Interview With Alkaline Diet Author Coming Up!

We are going to release an interview with Suzanne Le Quesne on her perspective of the Alkaline Diet. Suzanne is a renowned clinical nutritionist from Spain for 20 years and international author of “The pH Balance Diet: Restore your Acid-Alkaline Levels to Eliminate Toxins and Lose Weight”.

Here are some of the interesting snippets of the interview and we are sure that you will love this interview tremendously:

  • Delicious and yummy Spanish alkaline recipes that will boost your energy and keep you healthy!
  • How to get started on planning for an alkaline meal?
  • What kind of alkaline food can a mother provide for her baby?
  • How do you test for your body’s pH level? Which is more accurate – Urine or saliva?
  • And many more…

This is 30 minute interview so prepare some alkaline veggies juice with some nuts and seeds so keep a look out for the interview.





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  1. DAVID MOXON Avatar

    Very resourceful site for an Holistic approach to diet

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