Why You Should Be Using Coconut Oil

When you think of coconuts, you might find yourself imagining a cool, relaxing drink on a sunny day on the beach or even shapely women parading around in coconut shell swimwear. Chances are, you won’t find yourself thinking of good and healthy living.

Though it may be surprising to most people, coconuts produce, among a slew of other diverse products, a kind of cooking oil that is much better for your health and well-being than the run-of-the-mill butter or vegetable oils that you might ordinarily use.

Some people, in fact, even have the wrong notion that coconut oil is worse for your cholesterol levels due to some outdated beliefs and misinformation.  It would be beneficial for us to learn exactly what’s what when it comes to this amazing oil.

A Very Nutty History

In the history of coconut oil use, it is made evident that coconut oil is valued in countless different areas, spanning the globe from Asia to the Americas to Africa, consumed and utilized in numerous ways. However, by the 1950’s, the United States of America began encountering the rapidly rising problem of the spread of heart disease among its citizens.

In an effort to stem the alarming increase of heart attacks and other coronary illnesses, some scientists and researchers at the time came to the conclusion that saturated fats, which coconut oil is replete with, led to the increase of one’s cholesterol levels while polyunsaturated fats, found in corn, soy, and sunflower seed oils, were better for your health. This led to the promotion, in part due to the burgeoning corn and soy bean industry, of polyunsaturated fats over saturated fats.

The truth of the matter is that the saturated fats that can be found in coconut oil have not been conclusively determined to lead to a rise in a person’s cholesterol levels. Neither have they been proven to endanger people by increasing the risk of heart disease. In fact, it can even be argued that staying away from regular use of coconut oil does not actually help in safeguarding people’s health. By not partaking of coconut oil, diets are actually worsened and the risk of suffering from heart attacks and other coronary ailments is actually increased.

If you’re still skeptical, there is one way to easily determine the truth about whether coconut oil is bad for you or not. In terms of simple comparison, one can readily argue that if coconut oil were bad for you, then the entire populations of people who use coconut oil should be extremely vulnerable and stricken with heart disease, right? However, this is decidedly not the case as these populations are not only just as healthy as non-coconut oil using people, but are, in fact, usually even healthier.

The Benefits and Boons of Coconut Oil

It may not be initially obvious, but there are some very important differences in the types of saturated fats that are available to us. The saturated fats that can be found in coconut oil can be classified as “Medium Chain Triglycerides.” This means that the fats do not remain for long in your system and are usually almost immediately brought to the liver and converted into energy for your use. This can greatly boost your metabolism, helping you maintain a healthy weight and strengthen your body.

Additionally, coconut oil is an ideal source of omega-3 fatty acids. Though one might be inclined to think that any kind of “omega acid” is good for you, the truth is that it is still unhealthy for your body to have too much of a certain omega acid and not enough of another kind. A balance, thus, still needs to be kept. Most of the time, our bodies are lacking in omega-3 acids, which is exactly what coconut oil can provide us.

Its ability to resist oxidation also makes coconut oil decidedly recommendable for cooking processes that require high temperatures, such as frying. This ability is essential to your health because the process of oxidation allows unhealthy chemicals (known as free radicals, which accelerate the destruction and aging of our cells) to be released into your system from the food that you eat.

Due to the speed in which the saturated fats of coconut oil are turned into energy, another unexpected benefit that using coconut oil can provide is that it actually helps manage Type 2 Diabetes. This is made possible by strengthening one’s insulin sensitivity. In addition to this, coconut oil also assists in soothing and lessening indigestion due to some of its anti–microbial properties.

Even when you’re done with your main course, coconut oil can help you stay fit and healthy by easing your sweet tooth and encouraging you to avoid unnecessary and unhealthy sugars, fats, and calories. This is because coconut oil can also be used to make tasty and satisfying desserts that are perfect for capping up your daily meals.

If your sugar craving becomes extreme and insatiable, you could even consume just a teaspoon of coconut oil because the oil is of such good quality that it becomes more satisfying and filling than eating sugar. By doing this, you can slowly wean yourself off from an unhealthy dependence on sugar and the slew of health and body problems that come along with it, and at the same time, avoid risking diabetes and other dangerous diseases.

With all the benefits and positive side effects that coconut oil has on your body, you might joke around that you should just shower yourself in coconut oil to soak up all of the goodness it offers. Mind you, even this joke has some truth in it as you can even rub virgin coconut oil, with no additives, on your skin and you’ll see the lines and stretch marks fade away, leaving your skin with a youthful and energetic glow. Coconut oil doesn’t even stop there, as it can be used as an extremely relaxing and cleansing massage oil, as well.

Go Nuts with Coconuts

Hopefully, arming yourself with accurate information regarding coconut oil has convinced you that coconut oil isn’t nearly as bad as its old reputation made it appear. Now you know that coconut oil offers so many benefits to you and your health and that using it in all its wonderful forms is just too good to pass up. Don’t let advertising agencies and the food industry dictate what kind of food you put in your body. Find out for yourself just how truly good coconut oil can be!

