Which Multivitamins Do You Eat? Avoid These Multivitamins…

In these modern times, it has become increasingly rare for people to eat balanced and nutritious meals daily. In order to meet the demands of our fast paced lives, we seek fast solutions to meet our daily requirements for food and nutrition. Often we grab whatever convenient package of food we can find and run out the door instead of sitting down to a balanced home cooked meal.

At other times, we go through a drive thru to suffice our hungry bellies. There are even days when we are so busy that it becomes nearly impossible to stop and eat. This leaves us undernourished and lacking essential vitamins and nutrients.

Just as packaged and processed food became the perceived solution to busy lives, multivitamins are quickly becoming what people reach for in order to increase the essential vitamins and nutrients that “fast” food lacks. The sources of mainstream health information support the notion that we should be taking multivitamins daily to enhance our well-being and make up for incomplete nutrient intake.

On the surface, this seems like reasonable advice and it may be IF you are taking the right multivitamins. Through further investigation of multivitamins, it is clear that not all multivitamins are helping your body and many that you believe are healthy, could be detrimental.

The reason for this is that not all multivitamins are created equally. Currently, there are numerous brands and blends of multivitamins available but there are generally two different ways they are manufactured…using either synthetic vitamins or natural vitamins made from real, whole foods.

The most common types of multivitamins available and prescribed in the mainstream health industry are synthetic multivitamins. These are the bad guys.

Synthetic Multivitamins

First of all, the vitamins that make up these multivitamin formulas are mere isolated components of their naturally occurring counterparts. This is important because our bodies are not made for using vitamins in isolation, but instead are meant to have vitamins and other minerals working together to create a balanced effect. Therefore, when you take a synthetic multivitamin made up of many singular parts of each vitamin, your body must make up the difference in order to derive any effect from the vitamins.

This is especially problematic if your body is lacking any of the other components necessary to utilize the vitamin. If this is the case, it will simply eliminate the isolated component after it is processed through your system.

Often these synthetic vitamins have beneficial effects when you first begin taking them, but only because your body may have stored the other components necessary for this interaction. But this will not last long and soon those synthetic supplements will have further depleted your system of important nutrients. In other words, when you take synthetic vitamins you are either causing your body to use up precious reserves of vitamins in order to absorb them or you are wasting your time and money and deriving no benefit whatsoever.

But that’s not all…Synthetic vitamins are often made with toxic substances! Some common substances used to create synthetic vitamins are petroleum extracts, sodium selenite, coal tar derivatives, and hydrogenated sugar. These substances would never be recommended by a health care expert as a part of a nutritious diet. Yet, they are commonly ingested by the millions who take vitamin supplements as per recommendations from these aforementioned experts. When taken in large doses, or over a long period of time, these synthetic substances may even cause cancer and other diseases, which is the opposite of why people take them.

It’s a misrepresentation for manufacturers to even refer to these synthetic substances as “vitamins” because they are not complete in their structure like true vitamins found in nature. Synthetic is often defined as something that is artificial or manmade while the definition of vitamin is a group of organic compounds found in nature and essential to the growth and nutrition of a healthy human. There’s really very little difference in eating chemical laden processed foods and taking toxic synthetic multivitamins, and you will certainly not be able to counteract the effects of a bad diet with equally bad vitamin supplements.

Yet, the idea behind taking multivitamins in order to supplement the lack of minerals in your diet is not futile. I mentioned that there are also natural vitamins produced from real foods found in nature. Let’s take a closer look at these.

Natural whole food vitamins are actually made from the concentrated whole food that contains the vitamin and all of the important components needed by the body in order to derive the positive benefits. These whole food vitamins will provide certain nutrients that you may not get from your daily food intake. They will not deplete your body of other nutrients when you take them because they are whole, just as the name states.

How to Identify the Source of Your Multivitamins

You can identify high-quality, whole food vitamins and supplements by looking closely at the ingredients on the label. You want to find products that use whole foods and you want them in their most natural state. The less it is processed and refined, the better the quality of the product.

Often you can tell if the vitamins are made from food by a label that reads “100% Food” or by finding the “food source” list on the label because if the vitamin is made from food it will say so. If you want to identify specific whole food vitamins, you can look on the label to find foods containing those vitamins. An example would be finding acerola cherry powder or any citrus fruits on the ingredients of a supplement containing vitamin C. If the ingredients list mentions carrots, then you know you have a food source of vitamin A! Whole food multivitamins should have yeast, therefore do not buy any that say they contain no yeast because it will be synthetic.

