NutriSystem Diet

Modern lifestyle has a significant effect on living an active and healthy life. Due to the many activities that the youngsters engage in, they seldom have time for physical activities that can keep them fit. Because of this, the number of obese has increased. However, there are a variety of weight loss programs online that can be availed for weight reduction. These programs can fit in your schedule despite how busy you can get.

One of the weight loss programs that you can obtain online is the NutriSystem Diet. This type of program is from Philadelphia, and it has reached at about 800,000 customers in the United States and Canada in the year 2007. It is like a fast food chain that delivers food packages to the customer’s home. In fact, it has been known as “fast food weight loss” because they supply food that will keep you maintain a desirable weight. Yet, what makes it different from the regular fast food chain is that it has a 28-day food packages allotted for each customer.

NutriSystem Diet has six specialized subprograms from which the customers can choose from. Each package has already a group of food items combined which is called “Favorites Package”. You also have the option to select your own food items to be included in the package you want. Before the customers will be given a food package, their caloric and dietary needs will be assessed first. This is to ensure that what food they will be taken in is what they really need. After that, the customers can select from more than 120 entrees and desserts that assure everyone to be balanced in protein, fat, and good carbohydrates. The diet is mainly composed of carbohydrates, which is 55% in composition. It also contains 25% protein and 20% fat. The meals offered by the NutriSystem Diet are lower in saturated and trans fats. They contain sodium (approximately 1,800 milligrams per day), and the meals are rich in whole grains as well. Moreover, six servings of fruits and vegetables are added to complete the meals.

Aside from the delivery of food packages, the company has also added dietary supplements as among the products to be offered to their customers. Not only that, NutriSystem Diet also pushes for regular exercise to its customers. In fact, they have also tied up with a fitness center called Slim and Tone. In addition, they provide a weekly newsletter and chat rooms on its website so that everyone can share about their weight loss concerns and advices. This service also gives a chance for the customers to interact with one another. Most importantly, the NutriSystem Diet has included as well a weekly one-on-one email chat with a personal counselor to keep the customers stay on track.

The NutriSystem Diet is a short term approach for weight loss. This program is a good opportunity for some individuals to start eating healthy food, but there are other people who might fail to do so since they just eat the food and hope that their eating habits will be improved when the program ends. Consequently, when they are no longer enrolled in the program, they find themselves back into their old eating habits for they do not know the meal planning and preparation style. In other words, people may only experience success in weight loss during the period when they order for prepackaged food since they are disciplined on what food they will eat. That is why it is very important for the customers to take note of the food they are eating especially the kind of the food and its proportion so that they can still continue serving the food to themselves even though they are no longer availing for the packaged food. Furthermore, those customers who are really determined to lose weight can benefit to the services offered by the weight loss program such as the educational materials, online support and lifestyle tools.

Some experts have noticed that the NutriSystem Diet does not train the customers to shop and cook for the right food. So, they suggest that they must teach themselves to plan and prepare for their own meals because the secret to be successful in weight reduction is learning how to shop and cook healthier food.

It is good that NutriSystem Diet advocates for regular meals and snacks. However, it is observed by other experts that what they take in for meals is few in calories. This means that the food they eat is too few in calories to manage hunger. The required calorie content that should be served in a meal should range from 250 to 350 calories. However, the food prepared in the NutriSystem Diet has only 150 calories, and that is considered as a snack and as meals.

The meals recommended by NutriSystem Diet to its customers are low-fat protein foods and foods that are rich in good carbohydrates. But then, the company has discovered that most of their customers are women. And so, they attract men to subscribe in their programs by including “masculine foods” such as pizza, hamburger, and pasta in two of their programs. They have as well included green tea and gingko biloba supplements to their programs for the benefits of the older people who want to enhance their memory.

What good about NutriSystem is that it utilizes real foods that are low in fat and good carbohydrates. This is beneficial for maintaining a stable blood sugar level, and it also enhances your metabolism and keeps you from feeling hungry. The entrees are also easy to prepare so there is no problem that you cannot prepare them on your busy schedule. Likewise, NutriSystem Diet allows you to join a community of people online that is helpful in giving you support and encouragement as you continue your diet plan. A personal counselor is also available to work with you in your quest to losing weight.

On the other hand, NutriSystem has also its down side. You might find it hard at first to adjust with the food they serve and the time you are going to eat them. This program serves five meals a day, so if you are used to eating three meals per day, then you need time to adjust in this program.

To sum it up, NutriSystem Diet is one of the smart choices for commercial weight loss programs. It is safe to use since they recommend authentic foods. It has also been proven to be effective in weight reduction due to its low fat and carbohydrates content. With NutriSystem Diet, you can lose weight easily as their diet is quick to complete.

If five stars is the highest rating for NutriSystem Diet, then I will give this rate to it. This is because this weight loss plan is friendly to the customers as this is easy to follow. They also have numerous of services available to the customers that assist them as they continue their quest in losing weight.


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