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  • How Phthalates Leach Into Your Food

    How Phthalates Leach Into Your Food

    Phthalates is a chemical that is commonly found in building materials and plastics— The type of stuff you’d find in a home improvement store, however, research has shown that this toxic chemical can also be found in common foods that we eat including frozen dinners, meats, cheeses, and fast foods. It isn’t the food themselves that contain phthalates, it is through […]

  • Do Your Clothes Contain Toxic Chemicals?

    Do Your Clothes Contain Toxic Chemicals?

    Some might wonder how the simple act of wearing clothing with chemicals can negatively affect us if we aren’t consuming it into our bodies. Well, our skin is the largest organ of our bodies and can be considered our first line of defense. Our skin can absorb the chemicals found in clothing material similar to the […]

  • Unsafe Preservative (TBHQ) in Your Food

    Unsafe Preservative (TBHQ) in Your Food

    Have you noticed that as our food industry grows, so does chronic non communicable diseases? Food allergies are at an all time high especially in our children. We would love to believe that the advancements in technology would lead to the healing of our nation rather than its deterioration, but this is not necessarily the […]

  • Is Your Perfume Toxic?

    Is Your Perfume Toxic?

    If you have ever been stuck in a car or a tight space with someone who’s wearing an overpowering perfume or cologne, you will probably understand what is meant by the term “second-hand fragrance pollution”. What you may find surprising is that you are not wrong to be upset by the overpowering smell, nor should […]