It is also beneficial to know the different names for the chemicals that make up food vitamins and non-food vitamins. In foods containing vitamin C the primary chemical is ascorbate, but in synthetic vitamins this is referred to as ascorbic acid or sodium ascorbate.

Here’s an example of a vitamin C that derived from sodium ascorbate –

Also, vitamin A/betacarotene is called retinyl esters or mixed carotenoids in whole food form, but called acetate or palmitate on the label of synthetic vitamin A. When you see words such as acetate or chloride, or any words ending in “ate” or “ide,” this means the vitamins are synthetic because they are made using different forms of salt in order to increase the stability of the vitamins. Take note if you see “dl” in front of an ingredient because this always means that the vitamin is synthetic.

Vitamins to avoid may state on the label that they have ‘pharmaceutical grade nutrients’ or that they contain USP vitamins. If you see words on the label of a multivitamin that you do not recognize and there is no list of foods that provide the vitamins, put it back on the shelf. Vigilantly inspect labels in order to navigate through the deceptive world of synthetic vitamins to find whole food vitamins that will benefit your health and not waste your money or do harm to your body.

Do not be fooled by the word “natural” on vitamins and supplements. This word is not regulated. This is also a good rule to know for any food you buy that has the word natural on the packaging.

There may be some natural components to these products, but the word is used as a marketing scheme for companies to convince people their products are healthy and safe choices. And, unfortunately, this is often not the case.

In addition to whole food vitamins and supplements, the best way to receive the nutrients to keep your body healthy is to include whole organic foods in your diet. These will provide the vitamins your body needs from your daily meals. If you eat nutrient rich whole foods you will have to spend less time worrying about what vitamins to take. It’s great to supplement your diet with whole food vitamins based on individual needs rather than as a way to make up for not eating healthful foods.

Another recommended way to get all the necessary vitamins via a natural way is by getting Energize Max. Energize Max is a green superfoods mixture that is formulated to give you maximum nutrition and nutrients.

Click on this link to find out more about Energize Max >> Energize Max

About the Author:

Emma Deangela is the best selling author of The Alkaline Diet Program and 80/20 Fat Loss. She has helped over tens of thousands of men and women to lose weight and transform their health with sound nutrition advice.

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95 responses to “Which Multivitamins Do You Eat? Avoid These Multivitamins…”

  1. jeanne Avatar

    how would you know if a vitamin is natural or not could you please advice thanks Jeanne

    1. admin Avatar

      Hi Jeanne, the article does mention how you can identify if a vitamin is natural or not based on the ingredients.

      1. Janelle Diters Avatar

        I have financial issues right now, many of these vitamins are cost prohibitive for me. If you know of any that are food based and reasonably priced please let me know.

        1. Marvin L. Zinn Avatar
          Marvin L. Zinn

          I also have the financial problem. For three years I had to limit my food to one dollar per meal (not including what I raise in my garden). But I research all ingredients and recognize that the wrong quality (not organic food) and source of supplements would require more expense for medical care. Social security pays 30% more than the job I had, so I can buy more food now, but only the healthiest products, and continue to take the best quality supplements.

    2. donald Avatar

      Jeanne you want to look for a whole foods vitamin. It will state this on the bottles label.

  2. Vicki Avatar

    A list of vitamin brands that are healthy (not synthetic) would be very helpful! Do you have a list of approved multivitamins and supplements?

    I use Garden of LIfe for my greens supplements and for my daily vitamins. I feel like this brand can be trusted but it would be nice to have confirmation!

    1. Ricky Avatar

      Need a list of approved natural vitamins

      1. James Guidry Avatar
        James Guidry

        Need to know what list of natural vitamin

    2. Joanne Avatar

      All natural plant based vitamins and supplements

  3. ma Avatar

    You never mentioned HVP – hydrolyzed vegetable protein. This is very close to MSG from what I understand, and those who are allergic to MSG could potentially have an allergic attack??
    If this is true as I’ve come to believe from many sources, than the public should become aware of what they are putting into their bodies!

    1. Mary Avatar

      I am allergic to both MSG AND HVP and my doctors say they are closely related, so it highly likely that if you are allergic to one you would be allergic to the other as well.

