Easy Weight Loss for Busy Mums – Exclusive Interview With Author Rachel Swann

If you are a busy mum trying to lose weight, take heart, as Rachel Swann will share with us how mothers can lose weight despite their busy schedules.

Rachel is the go-to resource for busy moms who want to lose weight.  She spent most of her adult life yo-yo dieting and finally lost 2 dress sizes and kept it off when she discovered that her mind was keeping her overweight not her food.  She has spent her entire working life working with moms and children and has also worked elsewhere in the weight loss industry before discovering her own system and setting up her own weight loss coaching business at www.beautifulswans.com

1.    Why do you name the book “Easy Weight Loss for Busy Mums” and what is the motivation behind writing this book?

My business is all about serving mums (and moms) who have gained weight and are struggling to find time for themselves and their weight loss effort.  Losing weight in a traditional way, with a diet club and separate food isn’t something that you want to be doing when you have a whole family to feed.  Finding time to make it to the gym can be time that you just don’t have.  This is an easy and simple way of tweaking your life in order to fit the weight loss in around your family.  I wrote it because I am a working mum of 3 and I had to find a way to lose weight around my kids and their commitments.

2.    Your book states that there is a proven way to lose weight without any of the hassle associated with fitting a diet or system into your life, could you explain why and how?

Losing weight successfully is all about mindset.  You can do anything with the right mindset but so many diets engender exactly the wrong one.  Any system with a banned food list or a too much too soon approach is not going to work long term and you won’t keep your weight off.  This is a whole reworking of your habits around food, not a diet.  It’s about finding solutions to the difficulties you have and fitting your new habits around your life, not the other way around.

3.    What are your thoughts about the causes of obesity in America?

I think that portion control is very important and learning to trust your own body.  You very rarely actually need as much food as you think you do and we learn to override our ‘full signal’ very early on in life.   Refocusing on our own bodies and eating smaller portions is the key.  When that is combined with a wide variety of fresh non processed foods you really can’t go wrong.

4.    As a busy mom, what are the challenges you encounter in losing and maintaining weight? How do you overcome them?

The biggest factor in losing weight as a mom is time.  Time for cooking, time for exercising and time to be a person.  I am very time ‘aware’ and use it very carefully.  I cook double sized meals and freeze half to save time and I ‘fit in’ exercise and work.  I am motivated to be me and the happier I am as a person the better I am at achieving my goals – whatever they are.

5.    What were the two positive aspects of this weight loss program?

Discovering time for myself and realizing that losing weight is not complicated or difficult.

6.    What differentiates “Easy Weight Loss for Busy Mums” from the gaggle of diet programs currently on the market?

There is no list of banned foods, and there is no need to eat separate foods.  It is specifically designed for mums / moms and it allows you to put other people’s needs before your own.  It has no weird science behind it, no protein shakes, no fasting.  It is about eating sensibly and exercising. With the book you have access to coaching with me via social media included.  I am here to support and coach anyone who buys the book.

7.    Besides losing weight, what other benefits should a person expect to derive following “Easy Weight Loss for Busy Mums”? Is it for everyone?

I would hope that moms would become happier with themselves in general.  The mindset and positive thinking can work for all aspects of your life, not just weight loss.  But, if you’re the kind of person who’s not prepared to try new things or open your mind it won’t be for you.  You have to be open to the book because it blasts the traditional way of losing weight on its head.

8.    How do you motivate those moms who are struggling to lose weight and what are the ways to ditch this yo-yo dieting habits?

The first thing to do to ditch yo-yo dieting is to make a very permanent resolution NEVER to go on a diet again. Period. Then you decide to eat the food that your body wants, to taste it thoroughly and to always eat to your own appetite, never more and never less.  Once you have that in place and a better way of thinking, you begin to see the weight come off.  My clients are happier and have strategies in place to motivate themselves.  I teach them to use these motivational strategies when things get tough and to help themselves.

9.    What are the difficult aspects for a person to switch from their normal diet to “Easy Weight Loss for Busy Mums”? Could you share some of the experiences that your clients have gone through with the diet? (if it’s not confidential)

The hardest part is to believe that they can eat whatever they want and to get rid of the ‘bad food’ list in their heads.  This is the biggest barrier to their success.  My clients are actually amazed at the difference they ‘feel’ around food and how much more relaxed they become around food.  They struggle with the concept of letting go of the things they have been told before ( and the conflicting advice that is around with regard to weight loss).

10.    As there are readers and subscribers who are struggling to lose weight to help them shed the fats, do you have anything specific or advice that you want to say for them?

The biggest key to weight loss is your mindset.  Whether you are following a diet or using something like my system, the key is to get your head in gear.  Always look for the silver lining and never allow a small setback to throw you completely off course.  You have the power in side of you and you need to use it!


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