Science of Sleeping – How to Get a Better & Good Night’s Sleep

They say that we spend a third of our lives asleep.  Are we able to say to ourselves, however, that we spend this third of our lives in a satisfactory, productive and fulfilling manner? Or do we sometimes find ourselves not sleeping well, at all, and wishing that we could find a way to ensure that we get ourselves properly rested and revitalized for the long and stressful day ahead of us?

Perhaps it is by understanding and knowing what kind of sleeping habits people have, and just exactly how people develop such habits, that we can all finally catch that elusive good night’s rest that we all desire and need.

Science of Your Sleep – The Difference Between REM and Non-REM Sleep

An improved understanding of sleep will most definitely allow us to maximize our sleeping habits and tendencies in order to give us better, more restful slumbers. Before we can get a better understanding of our sleep habits, however, we first need to know what actually happens while we sleep. When we sleep, we don’t sleep in one continuous, large block of sleep. In fact, we actually experience two stages of sleeping , these being REM sleep and non-REM sleep.

REM is also known as “Rapid Eye Movement” and is the phase of sleep that can be easily categorized as the stage during which the sleeper’s eyes undergo bursts of random movement. It is during the REM stage of sleeping that we experience our most vivid and memorable dreams. During this time, our physical movements and body activity are “turned off” by our brain to ensure that we do not unconsciously act out our dreams in real life, which might lead to potentially harmful and even fatal consequences.

Before we experience REM sleep, however, we usually have to go through non-REM sleep first. Non-REM sleep is actually further divided into four different stages, with the last two stages being popularly known as “deep sleep”. While we experience non-REM sleep, our body repairs itself and recuperates, releasing hormones that help strengthen and replenish the body’s resources and fortify it against the strain and toll imposed upon it by the previous day’s activities.

An ideal and uninterrupted sleep cycle of REM and non-REM sleep actually occurs multiple times throughout a single night. First, non-REM sleep occurs, going through stages 1 to 4, followed by  REM sleep, and afterwards completed with another non-REM sleeping cycle. This time, however, the non-REM cycle is experienced through stages 4 to 1, in descending order. The cycle then repeats itself, more frequently with the non-REM stage becoming quicker while the REM stage becomes longer, thus allowing the experience of more and more vivid dreams throughout the night and a restful sleep.

Sleeping in Your Style

The art of getting a satisfying and reinvigorating good night’s sleep is something that is actually very complicated and difficult to master. For instance, there is actually no singular answer as to how many hours of sleep your body needs in order to replenish itself.  The magical sleep number is different for everyone and sleeping a bit too less, or even sleeping a bit too much, may just leave you unsatisfied, groggy, and even more tired than you felt before you went to bed. You may not realize it, but even your diet can play a major role in determining the quality and quantity of sleep that you can get.

Sleeping by the Hour and by the Bite

O to 2 Hours

If you find that you only get about 2 hours or less of sleep, then you are what can be considered as a very, very short type of sleeper. Though there are some cases of people only requiring an hour and a half of sleep before they wake up fully replenished and rested, these cases are rare and most of the time, people getting this small amount of sleep only do so because of their particular circumstances. Whether it is a student pulling an all-nighter to study for exams or an office worker trying to finish an important project, we often find ourselves compelled to limit the amount of sleep we can enjoy so that we may attend to “more important” things.

However, it is extremely important to note that this type of sleeper is usually the type that is most vulnerable to developing diabetes and obesity. This is due to the fact that lack of sleep will disrupt how your body normally uses insulin and moderates your blood sugar. Lack of sleep will also cause your body to release hormones that cause stress, lead to a greatly increased appetite, and hinder your metabolism and your ability to burn away the calories.

Luckily, there are a few simple steps toward remedying this problem. One particularly effective strategy would be to modify your diet to include more antioxidants which contribute to your body’s overall health. Consuming fruits and vegetables instead of unhealthy junk food as snacks will immensely assist in augmenting your antioxidant count. Also, in a more general sense, it is important to view sleep as an equal, if not even higher, priority than all the other things you have to attend to in your everyday life. You should give sleep the proper attention and time it truly deserves, knowing that your personal health and physical and mental performance are at stake.