  4. Susan Avatar

    I have taken Shaklee vitamins for years, but just read label and for Vitamin A it contains 75% as beta carotene from Blakeslea trispora and 25% as vitamin A acetate; and Vitamin C as calcium ascorbate and as ascorbic acid (Just a couple of examples). Are you familiar with Shaklee, and if so, any thoughts on quality? Thanks!

  5. Brian Avatar

    I would very much like to second Vicki’s remark, that some recommendations of specific brands would be awfully helpful. I don’t know if the author is free to make that kind of recommendation, but if so it would be a gift.

  6. debbie sellers Avatar

    my eye doctor wants me to take a multivitamin for Macular degeneration…What is the best multivitamin i should buy..

    1. Gyla Avatar

      If this doctor did not sell you a patented vitamin, it will not do you any good. There is a vitamin that stops MD and can help reverse it, but you can not buy it over the counter. Most doctors do not carry it, especially Opthomogists, it is all about money.
      I can help you if you reply to me!

      1. LM Avatar

        My aunt has MD. What vitamin can stop it and what brand, etc? Thank you.

      2. Jill Avatar

        I would like to know more about MD vitamins. My dad is turning 90 and is blind in one eye and the other one is going quickly. He has been told he injections aren’t helping anymore, but they did for years. He is with Johns Hopkins – and you don’t get much better than that. Please advise what you suggest. Thanks.

        1. JOSEPH MATEW Avatar
          JOSEPH MATEW

          he is missing a certain nutrition from his diet….. what has he been eating for the last few years…?

      3. Janelle Diters Avatar

        I am 65 and take multi vitamins but I also am having eye problems. Can yoiu give me info on the product to stop MD?

        1. Sharon Avatar

          My father has wet AMD. His doctors recommend Preservision by Bousch and Lomb. These vitamins will not cure MD, but have been used in clinical trials and show 22% improvement.

          The main ingredients are Lutien and Zeathyn(might be misspelled–sorry)

        2. JOSEPH MATEW Avatar
          JOSEPH MATEW

          try pure safron, 2 -3 x per week, boil it as a tea

          1. Sandy Peterson Avatar
            Sandy Peterson

            My Dad is 91, he basically takes a lot of supplements and vitamins daily, he has myastenia gravis, and I can see his site is getting worse, and his voice is high sound, how much Safron do you put in the cup of tea? Do you have any suggestions to stop the progress of myasthenia gravis?
            Thank you.

      4. Liz Avatar

        Hi Gyla,
        I”ve just read your letter of 21.6.14, and would dearly love to know the name of your vitamin that stops Macular Degeneration.
        Is it the wet or dry MD that it helps, or doesn’t it matter which one in this case?
        Western Australia

        GylaJun 21, 2014 at 9:41 pmReply

        If this doctor did not sell you a patented vitamin, it will not do you any good. There is a vitamin that stops MD and can help reverse it, but you can not buy it over the counter. Most doctors do not carry it, especially Opthomogists, it is all about money.
        I can help you if you reply to me!

      5. Joan White Avatar
        Joan White

        I would like the name of the vitamin that can stop MD and help reverse it

      6. debi Avatar

        My mom has MD and I would love to know where to get the vitamin/

      7. marsha Avatar

        I am interested in finding out which multivitamin stops MD and can help reserves it..my Dad is 90 and has had DRY MD for 3 years the doc says it is contained and will not spread…what is your background and advice?

      8. Marianne Avatar

        My doctor also has diagnosed me with Macular degeneration!
        He told me to take AREDS 2 by Preser Vision. Is this the best I can do? I am VERY concerned.
        I am grateful for any advice you can send to me.

  7. Ricky Avatar

    Centrum vitamins, popular and most used, synthetic on natural.?

    1. Elizabeth Avatar

      Definitely synthetic!

  8. Ricky Avatar

    Just read the ingredients of Centrum Silver, ALL synthetic. Trusted this product for years, now looking for an alternative.
    Thanks for the info.

  9. BMG Avatar

    I would like a list of approved natural vitamins

  10. Kathi Avatar

    Yes, please list some recommended brands that are all natural.

  11. Colin Avatar

    I too would like a list of approved vitamins. I don’t understand why a list wasn’t provided and we readers must ask this way.

