SureSlim Diet

SureSlim diet is a program that deals with weight loss using medical and scientific solution. Its approach varies depending on each individual. Proper sugar and hormone level is the focus of the diet. It is said to have started in the United Kingdom but there are still questions if this is true. This is because of some information that the clinic was initially opened in Cape Town, Africa. Although its origin still remained to be determined, they have continued to spread its services to more and more countries. Not just by setting up clinics but also reaching people over phone consultations. Petro and Calvin Tulloch were the man behind the success of SureSlim that started in 1996.

SureSlim can somehow be compared to Weight Watchers diet for it also promotes eating a balance and monitored diet. Food that you are allowed to eat in this program will be advised by facilitators to you rather than buying a prepared meal like what other diet program is doing. The diet that a person needs to take is more personalized. You will be requested to take a blood test and information about your lifestyle and medical history will be taken into account in creating a plan fit for you. Experts are assigned to guide dieters in performing the program. The program comes with a fee but you need not worry of paying it monthly for it is on a plan basis payment. Its cost may be expensive for a lot of people however, if you will consider the long-term results of the program, you may find that it is already worth more than its cost.

Experts in a way agree with how the diet program works. A combination of high protein but low in carbohydrate food intake is what keeps it balanced. So if it is long-term weight management program that you are looking for, this one should be included in your choices. Apart from that, the program believes that maintaining proper level of sugar and hormones contributes in an individual’s weight loss. Although the rise and fall of sugar in the body is said to result in the accumulation of fats is still yet to be proven, this is what the facilitators of the program are monitoring. A 2 pounds drop in the dieters weight is what the program is said to accomplish per week. This is of course attained if you strictly follow the facilitator.

People who have tried this diet, on the average are happy with the results that it made for them. Most would claim that they really had a significant drop in their weight upon following the program. Some find it easy to follow and maintain the program. This might be because its approach is more personalized. The program is commended for its effect in getting your ideal weight but most would complain when it comes to the relatively high cost it entails to get the plan.

The program does not offer special drugs or drinks to lose weight. Instead, it promotes food such as lamb, variety of vegetables and chicken in their recipes. Appetizing, easy to prepare and yet could definitely make you on your way to getting that ideal weight that you always wanted.

When deciding on what diet program you should follow, it is always important to know the pros and cons that it can cause you. Listed below are just some of the evident advantage and disadvantages.


  • Having a facilitator to guide you in performing the program can somehow ensure you that your safety is not put into risk.
  • It is proven to be a good solution for weight loss. Recommended to be used for long-term weight management.
  • No monthly fees will be collected. Payment will be per plan.


  • The program may be difficult for dieters outside United Kingdom to follow.
  • No time to sometimes give-in to what you want to eat because you are strictly monitored.
  • Effort is needed to strictly follow the program to make it successful
  • Weight loss is attained but in much slower pace than other diet programs.
  • Not affordable for most people. Refunds are not an option if it did not work for you.

Seeing the advantages and disadvantages of the program will allow you to weigh if this is the right one for you. Like any other diet, dedication will be required from the dieter to make it successful. If you are the type of person who would want a diet program, that has more liberty in choosing the food that you eat, this is not the right one for you. Similar to the case of those people who have tried programs that requires control but failed to get the weight that you want, maybe it is time to select other type of diet.



Likelihood of losing weight (5 stars) – Being strictly monitored with the food you consumed will leave you no room to eat food that can contribute to gaining weight.

Healthy (5 stars) – It is healthy for it promotes eating a balanced diet. It is high in protein that is good in helping you to naturally build muscles. While being a low carbohydrate diet contributes in preventing related diseases. Teaching you how to discipline yourself with the food you are eating makes it even healthier.

Safety (5 stars) – SureSlim diet are facilitated and strictly monitored by expert reason why it is safer. But even though this is the case, it is still important for you to consult your physicians first prior to enrolling. This does not apply just for this diet but also to other diet programs available.

Easy (3 stars) – Some find it easy to maintain and follow especially for people who are dedicated to lose weight and are residing in United Kingdom. Those who are from other country may not find the program to fit their lifestyle and might have difficulty following. Same as with the people who do not like to always be strictly monitored.


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