2 to 6 Hours

Though sleeping 2 to 6 hours might seem much better than sleeping 0 to 2 hours, this amount of time dedicated to sleep is still too short and too inadequate to provide the rest that your body actually requires. In fact, sleeping for 2 to 6 hours often leads to the highest calorie consumption among all other sleep types and poses the highest risk of heart disease. Even short sleepers who were not originally overweight and were, relatively, in shape, are still almost twice as likely to experience a stroke or a heart attack.

Adding vitamin C and selenium to your diet should be an easy and accessible option that will help reduce instances of inflammation and strengthen you against sicknesses. As always, it is essential to remember that the amount of hours you get for sleeping is extremely important to your health, and even taking away just an hour or two can add up and have a greatly negative effect on your health.

9 or more Hours

Believe it or not, there is actually something as getting too much sleep! In fact, most of the time, many people will oversleep during weekends to “make up” for the lost hours of sleep during weekdays. However, oversleeping often produces unsatisfactory results, with someone waking up still groggy and fatigued, despite their belief that the extra hours of sleep should have solved their sleep issues. Sometimes, people will even prompt and force themselves to sleep more with the notion that an extra hour or two of sleep, even though it is clear that their bodies have had enough, will be good for their health.

Oversleepers should be attentive of the fact that constant oversleeping and sleeping multiple times throughout the day, but still not being satisfied and rested with your sleep might be a sign of hypothyroidism. This occurs when your thyroid does not produce the necessary hormones that facilitate a satisfying rest and may induce extra fatigue, disrupted metabolism, or limited energy.

The problem with oversleeping is that it will usually cause a disconnection between your body clock and your sleeping cycle. This means that you do not sleep or stay awake when your body needs you to sleep or stay awake and vice versa. Be sure not to accumulate a “debt” of sleep hours to avoid needing to oversleep. You should also try to include more choline in the food that you eat to prevent the occurrence of hypothyroidism and such can be found in foods such as eggs.

7 ½ to 8 Hours

Sleeping between 7 ½ to 8 hours on a regular basis can be generally considered the ideal sleeping set-up. Though this number might not be true for everyone, it is true enough for most people and being able to sleep consistently at this length usually means, for one thing, that the person’s diet is well-balanced and can be taken as proof that the necessary nutrients and minerals are adequately consumed . It may also be understood to signify that the person’s body is properly hydrated. People who sleep between 7 ½ to 8 hours may also be presumed to have a firm grasp of the importance of sleep and to harbor an effective understanding of it that is manifested in satisfactory, restful, and adequate sleeping experiences. If you find yourself fitting this description, then you don’t have to change anything, just keep on sleeping the way you’ve been sleeping!

Simple & Natural Ways to Sleep Better

Now you know the science of sleeping better, below are some tips to assist you with your sleep. If you are having transient insomnia, these tips can help you to sleep better.

Simple Massage Technique – First lay on your stomach. Next, have your loved ones using his finger or palm making circular movements beginning from the bottom of your spin and working up to the base of your neck. Repeat this for a few minutes and before you know it, you may have already fallen asleep.

Avoid uses of devices, computers, gadgets, or any work related stuffs that can make you stressful at least 2 hours before going to bed. Even for casual reading, it’s best to avoid using them at least 1 hour before bed.

Caffeine – If you are a coffee drinker, avoid drinking coffee after mid-day as it takes 6 hours for caffeine to be fully processed. Hence your last caffeinated drink should best be before 3pm.


Sweet Dreams

Remember, there is no singular or specific way, number, or method for you to achieve the most restful and fulfilled sleep for yourself. The best approach would be for you to be constantly aware and vigilant of your eating habits, priorities, and sleeping needs so that you can consistently achieve a good and desirable rest that both your body and mind deserve.

About the Author:

Emma Deangela is the best selling author of The Alkaline Diet Program and 80/20 Fat Loss. She has helped over tens of thousands of men and women to lose weight and transform their health with sound nutrition advice.