  12. Maxine Avatar

    this was very informative. I also would like to have a list of
    food vitamins. I have taken vitamins for years. I am requesting my doctor for a cellular blood test to check which ones I actually need. So far for me it has been like a guessing game for my needs.
    please send recommended brands.
    thank you

  13. susan wesley Avatar
    susan wesley

    Please tell me which vitamins to take!!! I’m lost except for the data you gave! Thanks for telling me about hydrolyzed vegetable protein=MSG as I know someone allergic to it,it gives them a headache!

  14. Susan Avatar

    Good information but, I agree with others, a list of trusted brands of “Whole Food” vitamins would be very helpful. If you can’t provide a list do you know of a trusted website that does?

  15. T. Lee Avatar
    T. Lee

    Sheesh, if you read the article she told you what to look for. There are hundreds of brands out there, and I would not expect the author to list them all (particularly in a free newsletter).

    You can easily find “Alive,” “New Chapter,” and “Megafood” brands as listing whole food ingredients, for example. I personally take one made by Emerald Laboratories. I find several at just Kroger’s nutition aisle and even more online. (New Chapter was recently bought out by Proctor & Gamble, so I no longer buy those. I also got my mother to stop using Centrum several years ago once I saw its label.) You can expect a good quality vitamin will not be cheap, either…like everything, you get what you pay for.

    The writer did the homework and gave you the info, all you have to do is go read the labels!

    1. A. Wespice Avatar
      A. Wespice

      If the article is correct, then Nature’s Way Alive! is indeed synthetic. In fact, the package front says multivitamin & whole food energizer, not whole food vitamins.

  16. Paul Avatar

    ANyone looking for a great multivitamin should look up a place called Lifestar. They make a complete multivitamin called Multiplex and even have a powder formula called Genesis Complex. I’ve taken both and depend on them!

  17. Jeanne Avatar

    What about Dr. Mercola multivitamin with minerals?

  18. Rhonda Avatar

    Has anyone ever tried “Juice Plus” ??? (not a juice)

    1. Peggy Avatar

      I have taken juice plus vitamins, both fruit and vegetables for about 6 years. They contain every recommended servings of fruit and vegetables. I suffered from a toxic reaction to acetaminophen and had multiple organ failure, then coma. Was in the hospital for almost 6 weeks. My drs don’t know why I’m alive. Has been almost 7 years, I will swear it’s the juice plus vitamins that has kept me alive. They are made up fresh and sent to me every 3 months. I have never felt better!

      1. Marvin L. Zinn Avatar
        Marvin L. Zinn

        I agree to read the labels! Sometimes I also have to research the ingredients. But the larger corporations who make (or buy the brand) are those I trust the least. I also refuse to buy something from advertisements because they lie to me.

        Even with a higher price, I trust better those sold in a health food store instead of grocery or drug store.

  19. Cynthia L Babcock Avatar
    Cynthia L Babcock

    I have a candida overgrowth and have been advised to stay away from yeast. What type of vitamin should I use?

    1. Kacy Avatar

      I had a friend with severe yeast infection and she had tried everything that multiple doctors had suggested for 3 months. My alternative doctor recommended I tell her to use use probiotic capsules inserted vaginally and within 2 days she was feeling better. I think she continued the course for about 10 days. Thanks to a careful diet and daily probiotics she has never had another issue.

      1. JOSEPH MATEW Avatar

        avoid cheese

    2. TJ Avatar

      I had to take a probiotic to counteract an allergic reaction to glucosamine (shellfish), and my naturopath Dr told me most probioitcs have no probioitics in them – but she found there was one for women called, Fem Dophilus by Jarrow that worked well. No refrigeration needed and once a day. No allergens and nonGMO, no gluten, wheat, soy, dairy, egg, peanuts or shellfish.

  20. KAREN D. Avatar
    KAREN D.

    I also have taken SHAKLEE BRAND FOR OVER 25yrs.
    I also am under the belief that they are whole food and do not have any COAL TAR products in them.
    Is this brand on your list of approved brands ?
    A list of approved brands would also be great!
    I hate to think I’ve trusted something for so long that is lacking true nutrition.
    Since I’m juicing 2 meals a day for life and longevity. I have gastroparesis and Small Bowel AVM’s that are currently not bleeding.
    Thank you for your website !

