The Weight Loss Counter Revolution – An Exclusive Interview With The Author Dr. Daniel Grove

If you have been struggling with losing weight, Dr Daniel Grove might have the answers for you. As a doctor, he has done scientific research on weight loss and today he has come out with his book to help you lose weight.

1. What motivates you to write this book “The Weight Loss Counter Revolution” and why did you choose this name?

The book originally started out as a pamphlet.  I saw so many patients who struggled with their weight but I didn’t have the time to adequately counsel them.  I took all the of the information that I wanted to use to counsel patients on weight loss and started writing it down.  I looked up the research data that supported the information I was passing along.  I initially planned on writing a small pamphlet that my patients could take home and read on their own and maybe even share with their family members.  It turned out that there was so much information that needed to be conveyed that the pamphlet turned into a book.

The book is based entirely on facts obtained from scientific research in peer-reviewed journals, medical textbooks, or my own medical training.  It is not based on any fad or fiction.  Most diet plans and books available today market themselves as new or previously unpublicized.  They claim their plans to be “revolutionary”.  Time elapses and people realize that their claims are not sustainable or substantiated.  I called my book and website The Weight Loss Counter Revolution because it exists in opposition to all the fads and nonsense out there.  It is based on fact and not fiction, science and not slogans.

2.  What are the main factors that you saw that have resulted in the obesity epidemic in the modern world?

The obesity epidemic arises from the coalescence of multiple problems.  The amount of calories present in our food has increased dramatically over the past few decades through advances in the ability of the food industry to manipulate their products to maximize flavor and minimize cost.  The end result is an endless supply of cheap and calorie-dense foods that is ubiquitous.  These advances have come at the expense of our health.  The food industry has also become more savvy at manipulating our subconscious with its relentless barrage of advertising.

Our physiology is designed to consume and store calories efficiently in short periods of time to allow us to survive long periods where food is not available.  When there are no periods of food being unavailable, the pounds get packed on.  Finally, the sedentary nature of our lives has increased as we spend more time in front of screens, in the car, and on the couch.  All this combines to create a perfect storm for the obesity epidemic.

3.  What do you see is the reason why some people struggle with their weight while others stay thin without trying?

There is a strong genetic component to weight gain.  The genetics do not appear to affect metabolism but do have a strong impact on the mechanisms of appetite and satiety.  I believe the people who struggle with their weight have a more powerful drive to eat.  Developmental differences also likely have a strong impact on the drive to eat.  The habits and environments we are exposed to as we grow up will have a profound impact on our habits and behaviors as adults.  I explain the evidence for all this in detail in the book.

4.  What kind of success have you seen with your dietary recommendations  and what scientific support do you have for them?

I have never had anyone commit themselves to a lifestyle change of calorie control and a serious commitment to exercise and not be successful with weight loss.  As for the scientific evidence to support my recommendations, I have almost 240 references from peer-reviewed scientific journals and medical textbooks for my book.  I have found even more references for blog posts.

5.  What are the unique features that make The Weight Loss Counter Revolution different from other diet books and what are the main features that account for your successful results?

My mission is driven only by scientific evidence which I believe sets me apart from the overwhelming majority of diet programs available today.  The fact that my information is driven by fact and not fads accounts for the success of the information.  The vast majority of diet books and programs in the market today advertise their ability to dramatically and quickly get people to lose weight.  There is very little on how to get people to maintain weight loss.

The reason for this is that the diet industry uniquely understands human nature and the physiology of weight loss.  They know that people will do almost anything for a short period of time.  They also know that if they can decrease calorie intake, people will lose weight initially.  They therefore come up with crazy plans that all essentially decrease caloric intake.  They are usually successful in the short term but cannot be maintained.  My book is not a diet plan but a comprehensive education on the science of weight loss.

An understanding of this science creates a great many tricks that can significantly increase the likelihood of success.  I believe strongly that the greatest hope for us to make a serious dent in the obesity epidemic lies in a true understanding of the problem and its real solutions on a mechanistic level.

6.  Besides losing weight, what other benefits should a person expect to derive following “The Weight Loss Counter Revolution”? Is it for everyone?

The main ancillary benefit of following the principles in the book will be a general improvement in health and well being in addition to the satisfaction obtained from transforming oneself into what they are truly capable of becoming. Since the book is based on our common human physiology, the principles are universal and could help someone who is obese lose a tremendous amount of weight or someone who is not lose just a few pounds. The underlying principles are the same for everyone.

7.  What should a person expect to experience while following this diet book? Could you share some of the experiences that your clients gone through with the diet? (if it’s not confidential)

A person should expect to transform their relationship to their bodies, to their diet, and to exercise.

I would prefer not to share experiences of clients.

8.  What are the difficult aspects for a person to switch from their normal diet to “The Weight Loss Counter Revolution”?

The most difficult aspect of this philosophy is removing from our heads the endless barrage of popular media that brain washes us into thinking that enduring weight loss can be obtained and maintained quickly or easily.  If there was a pill that truly worked, someone would be making billions off it by now.  The quick fixes have always failed but in spite of failing themselves with these fixes many times, people still cling mightily to the fantasy that they are real.  If they were, the obesity epidemic would not exist.

9.  As there are readers and subscribers who are struggling to lose weight to help them shed the fats,  do you have anything specific or advice that you want to say for them?

You must commit to a lifestyle change that is for the rest of your life.  Know that a commitment is made over time. It is by nature characterized by a series of successes and failures, of ups and downs. When you do not fulfill your commitment (and there will be times when you don’t) you will be left temporarily down but, if you recognize that your commitment is over time, you will be prepared to take action to get back on track. You are embarking on a lifelong journey.

Nobody expects perfection and neither should you. You will have ups and downs. There will be moments when you are not at your best or giving your all. When you have the downs, remember your commitment and get yourself back on track and back in action.  Stick to the plan in the book.  Have faith that it will work.  It is based on the soundest science from decades of research.  If you follow it, you cannot fail.


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