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  1. Barbara Avatar

    I just do not remember when I last read a post as this that was easy to read . Well thought out and life changing
    information. I am one of ….those… people. I will do all of the above. Thank you so much.

  2. Denise Avatar

    You stated that REM sleep stands for “random eye movement” when in reality it means rapid eye movement. It was an interesting article overall however was wondering what else may not be accurate.

    1. RGallian Avatar

      You need to go back and read this again. The author said it stands for rapid eye movement and explained that during this time the eyes go through random bursts of movement. Nothing contradictory about that!

    2. IOana Avatar

      Denise, I copied and paste Emma’s definition for REM: “REM is also known as “Rapid Eye Movement” and is the phase of sleep…” I don’t see the word random here.

    3. margaret Avatar

      please read the article again, REM is rapid eye movement, just as is stated in article, I think you must have confused your sentencing. Try reading a bit slower, it helps in confusion

    4. Cindy Raye Avatar
      Cindy Raye

      What is not accurate is you. Another example of an idiot posting a comment without actually reading the article.

  3. gab Avatar

    If I had someone (loved one) to give me a massage I would not be reading an article on how to sleep better. Is that all you got? Wow

    1. Faye Avatar

      I agree. Nothing new on here, and pointless if you live alone.

    2. Dan Avatar

      I’m with you.

  4. Goldie Davis Avatar
    Goldie Davis

    Thanks for this interesting
    When I was younger I had no sleeping problems now since
    reaching 80 I have great difficulty falling asleep,I have to take
    herbal tablets if I am to get a good night sleep.
    Would really appreciate any help others have found successful. Have tried not using Computer etc. long before
    bed but still take nearly 2 hours before I fall asleep
    Thanks again

    1. Aloha7 Avatar

      I found a natural remedy at a local drug store: RiteAid. It is a homeopathic remedy called Calms Forte. It is non habit forming and quite effective for falling asleep. And it does not cause grogginess upon awaking.

    2. Jim Logsdon Avatar
      Jim Logsdon

      Goldie, as we age our bodies quit producing melatonin which is essential in getting a good night’s sleep. If you are not taking melatonin supplement, you might want to check it out. I had a problem sleeping. I started taking melatonin many years ago and it fixed my sleeping problem. By the way, all natural melatonin has no side effects!

      1. Delton Avatar

        My wife likes to have a small nightlights in every room. I find I go to sleep easier and stay asleep longer if I turn off all lights and if the moon is shining close the curtains. Make your bed room as dark as possible. I read somewhere that your body produces more Melatonin in complete darkness.

      2. Yonnie Mendes Avatar
        Yonnie Mendes

        Not true. I can not take melatonin. I have a reaction to it. Wish I could take it!!

    3. SHC Avatar

      I’ve read elsewhere that the older you get, the less sleep you need. Try cutting back by 20 minutes for 3 days, then another 20 min. after the 3 days and see if that helps. Maybe get up 10 min. earlier & go to bed 10 min. later, but keep a schedule.
      I’ve also tried Holy Basil tea, anytime after lunch or evening is ok.

  5. Maria Avatar

    Using the Thrive DFT has helped a lot of people to improve their sleep.

    1. Elizabeth Avatar

      What is a Thrive DFT?

  6. Phyllis Avatar


  7. Elsie Avatar

    I am on diuretic along with other prescription drugs for high blood pressure. This causes me to have to get up about three times a night. I can fall asleep, but after getting up the first time it takes a while before I can fall asleep again and before I know it it’s bathroom time again. So what am I to do? I get tired through out the day and often can not stay awake and must take a nap.

    1. Melinda Avatar

      Your body is reaching its max capacity of toxins. Find it in yourself to let go of the pharmaceuticals, which in reality kill us faster, and start detoxing your body by eating and ALL organic diet (or do the best that you can), start eating organic cold pressed coconut oil, Juicing, and eat cannabis!!! Cannabis heals ALL. But please don’t believe me. Look it up, especially info from independent people posting their stories of experience in its healing affects.

