10 Scary Ingredients In Your Flu Shot

flu-shotsVaccines have pros and cons, and it’s easy to argue either for or against them. The truth is that vaccines do contain quite a few harmful ingredients. Here, we will examine twelve of the worst ingredients in flu shots, a vaccine that just about anyone can choose to opt out of.

Many of these toxins are present in a variety of other common vaccines, but at least they are in small amounts. Small reactions to vaccinations are common, but severe reactions are rare.

Some people believe that flu shots are among the most dangerous, especially considering that they aren’t nearly as necessary as shots like polio and measles. The scary part is that all of the ingredients below are strong toxins to the human body, and some are even recognized carcinogens.

Did you know that the pharmaceutical companies that make vaccines are protected from lawsuits by the government? Like all drugs, these companies make a profit from selling vaccines, and so utilizing the cheapest ingredients is appealing to them. It’s easy to think that being protected from lawsuits could reduce their sense of accountability for the health effects caused by the vaccines.

If a severe reaction to a vaccine does occur, you have to make a case to the U.S. government itself. For a period of time in 2013, 70 people who experienced severe reactions to vaccines were granted compensation by the government. Eleven vaccines caused the reactions, yet 42 of the 70 cases – 60% – were caused by flu shots alone.

Now that you know that staggering percentage, here are ten scary ingredients found in flu shots.

1. Thimerosal is a vaccine preservative that is nearly 50% mercury. It is commonly used in multi-dose flu shots, but is present in other multi-dose shots as well. Single-dose shots and nasal sprays do not contain Thimerosal. Mercury is a strong neurotoxin and has been linked to brain tissue injury, among other internal problems.

2. Triton X-100 is a toxin when placed in the human body. It can be considered a detergent and is often used in pesticides. A study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal demonstrated that Triton X-100 decreases viability of cells.

3. Polysorbate 80 has been linked to infertility and other hormonal issues in mammals. There have been more than a few reports of allergic reaction, even as far as anaphylactic shock, to Polysorbate 80. This is shown in an article published in the British Medical Journal, where an example patient reacted with severe side effects to multiple vaccines containing the chemical.

4. Formaldehyde is a chemical known for preserving dead body tissues. It is a known carcinogen to people, but it is present in flu shots. Mild reactions to Formaldehyde in flu shots are common, usually presenting as flu-like symptoms like coughing and runny nose. More severe reactions occur, too, such as respiratory disease, seizures, and acute abdominal pain.

5. Phenol is used to make plastic and as a disinfectant. Common reactions to phenol include respiratory tract irritation, skin rashes, and muscle weakening. Studies exposing lab animals to phenol have resulted in severe reactions including death.

6. Aluminum is widely known as harmful to the body, and many people avoid aluminum in things like deodorants because of its side effects. It can be a neurotoxin and is possibly linked to Alzheimer’s Disease.

7. Nonoxynol is commonly used in spermicides and disinfectants. A study published back in 1991 showed that the chemical caused damage to the skin cells in women who used spermicides containing Nonoxynol, concluding that is can be toxic.

8. Octoxynol 9 has been shown to cause skin rashes, dizziness, fever, and other issues. It was previously used as a spermicide, but has been discontinued. This ingredient may be present in some flu shots; the compound seems to be closely related to Triton X-100.

9. Neomycin is present in vaccines for Tdap, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, the flu, MMR, MMRV, polio, rabies, smallpox, varicella, and shingles. Antibiotics have various harmful effects on the body, which is why it’s important to get antibiotic-free meats and avoid taking antibiotics unless truly necessary. Neomycin in particular has been linked to kidney problems, and can act as a toxin to the ears and the brain.

10. Betapropiolactone is a toxin and carcinogen that is present in some vaccines for the flu, rabies, and Tdap. The U.S. Department of Health And Human Services has study data that shows that certain levels of exposure to this chemical in rats can lead to organ damage, respiratory distress, and muscle spasms.

Clearly, there’s a lot more going on in flu shots than most people are aware of. Many shots, including those for the flu, even contain MSG, the chemical that many people go out of their way to avoid in foods. Some vaccines are necessary, and the small risk of an adverse reaction is much more favorable than the idea of getting a disease like polio.

