3 Day Diet – The Best

Do you want to lose weight but you don’t want to do it drastically? If you do, you need to have some cuts in your calorie intake and get the best food you need.

3 day diet does not promise the superficial losing of weight at the fastest time. You will not lose weight within a week or so but the impact of the diet will be very great in your entire life diet plan. However, it is important to stick to the diet plan and stay on it for time.

Most people who make use of 3 day diet plan or other short term diet plans would lose weight while in the diet regimen but after that, they will accumulate more weight. Gaining your weight back again is very sad; it is important for you to do the best to maintain the result of the diet you are into.


There are several food diet regimen mixes for a 3 day diet. But the diet follows the basic food intake calorie count. You need to trim down large calorie food out of your body for you to get the best diet. It is a must that you spend the best time to look for the right food.


You don’t need to eat much in the morning. Cancel the rice and go for the best. It is good to have tea or coffee in the morning. Tea can help to facilitate proper excretion of waste while coffee contains antioxidants that can help bring back your shape.

As a replacement for the rice, you may have slice toast of bread. You may add peanut butter for additional calorie. You can also have the best of replacement with fruits. Banana or other fruits are good substitute.


You need to eat a little more but do not eat much. Tuna is a good lunch food that you can consider. It is god to maintain the tea or coffee for the lunch to keep up the metabolism of the body. You also need to drink more water or any fluid substitute to do the best of your digestion.


For the last meal of the day, go vegan. It is good to have more fiber during dinner. You can have leafy vegetables as part of your diet or you can get the best of the fruits. You need to eat some cut of food but do not take much.

The fibrous foods that you eat for dinner can greatly help to facilitate the digestion of food and the excretion of the food waste. It is also very good for you to take the best of fluid fiber for faster result.

3 day diet regimen is an effective plan if you stay on it. It is important to keep the beat and be there for the best. You need to make up the best follow up to this short term diet plan and experience the best of the night.


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