    2. Jane Patnode Avatar
      Jane Patnode

      Six times for me! 6 trips to the bathroom. Don’t need advice to restrict my liquids, I have been told to drink lots of water. Only drink about 4 liquids in a day. Maybe we need to wear diapers! I;m another diuretic user.

      1. Bob Napier Avatar
        Bob Napier

        Ask your doctor to check your calcium, phosphates and PTH – you may have a problem with one of your parathyroid glands. It can be the cause of frequent and excessive urination.

  8. John Vulovich Avatar

    I take the drug Quiepatone200mg. Although it is a psychotic drug, it really helps me fall asleep quickly and I awake fresh and not groggy at all.


    1. shiela kolos Avatar

      where do you get this Quiepatone??? is it a perscription?

  9. Dolores Avatar

    I have never experienced true sleep for as long as I can remember. I have apnea, as well as cut off liquids by 7pm. I still wake to tinkle at least five times a night. My bladder has been checked out and okay, but the disturbing getting out of bed seems to wake me also. I write things down before I sleep so they don’t keep me thinking too much but I’ll be darn if any vitamin or supplement helps I tried them all including Valeran root. Ambien works great but you can’t just keep getting them from Doctors. H E L P

    1. Murdoch Maclean Avatar
      Murdoch Maclean

      Dolores, honey, forget the Valerian root, you need to try the other sort of root. For years, alone, I slept poorly, waking every hour or two, the whole night through. Then I got a boyfriend – young, slim, with very long, gently hairy legs, large, capable hands and an earnest, intense, dark-eyed expression – and from that very first night until this, my sleep has been a deep, uninterrupted 8 hours of bliss, a state of being comparable to nothing else on this Earth. My boyfriend’s long left leg wrapped around me, his left arm, his deep, trusting, rhythmic breath on my left cheek. I don’t want drugs (or coffee, or alcohol or endless hours of televised football matches), I don’t need luxuries, I just need what God made for me – a warm, soft, dry place to sleep and a fit, healthy, nude human being, my one true love, to share it with.

  10. Magdalen Mauldin Avatar

    I am 83 and have started having trouble sleeping too. I started taking Melatonin; the kind that melts under your tongue. It works quicker, is natural, not a drug. It works well and sometimes when I get up to the bathroom, during the night, I put another Melatonin under my tongue and I fall asleep. I do not feel drousey in the morning.

    1. Judy H. Avatar

      How many mg of melatonin.? My dr said 4 mg. the tablets come in 3 mg so I take 2 sometimes. And some GABA. With HBP ,type 2 diabetes, fibromyalgia neropathy,severe insomnia, get max 2 1/2 to. 1 hr or none. Just can’t sleep. Fatigue and feel like flu most all the time. I’m 76 yrs old as active as possible, rest some as needed reading or sewing by hand. In between Dr.appointments and trying t see our children and grand kids. Try for once a month. No daytime sleep. Are the other suggestions safe to try? I think I’d do better with some real rest. Tried the other methods on previous page Even tried short vacations. Too hard, don’t sleep there either. HELP?

  11. carol Avatar

    Can lack of sleep cause your hair to thin? Sometimes I only get 6 hrs of sleep! But want more I take an o t c sleep aid and I get a fairly good nites sleep! I also take spironolactone for my hair loss!

  12. Elna Nugent Avatar
    Elna Nugent

    I am 84 and in quite good health. But I drink perhaps too much water during the day ( to insure I don’t get any uti’s) and I sleep at least 7 -8 hours a night but not at one time. I am up every two hours to use the bathroom. I also find I get hoarse during the day and have a dry mouth at night which makes me drink even more water.
    My weight is okay but would like to gain five or ten pounds I am very active mentally , writing and taking classes. I have plenty of alkaline foods daily. I am interested in the Vitamin C factor because I am allergic to oranges and citrus. I take a multi vitamin daily. I eat apples, watermelon and pineapple during the day? Is that enough Vitamin C?
    Thanks for this page on sleeping.