However, flu shots are rarely required, and many people decide to skip them. There’s good reason behind this; even though these chemicals are only present in small amounts, toxins are toxins, and they can still harm us.

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Emma Deangela is the best selling author of The Alkaline Diet Program and 80/20 Fat Loss. She has helped over tens of thousands of men and women to lose weight and transform their health with sound nutrition advice.

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41 responses to “10 Scary Ingredients In Your Flu Shot”

  1. Teresa George Avatar
    Teresa George

    After getting the 2009 HINI flu shot I began experiencing a stiff back. Shortly after pain.- everywhere. I could barley move. without pain. My doctor made me wait 3 month then told me I had Fibromyalgia. Next the Rheumatologist who told me I didn’t have Fibro. I took many, many lab tests that didn’t provide an answer but kept me scared to death waiting for results. After 6 monthly my feet were so bad I had to get a cortisone shot in each foot. My body absorbed some of the medication and I had a slight, slight relief. For the first 12 months it hurt to open and close my hands, to get from sitting to standing, to turn my neck, my legs felt like someone beat me with a meat mallet and I cannot even describe the pain in my back. I worked through all of it – barely. It took me hours to complete what I had done in minutes. A Homeopathic practitioner helped me though. After 18 moths I was able to walk off a curb without turning sideways. Then after 3 years I felt much better and was able to socialize again. I wish I knew what I had and If I am going to have issues in the future because of it. My doctor doesn’t even mention it any more. It was devastating to me.

    1. Jane N Avatar
      Jane N

      Teresa George, did your doctor mention Guillain Barre? My sister had the 2009 H1N1 and her reaction sounded similar to yours but she nearly died. Still has the pain and numbness. Glad to hear you’re doing better.

  2. Joseph Warner Keller Avatar
    Joseph Warner Keller

    You quoted stats but did not include a source reference. It sure would be nice to be able to post the source stats for the other side to have to digest before waving us off so easily as not-jobs!

  3. Cathy Avatar

    The Medical Field and Government make it seem like you need this shot so that you won’t get ill but it increases your chances of getting sicker. Especially the elderly. We are not informed of the ingredients and side effects. Making money off of us while killing us. WE NEED TO INVESTIGATE, PROTEST, EDUCATE AND MAKE DRASTIC CHANGES IN OUR HOUSEHOLDS.

  4. Brian Avatar

    Here is another “real” truth. My wife did not get a flu shot. She just tested positive for the flu and is now ingesting oral and inhaled steroids, and antibiotics. Probably full of other horrible chemicals. Plus, she feels like crap, has missed several days of work and attending kids activities (both of which she loves) has been generally miserable for the past week.

    I got a flu shot. I feel great. Don’t have to take tons of expensive toxic medications, and did not miss any work.

    Get a flu shot. Don’t be an idiot anti-vaxer.

    1. Ross Allen Avatar
      Ross Allen

      No Brian, you are the idiot! Keep on getting your doses of mercury, formaldehyde and other things!
      I would almost bet you work for a pharmaceutical company!

      1. Cynthia ford Avatar
        Cynthia ford

        You are right on Ross. I am totally against flu shots. I do believe that lot of FDA and other people get on here to try and make people afraid to NOT get them. The best remedies are homeopathic and lifestyle.

  5. Joyce Avatar

    My husband and I have not taken a flu shot for last 5 years —-We take plenty of Vitamin D-3 and Vitamin C…..We have not had the flu!!!! The last time my husband got a flu shot he got really sick two days after the shot. No more flu shots for us.

    1. Kathy Leon Avatar
      Kathy Leon

      Joyce, the vitamin C is a good thing, but don’t take that vitamin D3. It is purely synthetic and cannot help you. Get out in the sun, or start swallowing a tablespoon of cod liver oil everyday.

      Your body will love you for it. Stay away from synthetic Vitamin D2, and D3…it’s toxic to your body! Keep with the C!

  6. dick bottcher Avatar

    i have had only one flu shot in my life, then i read that their are twenty, or thirty kinds of flu, and the flu shots never cover all types of flu, so did not take anymore. my chances of getting the flu i think is much less, then if i had a shot. now that i read about the ten deadly ingeredients, in the shots i will never have them ever, and im telling as many people as i can, not to get flu shots..