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32 responses to “Why You Should Be Using Coconut Oil”

  1. Eugene Gauggel Avatar
    Eugene Gauggel

    The Polynesians and jungle people of South America are many steps ahead of us in this regard. Some years ago there was a case of a man with AIDS who, as a last resort, went to the Amazon to see if the indigenous folks could help. Along with their regular diet, they fed him half a coconut every day and he got better.

  2. Cass Mack Avatar
    Cass Mack

    I use coconut oil in all of my baking, but found that it lends to a coconut flavor when used in cooking. Not too appealing.
    Thanks for all of the information

  3. d Avatar

    or Avocado oil…same high smoke point as coconut oil and better for you.

  4. brenda Avatar

    I had been looking for this information. My CHO levels have always been fine, until recently when I began adding coconut oil to my diet to help me with weight loss. I think this is telling me that it is alright for me to continue and possibly it is my weight that is doing it.

  5. Maureen Matovic Avatar
    Maureen Matovic

    I can not lose weath. I go to weight watchers, but cant stay on this for long, and it all comes back. I use olive oil for everthing. I have been going for years like this, lose 37lb then its all back

    1. jan Mergener Avatar
      jan Mergener

      Are you really watching ALL sugars, from fruit, and other refined sources. I think that WW allows too much sugar. healthy sugar amount is 25 grams a day, and it doesn’t take long to get that much. Good luck.

  6. E Avatar

    To Cass Mack’s response: there is a coconut oil which the coconut flavor and scent have been removed, it is not hard to find.

  7. Colleen Avatar

    I use EVO for salads and coconut oil for everything else; baking, cooking and even have replaced it as my go to for toast, eliminating butter/margerine all together. I disagree with another comment that mentioned it lends coconut flavor to cooking; I do not find that to be the case at all, even when using as a spread, there is no coconut flavor. I especially love using CO when cooking eggs for breakfast. 🙂

  8. Kate Green Avatar
    Kate Green

    Coconut oil is great in all my cooking. It has a very light smell of coconut, which smells really good to me.

    I like it in my cakes, makes them moist and my friends really like them. Carrot cake is really good with coconu oil, and I feel healthier using coconut oil.

    Also use it on my lips when they get dry. Works great and smells good at the same time. 🙂

    1. Buffy Avatar

      I also love evo no oil like this pricy but worth it

  9. Richard McHenry Avatar
    Richard McHenry

    Great article.I use coconut,organic coldpressed.

  10. Moreen Brandford Avatar
    Moreen Brandford

    Thanks for the wonderful information. I will share it with my friends and family

  11. Denise Avatar

    I just used the last bit from my first jar of unrefined coconut oil and recommend it highly for dry skin and hair. This has replaced my hot oil treatments for my processed hair and can honestly say I am throughing out any other lotions, oils and creams on my beauty shelf. This is by far the most useful, healthlful and undoubtedly best moisturizer I have ever used at a fraction of the cost I have been spending on all these products combined. Nature is Good.. Yah?

  12. Natacha Avatar

    i’ve stopped using any other oil except coconut for months now! I use it from the inside out, top to bottom. in other words, I use it on my hair, skin, and in every food that I cook.
    i have converted many others, in part to their love for my food and my always revealing the secret ingredient: coconut oil.

    The fact that it’s a solid at room temp is the only frustration I sometimes have.
    However, I am a true convert!

  13. Diane Fischer Avatar
    Diane Fischer

    Use the coconut oil to pop my popcorn…the best ever, and to sauté brussels sprouts and carrots/ zucchini together. Yum!

  14. Buffy Avatar

    I am a coco nut on skin hair eat it swish my mouth with it cook did I say I love it ? lol it is fabulous

  15. Buffy Avatar

    to eat
    i use nutivia manna omg i can eat the whole jar a tablespoon a day in the morning gives u energy along with all the other good qualities you have to nourish with in to see outwards results

  16. anne Avatar

    Actually butter, in particular, grass fed, organic butter, is very good for you, and cholesterol causing heart disease is a myth. Cholesterol is the bodies defense system against inflammation and it is there to stop arteries from bursting when they weaken due to poor diet. Plaques in arteries are defense response, and not the cause of the problem. Cholesterol is necessary for proper brain and hormonal function. There has actually never been a proven scientific link between cholesterol numbers and heart attacks, including death from heart attacks and strokes. Inflammation is the key, sugars, refined carbs, acidic foods, are among the main cause of too much acid in the blood. Not to be confused with stomach acid, which in necessary for good digestion. Coconut oil is stable at medium heat, not high. Peanut oil is best for high heat cooking. But olive oil takes heat better than olive oil.

  17. anne Avatar

    *excuse my typos, I meant body’s defense.

  18. anne Avatar

    But coconut oil is amazing for you health. I use it for oil pulling every day, as a body and face moisturizer and eat at least a spoonful every day.

  19. Robert N Avatar
    Robert N

    Coconut oil is a saturated fat solid at room temperature High concentrations of saturated fat can be found in meat, organs, full-fat dairy products, butter, lard, and cheese. Prepared meats and deli products are quite high in saturated fat, as well. The feeling is that the intake of saturated fat can increase inflammation and LDL (low density lipoprotein) production in the liver, setting the stage for the development of atherosclerosis. What to eat healthy follow the Mediterranean diet plan.