  13. Rose Avatar

    Att: Phylis, After reading all the comments about bad sleep patterns, i see i have the same problem as you, I have no problem falling asleep in the evening at bedtime, its waking up during the night and not being able to get back to sleep, therefore, after lying awake for an hour, i get up, read, or turn on the television, but nothing helps get me back to sleep. I finally drop off for another hour or two, exhausted for lack of sleep , that i am napping during the day just to be able to navigate the rest of the day. Rose

  14. Peola Avatar

    Thanks for the Article. So good to see more people speaking out about it. My Drs are not very helpful,all they can say is: “when one get to be a certain age they have sleep problems.” That always confound me. May be true, but in my case why do I get headaches when I don”t get enough sleep? why does my muscles ache even before get off the bed? etc. Drs.have no answers.
    My thing is I fall asleep fine but awake and can’t seem to go back to sleep. My last Dr found I had used up all of my serotonin. I tried Melotonin for a long time did not help. Aloha 7 I will try the Calm Forte.
    Maria what is DFT????

  15. Connie Avatar

    D’mannose is a kidney cleanser. Since I started taking it I sleep about 7 hours without getting up to pee and don’t feel like I have a UTI all the time.

  16. Pam Petersen Avatar
    Pam Petersen

    I sleep best when my room is pitch dark and cool. A glass of milk before bedtime and a calcium pill also helps.
    If the person takes only one diuretic a day it should be taken in the morning. If you have to get up in the night, don’t put the light on. Have a night light on the wall if you must have some light. Melatonin is also helpful.

  17. Ernest Brown Avatar

    I Suffer From Pain In My Legs Due to Blood Clots, So I’m In
    Constant Pain From Bad Circulation. Then I Read It’s Much
    Better To Hydrate Before Going To Bed. Not Having Kidney
    Problems, I Tried It And It Seemed To Help Alot! Also Living
    In A Very Warm Climate, I Found It Difficult To Get Quality
    Sleep if The Inside Temperature Was Too High. I Would Sleep Forty Five Minutes To An Hour, Wake Up and Not be Able To sleep The Rest Of The Night. Which Brought On The Involuntary Naps During The Day. The Saving Grace; I Read An Article On The Importance Of Oxyginating Our Bodies. So I did A Simple Thing That Made A world Of Difference: I Opened Several Windows, One Near My Bed. I Opened Just Enough To Get Fresh Air Through Out The Night And Not Have To Breath Air Primarily From The Air Conditioner All Night! Almost Immediately My Quality of Sleep Improved And Continues To Get Better Inspite Of The Bad Circulation. In Case You’re Wondering, I Awake Only One Time To Visit The Restroom And Have No Problem Going Back To Sleep For Several Hours. Also It’s Important We Try To Retire At The Same Time Each Evening.

  18. Shirley Morlan Avatar
    Shirley Morlan

    My metabolism says I burn 140 calories per day. How can
    that be right?

  19. Jan Avatar

    All these types of articles do not help someone get a good night’s sleep. I have slept worse since reading this! Now I lay awake worrying about not sleeping and thinking about “92% of people with sleep problems will have heart failure” That was in the email that caused me to go to this article. Thanks a lot! Scaring people does not promote sleep. That statistic doesn’t even sound logical but is still scary enough to make the pressure to sleep actually steal sleep. Then you state 2 to 4 hrs is the sleep duration causing the most heart attacks and stroke. Thanks again. I used to feel fine with 6 but now I’m fretting I we not bei g able to get more. I take lots of vitamins including resveratrol for inflammation, exercise, they and way well and watch my weight. But now you add stress by saying if I don’t sleep 71/2 to 8 hrs, I’m nutritionally deficient! This article has had me stressed out for a week. Not helpful. One hint, have someone give you a message! Great! Who?! More stress!!

    1. Judy H. Avatar

      Jas,it doesn’t seem to apply much to you. Your 6 hours seemed fine for you.Try the stress solutions. You need to relax and not let everything bother you. There are some things you can do nothing about. Try prayer, then, let it go. Anybody can have a stroke or heart attack. Don’t worry about it, do what you can to be healthy,talk to your Dr. Chose healthy food, activity. Many things are a choice not a fact. Such as anger, hurt, dwelling on something, do what you can, and think good things. Things pleasant, honest, peaceful, true, beauty, the things you love, the sunshine comes every day,very light, or dim, it’s there. Be thankful. Thoughts are a choice too.