  7. Anne Hamilton Avatar

    I do not get flu shots, have not gotten them for 14 years! I do not get the flu unless I have had an emotional trauma.. I believe in the power of the immune system and take supplements to strenghen it, I don’t want to be another victim of Big Pharma and their greed! I also have dementia in my family history, and will not willngly put aluminum or toxins in my body! Thank you for the ingredient list, it just reinforces my belief in not getting flu shots!

  8. Camille Glesener Avatar
    Camille Glesener

    I normally don’t get the flu shot, even though I work in health care and am under significant pressure to get the vaccine. But when I do get it, I insist on preservative-free. This is available at most clinics, but some other places you get shots may not have it, e.g. the drug store or workplace. I am very allergic to thimerosal, so I am careful about that.

  9. Samantha Avatar

    It’s really no skin off anyone’s nose to be called an anti-vaxer!

    I’d rather save my money and spend it on healthy foods, than give it to the disgusting, greedy, sick & twisted, big pharma industry.

    Save your life, your hard-earned money and precious time, and invest in your health, the natural way with healthy organic foods.

    Don’t buy into a chemical based lifestyle! Don’t let crappy, big pharma, aka, crappy big farce, pull the wool over your eyes about them keeping you healthy with their chemicals designed to kill you!

    You need to do your research about what is really going on in the health and food industry, for humans and animals alike!

    Do your homework!

    Knowledge is power and is far better than being blissfully ignorant!

    Don’t be an ostrich with your head in the sand!

    If you value your health and your children’s health, not to mention your beloved pets health regarding veterinary meds and foods sold by the veterinary practices themselves, than you will do what is necessary to stay abreast of current information and buy only true, organic foods for the family and your pets.

    It may seem difficult at first, even expensive, but overall, you will not need the doctor, the dentist, the vet for pets, or any practitioner.

    The only time you need a professional is for surgery.

    Even root-canals are dangerous practices done by dentists, and cause bone fractures in the jaw and other damage to your body. READ!

    I hope you do some research.


  10. Pat Avatar

    Why is it that many of us, as adult women, forget we have a say in what type of care we will receive once we step into that doctor’s office?

    I was just as guilty of this back in January when I received a flu shot AND a pneumonia booster on the same day.I didn’t say “no” to either; just accepted the procedure as ‘my doc knows best’ even tho I really didn’t want either! She must have seen a look on my face because she told me it was safe to have both of these on the same day.

    Well…I had a reaction to one of them! It was 4 weeks later! I broke out in a measle-like blister rash all over. And it itched like measles! And I had muscle aches and headaches that I found were attributed to one of the innoculations also.

    When I called my Dr., she thought it was from the booster shot and said “sorry..but think of it this way..you won’t ever have to have it again”! Great. But the pamphlets from the shots tell a confusing story about which was responsible and the concern that i could possibly have another reaction as late as a year later!!!

    I found the booster was given too soon; it should have been given 2 years from now!!!! And no more flu shots for me.

    I hope everyone reads up on their Prescriptions, medical procedures and any shots BEFORE receiving or taking or doing. It’s your body..take charge of it!!!!

    1. Leslie Avatar

      Hi Pat, I’m interested in what you wrote. I have a question; what do you mean when you say the booster should have been given 2 years later? Why?

      I’ve never had either the flu shot or the pneumonia one. I’m 63. Now, I’m thinking of getting both (I’ll wait in between the two). I just learned that I have a weakened immune system… that my immunoglobulin is low. This scares me, of course, for all sorts of reasons. My doctor says I should get the shots because of this.

      I’ve gotten into 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils and am using them to protect myself. I feel like they are really working. I came down with bronchitis but I sure don’t have it very badly! Anyway, just wondering your thoughts…


      1. TruthSeeker Avatar

        Ingredients within flu shots are irelevant. The entire idea behind vaccines is fatally flawed. It doesn’t matter if the only ingredient besides the virus culture is water. IT WILL STILL CAUSE SLOW ACCUMULATIVE DAMAGE TO THE BODY OVER YOUR LIFETIME. So that when you’re 50, and your body is broken down and you have a couple of long-term degenerative issues, you can thank the vaccine damage of 20 years ago…but who ever figures that out? Wake up, people.