  20. Ukachukwu Avatar

    Have you considered that coconut and all its by-products are not good/allowed for people of Blood Group A? A Book Diet and Nutrition made this very clear. Are our Nutritionists in disarray on issues like this? Please make things clearer and let’s face the facts. Thanks for all you do.

    1. Assunta Avatar

      Would like to hear more about the reason for blood group A being different than the other groups when it comes to certain foods please

  21. betty Avatar

    Fabulozo yo preparo mi aceite de coco para mi piel y me encanta cocinar con el sobretodo mis postres se los recomiendo

  22. Travis Avatar

    My wife and I cannot stand using Coconut oil. I had found one that didn’t have much flavor, but I found a 2 pack at Costco and tried cooking something with it and all we could taste was coconut. We both hate coconut with a passion. For may, it may even be an allergen, not sure, I just get nauseous thinking about the smell of it. I have the same reaction to pork grease. A long time ago my mom had told me reactions to certain greases like that are signs of gall bladder issues. But, so far, my gall bladder is fine, I just can’t stand certain oils, coconut and pork fat are the top two contenders that make me sick to my stomach. (I also can’t stand coconut on anything… Just the smell is enough to make me sick.).

    I’ve used peanut oil, but for routine cooking that gets expensive too.. Same with almond oil. The most inexpensive is around olive and canola oil.

    None extra virgin olive oil has a different taste to it, most likely olive taste… So, not sure what other oils would be healthy to cook with. 🙁

  23. sac neal Avatar
    sac neal

    maybe you didn’t know but mct oil is made of coconut, mct stands for medium chain triglycerides, has no taste goes straight to your liver for energy, make you lose body fat also, take regular coconut oil and if your teeth are not bright and white, each night before bed rub your teeth with coconut soon you will see those teeth white again, take a couple table spoons every day and swish it around in your mouth for a minute it will leach out the toxins in your body

  24. sac neal Avatar
    sac neal

    now you gonna gag about high heat frying, but the best thing to fry with is lard will not hurt you and makes the best pie shells there is and best fried chicken you have ever eaten, its natural, but must be the form that is rendered and brown in color with oil on top of the lard that is pure lard

  25. Stan Roberts Avatar

    I had a quadruple bypass 23 years ago so I am always looking for the right oils when cooking, at the moment I’m using grape oil. What is your opinion on that I hope I’m doing the right thing, by the way I’m 87 years young.

  26. Speedy Avatar

    Ok CO may be good because of the omega 3 but let us stop and think. They have finally figured out that your body actually needs animal fat. Let see butter made from fresh sweet cream has no refinements and adds great flavor to your toast baking and frying eggs. Whole milk not the kind you buy from the grocery store but the farm fresh contain the cream your body need. Cream is the fatty part of milk you need. The store bought milk has had all or a little cream left in it. Even what they call whole milk. Not good for you especially if you have IBS. I use to drink farm fresh milk and loved it. I can’t find fresh milk any more because of EPA regulation. I try to drink this homogenized milk from the store and I can’t stay out of the bathroom. Now for the other one you have been lied to about ever since the sixty’s ( by the way I was born in 1962 so I do know my facts because where I live is farming and ranching country the the EPA has stopped most of our way of life. ) Lard ! Now I know a lot of you are going what is that. And a bunch of you are going that is nothing but pure fat. Yes it is. You can make it yourself from hog fat. And some is made from beef fat. I recommend beef fat in eating steak , and roast. It cooks down to a clear fat which believe it or now is a healthy form of fat. read next comment.

  27. Speedy Avatar

    I know my punctuation is not the best . And my spelling is not the best. Helps to proof read. LOL. Now for the hog fat. For centuries hogs have been used for the fat because you can cook down the fat and cook any thing in it. It also gives your baked goods that flavor we all came to enjoy as a kid in cookies, breads, pies and the number one of them all. BACON! Now who dose not love Bacon. In my opinion you are nuts if you don’t like bacon. Even if you don’t like it for breakfast I bet you put in in your salads along with mushrooms, tomatoes, cheese, onion, radishes, sunflower seeds, There are all kind of goodies I can go on about that you put in your salads that are good for you. I can tell you a dirty little secret that the cheese industry dose not want you to know. A lot of your sliced grated cheeses is any where from 75 – 98 percent glue. Horns and horse hooves. Same thing we tell our kids not to eat. Ever fix a grilled cheese sandwich and the cheese wont melt? that is why. Beef fat or hog fat is used in soaps we have been using for years. Bet you didn’t know that. Beef fat and hog fat help get rid of the bad cholesterol by collecting bad cholesterol and helps it be possessed by the liver and flushed out of you. Sientes finally figured this out a few years back. They have been lying to us for forty years. Put flavor back into your cooking. I agree too much bacon causes heartburn. But you got to love it.

  28. Speedy Avatar

    I’m not trying to say you shouldn’t follow her advice on this. I love coconut. I never knew you got oil from them. Milk yes and yummy flacks.

  29. Jerome Mccants Avatar
    Jerome Mccants

    It’s the best oil

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