Fabulous Raw Food – Exclusive Interview With Author Erica Palmcrantz Aziz

Erica Palmcrantz Aziz is an international author. She has written several books in the topic raw food and her books are full of inspiring full colored pictures.

Erica shares her knowledge of Raw living from direct personal experience and exploration. Her books inspire not only to the raw diet but to the importance of diet in our spiritual growth. She makes simple the complex connections between what we eat and how we feel and the way we live our lives.

With each exciting recipe, whether for weight loss or green gain, we are, almost unwittingly, drawn not only into better and healthier food habits, but also into becoming an active part in the greater good of our whole planet. Erica explains how you can go raw your way to your best health ever. Long Live Life”

1.   Would you like to tell us more about yourself on what inspires you to live a raw food diet life and the reason why you write this book “Fabulous Raw Food”?

I am a 35 years old mum that runs my own business. That is a life that needs a lot of energy – and raw food gives me a lot of energy to fulfill my dreams, be an energetic mother, and have energy to take care of myself.  I wrote the book to show people how easy and delicious  it is  to eat more greens, fruits, nuts and seeds and their eating habits will be get so much healthier in just 3 weeks.

2.   Your book emphasizes the importance of choosing organic ingredients, will this habit affect how one loses weight successfully? How is this important?

Choosing organic maybe not will make you loose weight. But the chemicals in non organic food will be stored in the fat tissues and when you will loose weight this chemicals will be released and will not do any good in your body.

Choosing organic is to make your diet as pure as you can, and that you have concious choice what makes the whole planet healthier.

3.   Does the raw food diet excludes meats and with a diet of only vegetable or fruits? What is your opinion on  vitamin B12 that may be deficient in some vegans and vegetarians?

You can choose how raw you want to be. You have to choose health and maybe that is to eat 85 % raw food and the rest cooked food. Studies have shown that vegetarians and meat eaters has the same levels of B12. I think that you should take annual tests and look for yourself if to use supplements or not. I do take B12 supplements myself to make sure that I get enough.

4.  What do you think is the biggest mistake that people make when trying to start a weight loss plan?

I think the biggest mistake is that you haven’t taken a commitment to go all in. You have to find a motivation and stick to it when you are tempted to not stick to the plan.

5.  What kind of success have you seen with your dietary recommendations? Would you recommend to eat raw foods 100 percent?

I have seen higher energy levels, 10-15 pounds weight loss in 3 weeks without sugar cravings, feeling hungry and being tired. Skin has start to glow, eyes starts to sparkle, their sleep has been improved  – this and a lot more success stories has been emailed to me.

I do recommend that everyone have to feel for themselves what is right for them in is very moment. Food is going to support you, not weaken you. But if you never have tried to be 100 % raw – try and seek out for yourself.

6.  What makes “Fabulous Raw Food” a great book for readers from a number of weight loss books available in the market?

The book is an easy way to get more energy, shed pounds, become more slim, beautiful, happy – and stay so. It is your lifestyle it is about – and the book are a lifestyle book that shows the reader how to incorporate raw food and a healthy lifestyle for now and for the rest of their life. I wrote this book for people to get their natural weight and stay there for the rest of their live. That they never have to go on a weight loss plan ever more.

7.   By following the rules and strategies in the “Fabulous Raw Food”, could you share with us, on average, how much weight does your clients usually lose? And what is the ONE thing that helps them to lose weight?

Depending how many pounds people had to shed but between 10 – 15 pounds without being hungry, low on energy and sugar cravings.

The ONE thing is that you actually eat in this program.

8.   Your book is about detox, lose weight and feeling great, what health benefits should a person expect following the recipes in your book that makes them feel great in 3 weeks?

* Weight loss, clear eyes, high energy, glowing skin, slim, better quality of sleep, better breath, more happiness ( happy people are more good looking than bitter people) besides this everyone is unique and will experience  individual health benefits.

9.  What are the difficulties faced when trying to lose weight and how does it become easy by following your book? What is your advice for someone who is currently trying to transition to a raw food diet?

The difficulties loosing weight is that you have to changes your eating habits. The book provides you with easy, delicious and filling recipes that people can incorporate in their daily diet.

My advice is to try the raw food diet for 3 weeks and after this 3 weeks start to try the food that you ate before and see how you will feel when you eat that food. Do the food give you have pleasant, happy feeling where you feel light and energetic or will the food make you puffy, less happy and heavy? Try out how much raw food that will be the best for you. Make the transition slow and steady rather than fast and just for a short while.

10.  What are some of your favorite raw foods that you eat on a regular basis and would recommend it to our readers?

My favorite is the lasagna, green smoothies and the sweets. I eat desserts every day!

11. Do you have anything specific or advice that you want to say to the readers who are struggling to lose weight to help them shed the fats?

My advice is to stop struggling – if you struggle you will never for a life time lose the weight that you want. Begin to love you as you are and treat yourself with love and respect  – that is my best advice to lose weight. And try to erase all the pictures on skinny movie stars, celebrities and create your own image of your perfect body. Your weight has to be perfect to you not decided of pictures that has been adjusted in a computer. Be in Love with yourself.

Her book “Fabulous Raw Food” is now available at Amazon. You can also visit her blog website at http://rawfoodbyerica.se/


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