    2. Sharon Avatar

      Pat my daughter had a reaction to the flu shot she broke out in a measle-like blister rash all over. it was itchey like measles! And had muscle aches and headaches as you had. I am sure it was the flu shot. She has never had a booster shot because she was allergic to what it was man of..So I would stay away from getting a flu shot.

  11. Julie Avatar

    If you read the information that comes with the vaccine and you want to get the shot, great. If you read and don’t, great. Let’s stop trying to make choices for other people and other families. I won’t be getting one, but that’s my decision and I’ll live with the consequences; as will those who get the shots. Personal responsibility. Same as with other vaccines — I’m not anti-vax or pro-vax; I’m pro-parental choice. You may the choices for your family and I’ll make the choices for mine.

    1. MCJam Avatar

      Amen! Sister. Parental choice, personal choice. Get your self educated and make an educated choice. It’s your life, your health. Do not just blindly follow the herd or your doctor or the government or whoever. Do the research and choose what you injest, inject or absorb through your skin. Some things, like air and water pollution we have no control over, but the rest is up to us! Think for yourself and your family.

  12. Norma Cruz Avatar
    Norma Cruz

    No way I will never take the Flu Shot, I got sick as a dog the one time I did. I know a lot of my friends who also get sick too. My doctor and my husband think that it’s all in my mind.

  13. Kathy Brosch Avatar
    Kathy Brosch

    I have never gotten a flu shot. I’m allergic to so many meds, I don’t want to take a chance. I have friends who have gotten a flu shot and then got the flu. I can’t take the meds they use to cure it. Good luck to those of you who do get a shot. I know everyone is different. Now knowing the drugs they use in the flu shot…. I’m glad I never took it. My reasons: I’ve been allergic to penicillin since I was 7 years old. My list of antibiotics I can’t take have grown since then. Among other meds. I’m a cancer survivor. They don’t tell you the list of side effects you can possibly end up living with. I had all but 2 during treatment. I now live with several that are permanent. In addition, 4 years after chemo, I now have an autoimmune disorder. Which, I feel, is due to having a low white count for the last 4 years. I figure if Dr’s can make an educated guess, so can I. I’m now seeing an acupuncturist to help me get relief from my chemo side effects. So far so good. I still see my other Dr’s as well. I believe we all need to be open-minded and do what we think is best, as well as ask lots of questions!

  14. Susan L Avatar
    Susan L

    I run a health clinic. It is now flu season and the only ones that were knocked down with the flu were clients that had the flu shot. I can’t believe Dr’s give flu shots to people who have poor immune systems. Clients that have cancer are given the flu shot. Really sick afterward for over 2 weeks. Took a lot of natural therapies to pick up again. Old couple both were given flu shots on dr’s visit before they really understood what it was. Were both so sick for 3 weeks and had to be brought back to health. There are less chances of getting the flu naturally then to be forced into getting the flu via vaccines that may not even be for that’s season’s flu anyway.
    So annoyed at medical procedures that show no common sense and are outright dangerous. People have been reported paralyzed and had long term help complications after shots.

  15. Lori Figurski Avatar
    Lori Figurski

    I got an H1n1 shot 6 yrs ago.I was very healthy before the shot. 2 days later I started feeling sick. Within a couple of weeks I was not able to work. I was nauseated, had no energy, my body ached. I had severe spasms. My skin burned also. I went to several doctors. None of them could figure out what was wrong. Finally I went to an Infectious disease doctor. He told me I was loaded with strep,I was put on antibiotics and unfortunately was on them for 3 years. I am healthy again now. I ended up feeling sick for almost a year. I will never get another flu shot , even though all the doctors claim, my sickness had nothing to do with the flu shot.

  16. Janet Wheeler Avatar
    Janet Wheeler

    For years I never had a flu shot; and every Christmas or New Year’s I was in bed with the flu.

    My doctor insisted I have one and I didn’t get the flu that year, or any year afterward!