  20. Jan Avatar

    Sorry that should have read 2 to 6 hrs. Also auto correct messed up after exercise… Should have said watch my weight.

  21. Marilyn Avatar

    I have the exact problem as Elsie. GREAT article,thanks for the information. It does help to know your not the only one not asleep.

  22. Lucy Avatar

    This artcle is has really good informaiton, whick I need to put into practice.

  23. Prof ml Sood Avatar
    Prof ml Sood

    wonderful, indeed wonderful. Very -very useful information ,for all age groups, with easy to follow techniques.
    Thanks a lot, pl keep me on your mailing list,
    Thanks and with regards,
    Ml sood

  24. Ann Avatar

    Who is this article for, someone just born? There is not one ounce of new or valuable information. Who doesn’t know your “tips” already. SMH

    1. Faye Avatar

      I couldn’t agree more

  25. Lora Avatar

    You have to get enough exercise during the day. Your body will get tired from the exercise and you will fall asleep. When I don’t get enough exercise, I can’t fall asleep and I don’t get “good sleep” that night. I also drink a small glass of milk before bedtime and do quiet, relaxing things before bedtime.

  26. Judy H. Avatar

    I have followed DeAngelia for quite awhile. Have learned and tried many suggestions. This article about insomnia is one of the most practical, realistic one I’ve seen anywhere in a long time. I do enjoy everyone’s comments. I’m going to try some suggestions I didn’t try before. I haven’t slept well for at least 2-3 years. Dr. Has not helped. No more prescriptions, they just help a few days then nothing. I’m all for trying these natural remedies. Trying melanin, GABA for now. Just helps sometimes. Chronic headaches a large problem too.

  27. Stacy Avatar

    Since right before menopause one night I was wide awake. It’s been 5 years now and I’ve tried everything! I’m working with a wholistic nutritionist but still can fall asleep fir 2 hours, then I’m up. Can sometimes go back to sleep but am mostly up. I eat organic healthy foods, exercise and do yoga. This is so frustrating cause I want to sleep!! I will find what in my body is out of balance, hopefully before it kills me!

  28. Brenda Avatar

    I am 71 years old and have had trouble getting to sleep for years. Recently my doctor suggested i start taking Magnesium both morning and evening.. Over the counter and inexpensive! One with breakfast and two with dinner.. also I close my door to keep any household noises out of my bedroom.. I am finally getting the best sleep! If I have to get up during the night I fall asleep easily back in bed.. Also, I do leg stretches in bed.. Hold one leg straight up and count to 30, then tilt it to one side until you feel the stretch, again count to 30.. I don’t know why or how this works, but it does work for me almost every time..

  29. Dee Avatar

    Thank you.
    Good information.

  30. Barbara L Werner Avatar

    Nothing seems to help for very long. I believe that my family genetics is lacking in seritonin. We are all hyper (especially Me.)I recall being awake late into the night when my older brother would come home from a date. He would walk through my bedroom to his and I would says “HI Jack.” Whole family were astounded as to me being awake when most people would be sleeping. My mother told the school nurse that I didn’t get adequate sleep, believing that I refused to go to bed.Suffered from violent headaches as a pre-teen. I’m now age 77. Fairly good health but I have been awake all last night.
    Any help appreciated. Thanks,
    Barbara Lynch

  31. DeeAnn Phillips Avatar
    DeeAnn Phillips

    How do you handle someone that has to get up during the night to go to the bathroom. My husband has this problem. How does that affect his sleep pattern?

    1. Marvin L. Zinn Avatar
      Marvin L. Zinn

      I had that problem from prostate cancer. I had to urinate every two to four hours. I refused surgery and radition and take two herbs (graviola and turmeric) that stopped the symptoms in three weeks. Now I can sleep usually six hours. But with a lot of practice (three time tests) I also have to avoid excess sugar and any dairy products. If I had not learned this I would have been dead by the end of last year as doctors expected.