    1. TJ Avatar

      From what I’ve read, Shaklee is NOT Whole Food made. It’s best to eat plant based foods as your mainstay, some fats (nuts, seeds, healthy oils like olive oil, olives etc.), and lean meats if you’re a meat eater – cooked by baking, saute or any way other than frying.

      Dump wheat and sugar and drink lots of water.

      I take Ester C Vit C – it’s made with Ascorbate – the kind the article suggests (rather than ascorbic), and it’s got whole foods like Tangerine,Sweet Orange, Lime, Lemon Acerola etc.

      I also take Spirulina (NASA uses it for astronauts), and I take turmeric (with pepper), which is great for a myriad of things. I will dump my Alive for women over 50 vitamins because they have fake stuff in them, along with food stuff.

  21. Maybee Avatar

    Any eye opening information! I have been taken Rainbow light- women’s one (Food-Based) for years. Costs is about $38 but just discovered that it is synthetic going through the information provided above. I believe the Author is not allowed to recommend any particular brands but will surely pay attention to any multivitamins I pick up at the store. Thanks for the heads up.

  22. Janice W Avatar
    Janice W

    I have been taking Vemma for several months now as it also includes minerals. Feel better and even my arthritic joints don’t ache. A little expensive, but what isn’t.
    Always worth a try and you can order on line. Great product, liquid concentrate so absorbs very easily.

  23. Don Avatar

    I use Solgar vitamins. They are all natural and high quality. But they are a little more money.

  24. Penny Alexitch Avatar
    Penny Alexitch

    Dr. Bruce West, a well known holistic Dr, recommends in his news letters, Standard Process vitamins that are 100% whole food vitamins

  25. Beeverlee Avatar

    what do you think about GNC VITAMINS ?

    Also I am surprised to read about Cent rum being synthetic 🙁

  26. Richard Avatar

    Concerning man-made multivitamins, I do not believe that any medical studies have ever proven that any of those types of man-made multivitamins are worth the money—the science is just not there! They are a complete waste of your money. If you want better nutrition, they alone way to get that is through a proper diet. Man-made multivitamins are worthless. Where are the “legitimate” studies to prove my state wrong?

  27. Barbara Cuoco Avatar
    Barbara Cuoco

    I was so excited when I read Peggy’s comment about
    being on Juice Plus for 6 Years.
    My husband & I have been on it for almost 11 years. It is
    a whole food product. I have had one cold in 11 years as it
    boosts the immune system and can reverse many diseases.
    I am cancer survivor and wouldn’t go a day without it.
    I am 65 hrs. Old and have been able to come off my
    cholesterol meds and Fosamax after being on JP.

    1. Eleanor Avatar

      Hi Barb,

      I was on Fosamax for 10 years, then they came out with tests saying it’s not good for you. I ended up with osteoporosis, scoliosis, stenosis, osteoarthritis, & more.
      I had surgery on my spine (which didn’t help any) always in terrible pain. Now my knee needs to be replaced, & my spinal column is growing crooked & my bones in my neck . Seems like it’s all over my body, my hands & feet. I refuse to have any more surgery, I am 79 years old so what’s the use. Can you let me know where you get Juice Plus?
      I sure would appreciate it. I refuse to take any of their drugs so maybe the Juice Plus will help.
      Many thanks…Eleanor

  28. Lori Avatar

    As others have asked, what multi vitamins are recommended ?

    1. Dee Avatar

      I use 1/4 tsp turmeric in a glass of warm coconut milk with a pinch of black pepper. It helps the pain and inflammation of bones, muscles, tissue better than anything and wonderful on the stomach and liver.

  29. Antida DeBattista Avatar

    I tale NEW FORMULA, one a day for woman and I take , i take tsp of luqiud Calcium with Vit D3 and take Glucosamine60mg with Chondroitin 60mg everyday. i am over 70years. Do you think are good enough for me please?

  30. Patrick J DeFore Avatar
    Patrick J DeFore

    While I found the “comments” interesting, some replies from the author would’ve been nice/helpful.

  31. mary Avatar

    This article is a useful reminder. My body tells me I have more energy when I take vitamins daily.

  32. Valeria Aquil Avatar
    Valeria Aquil

    I read all labels before purchase. I do need a list of what brands are safe. Sometimes it takes a long time to shop.

  33. Lauren Avatar

    I’m confused. The author indicated that anything ending in “ate” is synthetic but yet the primary chemical is “ascorbate” in Vitamin C, which also ends in “ate.” Please re-read what she wrote and help me understand. Thank you!

