These 5 Plants For Your Bedroom Will Help You Sleep Better

Some plants have the ability to make your quality of sleep better. Not only do they serve as ornamental plants in your home, studies have proven that these plants provide relaxation and purification, which in turn, can improve your sleeping pattern.

After all, according to a Scandinavian Study being around nature helps relax the mind that is filled with urban stimuli, and office workers who have even just views of trees have lower stress levels than those who don’t.
Aside from the benefits of their mere presence alone, these plants have other properties that make them great for helping you sleep better.

Lavender Plant

Lavender is well-loved for its fragrance. In fact, it is a common scent among sprays, body washes, potions, lotions and other products. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, Lavender has been used to treat ailments including insomnia and even depression and anxiety.

In particular, scientific studies have shown that Lavender can slow down the nervous system’s activity, lifting people’s moods, promoting relaxation and improving quality of sleep.

You can create your own scented packets of Lavender containing its dried seeds. Put these packets under your pillow before going to sleep. Having a Lavender plant in your room also helps give you a good night’s sleep.

Jasmine Plant

According to a study conducted by the Wheeling Jesuit University Jasmine plant is an effective natural aid for sleep. Having a Jasmine plant on your bedroom is found to reduce anxiety, improve your mood upon waking up, and improve your overall sleep quality.

As an added feature, a Jasmine Plant looks pretty in your room. It’s little trumpet like flowers are very appealing along with its widespread vines.

English Ivy Plant

The English Ivy Plant appeared as one of the landscape plants studied by NASA that could help lessen indoor air pollution.

In addition, the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology mentioned that the English Ivy Plant can remove 94% of airborne fecal material and 78% of airborne molds. What’s more surprising is that the plant can achieve this in less than half a day.

The abatement quality of this plant makes it useful for sleeping better. Molds, in particular, can affect our breathing.

If there are smokers in your family, the English Ivy plant can also be useful, as it help soaks up carcinogens found in second-hand cigarette smoke.


According to WebMD, Valerian roots have been used to create medicine for sleep disorders, especially insomnia.

Valerian has also been used to treat psychological stress such as nervous asthma, hypochondria, excitability, migraine, headaches and stomach upset.

A Japanese study also confirmed that just by inhaling the scent produced by Valerian flowers, the brain’s GABA system is heightened. This system helps prepare the body for sleep through relaxation.

Not only is the Valerian Plant pretty, it is pretty useful for people having sleeping disorders.

Bamboo Palm

Dr. Tohid Nooralvandi, a researcher from the Islamic Azad University, said that the bamboo palm is a great air purifier.

The Bamboo Palm goes in various names, including Reed Palm, Areca Palm and Butterfly Palm. It’s been known to be particularly inclined to filtering out carbon monoxide, benzene and formaldehydes from indoor air.

In addition, the Bamboo Palm is effective at humidifying air. For people having trouble breathing, this plant is particularly useful.

With its exotic look, the Bamboo Palm will also give your bedroom a tropical and warm ambience.


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7 responses to “These 5 Plants For Your Bedroom Will Help You Sleep Better”

  1. venkat Avatar

    need good diet for loose weight

  2. Mickie Avatar

    it would be helpful if you could include photos of the plants you are suggesting

  3. Carol Avatar

    Despite what information there might be about NASA and plants cleaning the air (citation is missing), plants can also harbor molds in their soil. Additionally, when plants utilize/biodegrade formaldehyde emitted from sources such as furniture and drapes, formaldehyde will pour out/or sequester in formaldehyde containing sources in amounts dependent upon humidity and temperature, to reestablish a steady state condition. So, has the premise that plants clean the air in a beneficial manner really been proven or established? The author should cite studies referenced in this article, meaning, provide links to the studies, that promote use of plants in the bedroom so each reader can determine if there is anything of substance to this oft repeated idea.

  4. lavenderlady Avatar

    I love the lavender plant, its fragrance and its oils. However, the actual lavender plant does NOT grow indoors, nor does Jasmine nor Valerian. These plants require outdoor sunshine!!
    Of course the use of dried lavender flowers is an alternate substitute. A coupe of suggested alternate indoor plants could be the Peace Lily and also the Monstera deliciosa with its large leaves and also the Sansevieria (Mother in-law Tongue)!!
    Yes, photos and caring requirements for the plants would be added useful information. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Kristina Sekine Avatar
      Kristina Sekine

      Dear Lavenderlady,
      Personally, I wouldn,t like the LARGE leafy Monstera Deliciosa, either the Sansevieria Laurentii There are really outdoors. The other reason for not wanting plants in the bedroom, because the soil carrying airborne bacterial as well as micro bacterial that can stir up by fan and air-condition

  5. Karen McLeod Avatar
    Karen McLeod

    I have vases of fresh lavenda in my bedrooms as well as the lounge room and these cut flowers keep my home smelling very fresh and of course My home is very relaxing.i in addition my asthma is better controlled.

  6. Karen McLeod Avatar
    Karen McLeod

    Fresh lavender in vases keeps my home fresh and relaxing

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