  32. Alice Whaley Avatar
    Alice Whaley

    This is not my idea, but it does seem to work. You can use anything, I use the Hail Mary. I say it very, very, very slowly. I try to say it slower all the time. The mind does not want to be this bored so it goes to sleep. I do not get to the second half of the Hail Mary most of the time. I mean really slowly.

  33. Marvin L. Zinn Avatar
    Marvin L. Zinn

    One way to give me more sleep is to stop publishing these articles I like to read before I go to bed.

  34. oscar cabanlig Avatar
    oscar cabanlig

    I don’t believe in this article, I have known people who have slept 3 hours the most everyday and were healthy, lived a long life and achieved great success in their work though they were not boastful of their achievement.

  35. Joy Avatar

    My husband had sleep apnoea and taking Cenovis Mega calcium, 1 at breakfast and 1 mid morning CURED the sleep apnoea. Also takes Natures Way magnesium, 1 at lunch, 1 mid afternoon and extra 1 at night if needed. He has coeliac disease & coeliacs become deficient in many vitamins and minerals. Have a test for coeliac disease, if positive have a gluten free diet. Vitamin B may also help with stress. Another tip is to breathe slowly & count 1-5 over and over but you wont get to 5 if you say it slow enough. (1 number over about 10 breaths.. but don’t count yr breaths!)

  36. Geotge tina Avatar
    Geotge tina

    sleep what sleep

  37. Charanjit S Sandhu 'CJ' Avatar
    Charanjit S Sandhu ‘CJ’

    Where can I get the Book? I would rather have a Hard Copy than E-Book.

    1. Lesley Gregor Avatar
      Lesley Gregor

      I have read all this before and been told the same thing over and over. Have tried sleep deprivation, melatonin, herbal supplements, hypnotherapy, naturopaths. I will do anything to be able to sleep and feel well. My doctor has been very understanding but the only way I can sleep is with a sleeping pill, and they make me feel awful. Will anything ever be found to “cure” insomnia. Such a huge problem and very common. I believe it is an unbalance in my body but nobody can find it.

  38. DanoFive0 Avatar

    I read in bed every night about 1-2 hrs. And the dog sleeps right next tome on the bed… No probs..

  39. DanoFive0 Avatar

    P.S.. Good sex help also..;0

  40. al swanson Avatar
    al swanson

    I hardly sleep at all now. I am 59. I am very vulnerable to low-level radiation from exposure to nerve agents likely organophosphates. any suggestions on how I can improve sleep and or health.Thank you.

  41. Antony Avatar

    Thanks and great writing

  42. John Jenks Avatar

    The best sleep that I ever had was when my wife gave me one of her pills for vertigo.

  43. Faye Avatar

    Sorry, but this is so unhelpful. Everyone I here has experienced sleep problems for some time. Some were grateful for your ‘suggestions’, other had tried this and more. There was nothing new, and nothing helpful. I used to be a terrific sleeper, but have not been so since my mid 50s, I am now 68. To suggest someone moving their hand from your spine to your neck, is almost amusing. I am disappointed, no sorry that I even bothered to read this. It just means that the person who wrote this has no answers either.

  44. Berny Avatar

    My point too Faye, the author of this blog hasn’t even bothered to respond to one person,meaning they have no knowledge whatsoever on this subject..

  45. Sharon Carter Avatar
    Sharon Carter

    I have trouble going to sleep. It may be midnight, or anywhere from there until sometimes 3 or 4 before I fall into a good sleep.
    My husband walk/jog 4 miles a day and I thought doing that would help me sleep and sometimes it does but not all the time.
    I am going to try what you are suggesting and see if that helps. Thank You

    1. Sharon Carter Avatar
      Sharon Carter

      Misprint…Correction…My husband and I

  46. Ramona Avatar

    I take magnesium as suggested by my pharmacist and I avoid sugar. It takes about 2 weeks to build in your system. It works for me.

  47. Louise Avatar

    I have found two non-prescription sleep aids that work for me. One is Midnite and the other is Seditol. I prefer these to Melatonin because upon awakening, I don’t get the groggy feeling that accompanies Melatonin.

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