How to Conquer Your Sweet Tooth

Does your sweet tooth get in the way of your weight loss goals?

Do you do a good job in every other part of your healthy diet except for when it comes to sweets?

Well you are not alone; many people who are trying to lose weight have this exact same problem.

But don’t despair: there are plenty of ways to control your sweet truth, so that you don’t pack on unwanted pounds.

Let’s start with a quick explanation of how sugar affects your body.  When you eat or drink something with a high amount of sugar, your blood sugar level spikes, and you feel really good for a little while.

But then very soon after, your blood sugar level drops, and so does your energy level and mood.  Then you will experience the exact same craving that you had just a little while ago.

So if you want to win the battle with your sweet tooth, you have to stop this vicious cycle.  Once you train yourself to abstain from sugar as much as possible, you simply won’t have those cravings. So the absolute best thing you can do is substitute healthy foods for those sugary foods.

Instead of starting your morning with a cereal or a beverage full of sugar, choose healthier options instead.  When you have a craving, reach for a piece of fruit, some healthy vegetables, or some yogurt.  By choosing healthy options, you will help yourself stay out of the vicious cycle that causes craving after craving.  You will also experience more stable moods and energy levels.

But what if you simply cannot avoid a sweet temptation?  You hear the ice cream calling from the freezer and you simply can’t get your mind off of it?  We all have moments like this, and the best strategy is to delay the temptation as you substitute with a healthier alternative.

When I have these moments, I tell myself that if I still want the treat in an hour, then I can have it then.  I make a mental note of the time and I chew some gum or have some tea in the mean time.  If I am actually hungry, I will choose a healthy snack.  Generally I am satisfied by the alternative or I end up getting involved in something else, so that I end up avoiding the temptation altogether.

The good thing about this strategy is that you won’t feel nearly as deprived as if you were just to tell yourself that you absolutely can not have the snack.  When you feel like you are having to deprive yourself and are missing out, then it is much more difficult to maintain your diet for the long haul.

When you do give in to your sweet tooth, remember that not all temptations are created equal.  There are 100-calorie splurges and there are 2000-calorie splurges.  Make sure you know how many calories you are consuming, and that your splurges will not be a serious setback to your weight loss goals.  Choose lower-calorie options, serve yourself small portions and enjoy your treat slowly.

Science has been able to verify that by eating slower, you’ll eat less, and that will help you lose more weight.. The facts has shown that the people who eat slower usually weigh less.

Remember to make your decisions based on the health content of the food. If a snack is a pure junk food, eat as little as possible.

If your current diet includes a lot of sugar, it will be more difficult to implement these strategies in the beginning, because your body is literally addicted to sugar.

But just remember that if you can make it through a couple of days without sugar, you will stop experiencing the cravings that make it so hard to stick to your diet in the first place.  Stock up on gum, tea or any other low-calorie alternative that will help you avoid high calorie temptations.

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About the Author:

Emma Deangela is the best selling author of The Alkaline Diet Program and 80/20 Fat Loss. She has helped over tens of thousands of men and women to lose weight and transform their health with sound nutrition advice.

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15 responses to “How to Conquer Your Sweet Tooth”

  1. SunnySky Avatar

    Excellent points! Besides weight issues, there is risk of diabetes (which you mentioned), but ALSO that cancer loves sugar. Why encourage it?

  2. Maureen Murphy Avatar
    Maureen Murphy

    I’ve found it takes me three days to stop getting cravings BUT if I have even one bite of something sweet, they come back. It takes a lot of self-discipline. I’ve read that somehow hormones are also involved in cravings,
    but I don’t know much about that.

  3. Penny Avatar

    Just curious about the encouragement to use gum. Isn’t gum a sweet & doesn’t it kick in sweet cravings too? Even sugar free &/or artificially sweetened gum can have that effect, can’t they? Also, I think your article is a very good article. I would like to comment on a few typos in it, though. Examples I found: …weight.. only needs one period; “The facts has shown” should read “The facts have shown” in 13th paragraph; 16th paragraph – …”remember that” should have a comma after it before the word if; “stalk” in the context of next sentence should be “stock.” This may seem very picky & critical because it is still very easy to get the message from the article content. However, in light of the thought that what this article is talking about is not really fully accepted in main stream America yet, credibility of information may be compromised for some readers with these kinds of minor errors. I’d hate to see someone talk this down because they think the author isn’t able to make sure the word use, grammar & punctuation are correct and, therefore, think how can the author have the information correct either.
    Thank you for considering the gum questions & for taking time to read through the rest of it too. I mean no offense, so I hope none is taken.

    1. Joan Conklin Avatar
      Joan Conklin

      Penny, I really think you are the only viewer talking down on Emma’s article. Really, an incorrect non use of a comma or a ditto of a period and misuse of a 3 letter verb. I very much doubt that is going to flaw Emma’s credibility. Not everyone can be perfect in everything at all times, especially if you are a buzy (oops) body.

    2. bo Avatar

      wow. you’re right but damn. english teacher?

  4. Liz Avatar

    Stalk up on gum, tea …..

    STALK up?????

    1. Paula Avatar

      I agree, as I often find typos in academic articles, and in scientific press releases (press releases are often contracted and paid for by institutions and corporations, and errors remain)

  5. Prof ml sood Avatar
    Prof ml sood

    excellent information,pl keep me informed and updaTed from your experienced most useful health tips.
    Thanks and regards

  6. Dan Le Avatar
    Dan Le

    Thanks for such helpful information. I love it.

  7. A. F. Avatar
    A. F.

    What about honey? I’ve substituted raw cold pressed honey for sugar. what are your thoughts?
    I had been doing alot better with my sweet tooth and i was given a box of cookies in which i consumed about 12 cookie…total bender by the way. this morning I had a horrible
    head ache, felty cloudy and unfocused…never again. I had a cookie hang-over.

  8. RAUL F. GARCIA Avatar


  9. Marvin L. Zinn Avatar
    Marvin L. Zinn

    I have known most of this for many years. When I got prostate cancer I refused surgery and radiation and stopped the cancer with two herbs – graviola and turmeric. But with a lot of three time experiments I proved that any dairy products and too much sugar would have prevented the herbs from working and I would have been dead by the end of last year (the fourth time doctors expected me dead).

    1. ACE ELLIOTT Avatar

      Tell me more about what you said, I think you and I have the same situation. Please contact me and talk about this.

  10. denise Avatar

    Sometimes sweet cravings are more than just what they seem. Often our bodies are out of whack. I find taking Chromium Picolinate helps curb the craving. Sometimes our thyroid, adrenals may be low. Best to get some blood work done re the thyroid and saliva test for adrenal. It’s not enough to try to will power it. Good luck everyone.

  11. Mike Flavell Avatar

    A good start to the day is a big tumbler of water, preferably alkaline water from your Enagic ioniser. Could be your thirsty not hungry. Too good to be true? Just try it whenever you feel hungry.

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