients. I read great reports on Amazon today on Thorne sublingual liquid D3/K2 MK-4 non-GMO (not MK-7 the estrogenic form). Hope this helps.

  37. Pete Avatar

    I take 300mg of Calcium Carbonate morning and night. I Have noticed a significant improvement in my nail strength and my energy levels so my body is obviously utilising the dose. I hope your readers do not panic and cut out their Calcium supplement totally. You should clarify what level is a good dose and what is an excessive amount as you could potentially do more harm than good.

  38. Brenda Avatar

    At 58 years old, I was diagnosed with SEVERE osteoporosis in my hip & spine. I did not want to take the usual prescribed meds to treat osteoporosis. Instead, I started taking Garden of Life Bone Grow Factor. In 5 years, my diagnosis went from osteoporosis to osteopenia. I also do weight bearing exercises which help strengthen the muscles around my bones & I maintain a healthy diet.

  39. SANDY Avatar


  40. Isabella Christie Avatar
    Isabella Christie

    I got a sore finger ,so went to the doctor as I thaught it was poisoned,she poked and prodded then said she was sending me for an exray as she thaught there was something in it,so she bandaged it up and I went to get it exrayed,after the dr.looked at the exray he said I was not to cover it up and do not poke in it as it was a build up of calcium. Ok a while later I had to go for a boat density scan,they said I had slight ostiprosis in my hip, so they have put me on Accerte D3 calcium tablets,I don’t think I should be taking them but the Dr. Said I had to as I get bit,s of calcium coming out of my fingers,so could you give me some advice please as I am worried about this. Thank you.

    1. Sussana Avatar

      News is that Calcium works with Magnesium on a 1:1 ratio along with other minerals like Zn. K2 is needed to help D3 work to put CA & Mg into bones where they belong and out of the body. Mg or mag is water soluble and gets flushed out. Supplement daily. Also it is needed for over 300 enzymatic processes in the body at last count.

      I just finished reading great reviews on Thorne liquid D3/K2 (MK-4 form not the estrogenic MK-7). In 1991 they discovered that Boron keeps the calcium in the bones. Now we know that a lifestyle change helps- more happy moods, less acidic diet like more red white blues and greens, less bread, pasta, red meat, dairy, junk, cola. Hope this helps.

  41. Tenzin Tsepag Avatar

    A friend’s wife suffers recurring lower back pain quite several times a year. Doctors have told it is due to some strained nerve. But a massage therapist has told that she may have a slipdisk. It’s been a number of years since she has not received a fully effective treatment. Ciuld you give your valuable suggestion or opinion, please?
    Thank you. I am only trying to find a good diagnosis/treatment with your help.

  42. Rhonda Hudnell Avatar
    Rhonda Hudnell

    I’m very concern and would like to ask just what product you recommend that I use for calicum

  43. John Kilby Avatar
    John Kilby

    We are human and should not be ingesting animal fats and by products of animals ie, cows and their milk etc. We should be weaned on to water and eat green food at the right age, baby doesn’t know how to tell mum what it wants so it has to follow the rules laid down for it.

    1. Sussana Avatar

      Humans eat what was in their environment. No greens in Mongolia or Alaska back then when Eskimos ate tons of blubber and liver and no heart problems. O-3. Mongolians trek from place to place with their horses, camels, sheep and goats to find grass. Their main non-meat was yogurt. Finns ate reindeer who can eat the hardy grass in harsh winters. Polynesians and islanders all eat fish.
      I know many people who were vegetarians. Then one read “Eat Right for Your Blood Type” added a bit of meat and perked up with energy.
      My sis didn’t eat anything with a face on it. Then I noticed she ordered shrimp. Now she looks younger and healthier.
      I think meat became bad when they messed with the animals’ lifestyles.

  44. fely villegas Avatar
    fely villegas

    Can you please include in your teachings that eating shrimp can cause lung cancer?
    Thank you.

  45. Mar Avatar

    I was told that calcium lactate is made from plants. Is this good to take?

  46. Ken Kendall Avatar

    What is best for restless leg syndrome? Thanks. Kenny K.

  47. Janet McDermott Avatar
    Janet McDermott

    Isn’t it ok to eat meat ones in a while for the iron

  48. r dney burke Avatar
    r dney burke

    what about men? do we not have weak bones problems? Now, is D3 better than D? also do we normally get sufficient K2 from food, especially dairy that supplementation with calcium is not necessary? any recommendations on gaining additional K2?

  49. Bob Ressler Avatar
    Bob Ressler

    Its good to see some people are into natural health Emma. Let food be thy medicine, I dont need doctors and prescription drugs to stay healthy. Just say no to prescription drugs unless you need antibiotics in extreme serious cases. I always enjoy getting my mails from Emma. I try to tell people with cancer to try the natural cures and they look at me like i’m from another planet, so I only mention it once and drop it. The only thing I did not agree with was taking dairy, cheese, milk, I dont think we should be eating these foods and milk is for babies.

  50. Vesna Avatar

    After I left school at 18, I cut my hair short and I joined my Local Karate class after I left school and at times trained two times a week. I did Karate for more than 10 years. I also did a lot of swimming and walking. I am nearly 60 and a couple of years ago I had my bone density tested and my bone loss is 3%. Not bad for 60. Eat right and exercise throughout your early years and it shows in the later years.
    I was not interested in drinking and parties. There are other ways you can entertain yourself like joining a sporting club.
    Thank you for the opportunity to voice my comments

  51. Chander Avatar

    Wealth of knowleadge

  52. Mary Avatar

    I find that if I use the balance suggested by the RDA of 1000mg of calcium and 400mg of magnesium along with the Vit D 10,000iu and Vit K i can control my restless legs at night. I also make sure the minerals are chelated or citrated so they are carried into the body.. I sometimes have to increase the magnesium to 1000mg if I am under stress .or constipated.

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