  34. Ebonie Avatar

    Could someone please recommend me a good women’s vitamin that’s works well with Acid Reflux? I tried Centrum put it cramps my stomach and feel awful. Thanks

    1. Palma Avatar

      zantac—at a double or triple dosage, recommended by my doctor at the time, helped me in the past.

      1. Dee Avatar

        I started eating alkaline foods and no soda or caffeine to cure my refluxing.

  35. cheryl hoffman Avatar
    cheryl hoffman

    I agree that the author should comment. If she is going to push one supplement, then she should tell us about others. ALL of my supplements s a y “no yeast” and they are all very expensive and supposed to be top of the line. Something is not right here!

  36. Robert Williams Avatar
    Robert Williams

    I just examined the label of my Centrum Silver. It has MANY synthetics! Too *%#@&!!! many! I am throwing it in the trash as soon as I finish this “expose”.

  37. sahil Avatar

    hi i m 25 lean and low enery boy with standing and poor diet ,is optimen multivitamins gud for health

  38. Margaret Avatar


  39. Susan Avatar

    Is Centrum multivitamin a synthetic vitamin how about alive multivitamin is that a natural vitamin.

  40. sue Avatar

    My vitamins are doctor prescribed they are b6, b12, vitamin c and d. So I can’t read what’s in them. Help .

    1. JOSEPH MATEW Avatar

      hi go to your pharmacy and ask them to read the bottle, if they let you throw it in the garbage… sounds like its synthetic

  41. Angel Avatar

    Anyone that thinks they can eat properly today is so ignorant. You need to be keeping up with the heath news. Our food is loaded with chemicals and the seeds are not even natural, The meat is loaded with with chemicasl and growth harmones. Even if it says natural or pure , whatever you can’t trust what is said. The world has gotten so big and the government can’t check every fruit, vegetable and meat product in the stores. So much is passed alone to us. I have been taking Puritan Pride Vitamins for years with my health going down hill. I asked them if their vitamins and minerals are natural and they sent me a long letter stating yes their products are natural. Told me how long they had been in business and all about their labs. Well I just compared my Senior Multivitamin with your list and it is NOT NATURAL. It is synthetic…So this is the end of me believing anything told to me. I am throwing out all my vitamins. I think the only way you can get healthy food or vitamins is through a whole food store. It is questional if you can trust even them. A sign may say organic but who knows if the sign is telling the truth. Whole/organic foods are so expensive. The average senior on a fixed income can’t afford them. No one really cares about the seniors. Even the Drs think it is time for us to die. We have lived long enough. The only reason any of us is alive is the money. Big bucks are made from all our illnesses. The hospitals and Nursing homes are full and over flowing. I remember when I was young there was only one Nursing home in my town. Now there dozens and all full, Medicine hasn’t learned a thing about keeping us healthy. NOTHING… Mnay years ago I used GNC vitamins. I thought they were good. But now they have mainly turned in to a body building store. I give up…

    1. Glenda Avatar

      Angel, I agree with you 100% ! Never would have thought our world would come to this !

    2. Cheryl Livingston Avatar
      Cheryl Livingston

      Angel, I am 71 and couldn’t agree with you more. I almost feel like giving up but I think I will fire my doctor first. I have Diabetes 2 , IBS-D, Gout, Degenerative disk disease to name a few things. You have to try and fend for your self. I use myself as a guinea pig. If the vitamin or even raw food sends me into the bathroom I know there are chemicals (synthetics, pesticides, GMO, growth hormones) in them. I am too old to start a farm myself. Good luck!!!

  42. L.L. Dambrosi Avatar
    L.L. Dambrosi

    Any suggestions re vitamins or probiotics for IBS? Thank you.

    1. TJ Avatar

      I would suggest to stop eating wheat. Go to the bookstore or online and check out a book called, Wheat Belly, it’s by William Davis, M.D. – he’s a preventive cardiologist who found that wheat is not what it used to be before 1970 when they started messing with it in order to make money off of longer shelf life for breads. It causes all kinds of problems.

      Also, my son had severe ulcerative colitis for 15years. He was close to having half his colon removed when he decided to take control and just did a lot of research and found that diet worked. He quit eating glutens, additives, coloring, foods with hormones, sugars and even dairy at first. After 6 months, he was able to go off his meds (that only created high risks for other diseases) and he’s been free of UC for several years now. His Dr was astounded.