    Could it be some people are hypersensitive to the shot, and others can tolerate it?

  17. Colinaconnie Avatar

    Thank you very much for sharing this. I will love to share it to my friends. God bless you all.

  18. Bob Mathews Avatar
    Bob Mathews

    I don’t get flu shots, don’t take any drugs, and I don’t get ill. Eat healthy, real food not processed junk, and make sure you eat plenty of fermented vegetables for natural probiotics not tablets. Avoid hand sanitizers, plastics, teflon, etc.

  19. Cathy Avatar

    My husband gets the flu shot religiously every year, and every year he gets the flu… sometimes even more than once. I never get the flu shot even though my doctor highly recommends it and hassles me about not getting it because I’m type 1 diabetic and asthmatic. I never, ever get the flu, even when my sick husband tries to swap spit during a lengthy French kiss. Everyone in my family gets the flu every year. I never catch it from them. I don’t seem to catch it from sick co-workers either. I haven’t missed a single day of work in over a decade due to being sick. I don’t take any vitamins or other supplements either. I just eat a diet that’s simply rich in healthy foods, get a decent amount of exercise and spend some time in the great outdoors. I’m also not one of health nuts that count calories or eat only organic stuff, gluten free, fat free or sugar free stuff. I eat normal healthy fruits and veggies along with my meat, potatoes and regular supply of junk food.

  20. Lin Avatar

    My mother became very ill after receiving the flu vaccine about 5 years ago. She had never had the vaccine, but her doctor talked her into it. She got sick immediately and suffered for almost a year – going back to her doctor over and over until he was giving her blood transfusions once a week but without a diagnosis. Finally, she was sent to Vanderbilt in Nashville and an oncologist diagnosed her with B-cell Lymphoma and found a huge tumor. She is better now, but she is absolutely positive that the flu shot kicked off her health crisis and now, though “elderly” and a cancer survivor refuses to take the flu shot. No medical person believes the flu shot had anything to do with her subsequent illness, but I believe it may have affected her immune system negatively and she became vulnerable to disease.

  21. DELORES Avatar

    What about the Shingles shot, is that necessary too?

  22. Pam Avatar

    I read a lot of interesting comments on here and for those who don’t take the flu shot, good for you.

    I have been in the medical field for over 30 years and I’ve never gotten the flu shot or any vaccine for that matter. I worked in traditional medicine for 8 years and all I saw was that doctors think there is a pill or injection for everything. There are medications to get rid of side effects from other medications and the list goes on and on.

    I decided this wasn’t the way to health. I became a nutritionist and a chelation therapist as well as my degree as a Physician’s Technician. I opened my own practice doing lab work on chronically ill people who had been to all specialties of doctors and still didn’t know what was wrong with them. When patients went back to their physicians to show their improvement their doctors started referring patients to me. I was overloaded with patients. So I decided I would teach doctors how to do what I was doing to those doctors who wanted to learn how to practice ‘health care’ and not disease care. I taught them what to order from the lab, like amino acids, minerals and toxic metals and stool tests for digestion and parasites, hormone testing and a host of other specialty tests that told us about what level of ‘health’ their patients were. Included in this analysis were delayed reaction food allergy tests on blood. (I use to suffer from migraine headaches from an allergy to eggs. Eat an egg today and in a couple of days I was in bed with a migraine)

    And…toxic metals are more common than most doctors know about and it starts with silver fillings.

  23. Pam Avatar

    The vaccine for shingles only works about 50% of the time.

  24. leslie bacon Avatar
    leslie bacon

    I am so greatfull or all the information I gleaned from the article and the comments. I am 66 and have never taken a flu shot. I am environmentally allergic to many things that would not bother someone else. I was rushed to emergency when I stayed in a copy store and a dry cleaners to long and breathed the chemicals, I also put neet hair remover on my legs and again rushed to emergency with a reaction. They say that it is only about 2% of the people that get flu shots that have that kind of reaction, I would probably fall in that 2% range so NO I’ll take my chances.