  43. Kelly Avatar

    I can say that I have a definite benefit from vitamins. I have heard bad things about liquids not being consistent. But Reviva or liquid life have both given me relief they say they are from fruits. I do not take regularly like I should. The first time I took one I had splitting fingertips and was told it was a vitamin deficiency. So I tried them my fingers healed in less then a week. But another side effect I had a sinus infection 5 months used 5 different antibiotics and none would cure had a doctors appointment for the 6th dose. The infection was gone in 3 days. That was 16 years ago. Have used them several times since and works every time in less then a week. Need to use regularly to prevent instead of treating afterwards.

  44. Jill Avatar

    As I am allergic to mushrooms (any type) I cannot have any suppliments with them in. Is there anything as good or near as Energize Max I could take Regards Jill

  45. Tracey witheridge Avatar
    Tracey witheridge

    It would be good to have a list of the ones that are not any good and a list of the good vitamins. I would appreciate this information as I do take vitamins and also have a B12 injection every 3 months, also take red krill oil, magnesium and caltrate. Thankyou.

  46. Mary Milton Avatar
    Mary Milton

    I would like a list of approved vitamins, please. Thank you

  47. gloria Cap Avatar
    gloria Cap

    Put 1/2 c vinegar.. If in 30 – 40 min the pill has not disintegrated, do not take it. You will expel it in your poop. Natrol Juice Festive is over the counter at Sams and online for a reasonable amount. I find it equals Juice plus. I recommend eating for nutrition and Dr. Joel Fuhrman has a book on Eating for Nutrition. If you feed your body properly, it will heal itself. He is not a strict vegan or vegetarian. Yes you can have dessert, meat, fish, and other things. If you eat 85% healthy, then you can cheat and it won’t make a big difference. Good luck all. Remember, you don’t have to be a small size to be healthy. You have to be healthy. You can be any size and be very healthy. Just saying.

    1. TJ Avatar

      Great advice. Thank you!

  48. Carlo Bonobo Avatar
    Carlo Bonobo

    All the studies referred to as to preventing cancer in this article were done with most people in them taking generic multis with synthetic ingredients. On the other hand, no large studies have been done with exclusively naturally sourced multis. Keep that in mind before you get too worried.

  49. Millie Ayers Avatar
    Millie Ayers

    For those looking for relief from reflex or heartburn as we used to call it. My husband goes to the refrigerator and gets a piece of Celery and eats it, Works every time unless he has drank a cup of coffee in the last few minutes.

    1. TJ Avatar

      wow, that’s good to know – my boyfriend get it a lot. Thanks!

  50. Joel Avatar

    Why hasn’t anyone mentioned Forever living products. Are the products synthetic or natural as they claim.

  51. Andreas Avatar

    What about GNC….! I just started taking elite physique and it has a multi in it says 50% beta- carotene 50% acetate… why?

  52. Betty moran Avatar
    Betty moran

    Pain and inflammation with joints and spinal curvature

  53. Wiletha Mitchell Avatar
    Wiletha Mitchell

    I need the name of the vitamin for MD

  54. marel Avatar

    Food-Based Multivitamins

    What they are: Vitamins combined with powdered whole foods. “The manufacturers basically break down vegetables, fruits, and other food ingredients, add vitamins, and formulate that into capsules,” explains Preeti Kulkarni, a naturopathic doctor in Los Gatos, California.

    Benefits: Less chance of stomach upset. “Since you’re combining the vitamins with real food,” says Kulkarni, “they will be absorbed better and shouldn’t cause gastric distress.” In fact, it’s even OK to take this kind of multi on an empty stomach. Try New Chapter Organics Only One ($50 for 90 tablets, newchapter.com for stores).

    Keep in mind: Despite the name, the vitamins you’re getting aren’t necessarily more natural; often they’re the same synthetically produced versions as in basic multis.

  55. Stacy Avatar

    If I eat a carrot and take a Vit A supplement at the same time, how can the body determine or differentiate if the combination is synthetic or natural?

  56. Max Fowler Avatar
    Max Fowler

    Food-based multivitamins: Pure Synergy Company.
    Look at their site. Most of their products are labeled
    Certified Organic and they use GMP.

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