  25. Rainy Avatar

    I have not had the flu for over 19 years, I belong to a Pentecostal church in Va. We take our spiritual flu shot each October. We do not believe that injecting poison in our body
    does anything but make way for some thing worse than the flue could invade us. So when God is in it, how much more blessed and protected can one get.
    Bless you all

  26. Gerard G Avatar
    Gerard G

    I am strongly against flu shots. I have worked in multiple places and noticed a pattern of people getting flu shots and then getting Bell’s Palsey soon thereafter. No one seems to think there is a link. Bottom line, flu shots are not worth the risk given the uncertain nature of all the ingredients.

  27. Kim Avatar

    I’ve never had a flu shot, and I’ve never had the flu, or at least not a bad case of the flu. The one time I had symptoms they were mild and lasted only two days. At any rate, I’d rather have the flu and allow my immune system to fight it off than to have these poisons injected into my body.
    As much as the flu shot infuriates me, it’s nothing compared to how much injecting children with Gardisil, or 1/2 hour old babies with Hep. B vaccine does! This horrific assault on their immature immune systems may not be fully understood by the public for years to come.

  28. Adele Petersohn Avatar
    Adele Petersohn

    Had 3 ankle surgeries since 2013 and every year
    since. Used bone stimulaton 3 hrs each day for a year after 2nd surgery plus tent unit. Third surgery was done for removal of hardware from second surgery. This year have had cortisone injection and Supartz or Synvisc injection in the ankle which I had the swelling & deformed facial occurring for 2 wks plus neck and stiffness in my entire body. After reading your article want to know my having had the flu shot plus I take warfarin (blood thinner) each day for now 28 years after stroke is my symptoms of weakness, muscle ache, back kidney area pain, what would you recommend?

  29. Jon Avatar

    Kathy…Vit D3 is not synthetic………D2 is. the synthetic form……Vit D3 is a naturally derived form of Vit D ….in fact it is not a vitamin……Its something else….which i cant remember now….look it up.
    As for the flu shot……I had it one year on my doctors advice….and it was free….I was sick as a dog that year…
    One cold after the other …after the other…after the other….never took it again…Best defence against colds and flu?
    Crush a clove of raw garlic…leave it exposed to the air for 5 mins……then eat with food every day…….You wont get sick but you wont have many friends either !!! hahah

  30. Liz thornton Avatar
    Liz thornton

    Having worked in age care as a nurse and given the residents their shots…I can fully agree with this article because what I noticed when I returned to work each week after days off ,was that most of my residents were on antibiotics for “Flu””. Huh? Some went on to develop more serious symptoms and died of “Old Age ! My dad was one such unfortunate and I miss him because at the time I had not informed myself as to the dangers Flu shots provide.I now know.

  31. Andre Marice Davis Avatar
    Andre Marice Davis

    When I was 19 years old, I learned my HBsAg was reactive when I was required to undergo medical exam for an employment (so depressed I wasn’t hired and the doctor had to write in big words, ‘not fit to work’ on my medical result clearance). It was my first time to be tested with that kind of blood work, so I have no idea when I contacted hepatitis B virus. My husband and I are the only ones who knew about my situation. I am so embarrassed and ashamed because hepatitis B is considered as an STD, like the infamous AIDS/HIV. My husband has no hepatitis B (thankfully) but I fear that even with his hepatitis B vaccine, he will get my disease, though doctors assures us he is safe from me.I always sleep longer than usual on weekends, always tired, often experiences tummy ache, sometimes unexpected skin itchiness/rashes,Herpes virus, arthritis, irregular bowel movement and am temperamental

  32. Judy Avatar

    Have you people ever seen or dealt with a ruella baby, seen someone with polio, pneumonia after having the flu, all the other awful diseases present WITHOUT vaccinesssssssss??????????????? I HAVE. I grew up in an era where there were no vaccines for those diseases. IT’S HORRIBLE. And the numbers of people afflicted were horrible also. You people are putting your children at risk, and other people around you that you infect. You people probably rail against penicillin, also, well, it saved my life and my children’s life, also, and kept my son from getting asthma every winter.

  33. Kevin Avatar

    I havent had a flu shot since I retired from the navy
    Dont believe in them
    I had to get flu shots to keep that job
    Besides the toxins the manufacturers are guessing what the virus will be next year
    Feel safe NOW? NOT THIS KID!

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