What Really Eliminates Bad Breath?

Bad_breathHaving bad breath (or halitosis as it is also known) is a serious and embarrassing problem for many people. Often those who suffer from it are too embarrassed to seek help or advice on how to treat it.

What causes Bad Breath?

The first step to treating bad breath is understanding what really causes it.

It’s normal to have smelly breath from time to time if you have not brushed your teeth. But if you suffer from halitosis and have bad breath all the time then you probably have too many bad bacteria.

These are tiny anabolic bacteria that live in your mouth and digestive system (your gut). They feed on the proteins you eat. When they are digesting these proteins they create smelly sulphur compounds which give you bad breath. You have to brush your teeth and rinse your mouth out regularly to remove these smelly sulphur compounds, if you don’t your breath will just get worse and worse.

Having a dry mouth can make the sulphur problem worse. Usually the build-up of food smells and sulphur compounds is naturally rinsed from your mouth by your saliva, but if your mouth is dry there is no saliva to wash them away. So be aware of anything that dries out your mouth!

Don’t use mouth wash

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when dealing with bad breath is to use a conventional mouth wash. Regular mouth wash contains sodium chloride and alcohol. These two substances block the smell of the sulphur for a while, but they also make it easier to neglect proper oral hygiene. The use of conventional mouthwash together with irregular brushing is linked to oral cancer and rotting teeth!

Commercial mouth wash kills off all of the good bacteria inside your mouth along with the bad. You need good bacteria in your mouth and digestive system because they help you to digest your food and also help to control the bad anabolic bacteria which cause bad breath.

Mouth wash also only treats the symptoms of bad breath that originate in your mouth.

It does nothing to eliminate the sulphur causing bacteria in your gut.

Bad smells comes from your gut

One major cause of bad breath that is seldom treated is the anabolic bacteria living in your gut. You can brush your teeth and rinse your mouth as often as you like, but when the bad smell is actually coming from your gut, brushing alone won’t help you.

So what can you do about anabolic bacteria that create smelly sulphur compounds in your gut?

Take a look at your diet. There are certain foods that are high in sulphur compounds that make the situation worse and others that promote the anabolic bacteria that create smelly sulphur compounds.

If you are suffering from bad breath should avoid the following foods:

Avoid high sulphur foods such as onions, garlic, curry, broccoli, cabbage, beans, coffee, asparagus, crab and eggs, to name a few. These foods all add to the sulphur content already in your system and make the problem worse.

Avoid high protein foods like red meat, cheese, fish and dairy. These are the foods that the anabolic bacteria are converting into the sulphur compounds that make your breath stink. The more of them you eat, the more the bacteria have to convert.

Avoid refined sugar and carbs because these act as fuel to the bacteria. Eating highly refined foods accelerates the rate that the bacteria can metabolize at. That means that they are able to create smelly sulphur compounds in your gut even faster. Sweets, sugar, soda, sugar coated gum and mints, refined white flour in the form of white bread; biscuits and cake are foods that will make anabolic bacteria work faster.

Avoid acidic foods because bacteria reproduce faster in an acidic climate. Common acidic foods include tomato juice, pineapple, coffee, citrus, ready-made pasta sauces and sour sweets. By eating these foods you create an environment that is optimal for anabolic bacteria to breed in.


3 natural ingredients that get rid of bad breath

If you need a quick way of get rid of bad breath, these 3 foods can offer some help.

1) Parsley – This herb is rich in chlorophyll that can quickly neutralize the bad breath. Simply chew on  a sprig of parsley and let the herb works its magic.

2) Lemon – Lemon helps to stimulate saliva production which will help in getting rid of bad breath. Simply squeeze a fresh lemon ito a glass of water and gargle with it.

3) Peppermint oil – Majority of the toothpastes contain peppermint flavoring because peppermint has the ability to give the mouth a clean and fresh smell.

Don’t ignore bad breath!

It’s really important to treat the cause of bad breath from your gut. Not only because of the stink, but also because too many anabolic bacteria in your gut can harm your health. 80% of your immune system is in your gut, so if it is overloaded with anabolic bacteria your entire system could be at risk.

Don’t ignore bad breath. It is a sign that you might have digestive issues.

Go to the next page below and learn more on 3 gut-boosting tips that protect your digestive system.




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8 responses to “What Really Eliminates Bad Breath?”

  1. Jenny Avatar

    Other people eat everything and they have no bad breath. I’m interested in knowing what makes some people hold on to the bad bacteria that do cause bad breath. I think once we find that answer then they will be a possible CURE for bad breath. conventional medicine is quick to say “don’t eat this don’t do that” without looking at the root cause of the problem and I think your advise falls along that same line.

    1. Tracy Avatar

      The reason one suffers and others don’t is the good bacteria in their gut outweighs the bad, not allowing those “sulphur creating” bad bacteria to multiply significantly. A person who suffers from bad breath may have leaky gut syndrome and a toxic liver, accompanied with the reverse of what I described above. The article suggests that. They are only mentioning don’t eat this or that for those who suffer from this condition as it exaggerates the problem causing further embarrassment. If this isn’t your problem, eat what you want.

  2. mary Avatar

    …and sometimes, one just needs to floss and/or clean off the tongue!

  3. Don Avatar

    if i’d just eat parsley, lemon & peppermint oil,
    I might have nice-smelling breath,
    but i might starve to death . .

    1. Orrie Avatar

      Yes you will, Don!

  4. DAvid Avatar

    Study candida

  5. Linda Avatar

    How do I order this product? Is it still available. Please rush. Awaiting your answer.

  6. Janice Jacobs Avatar
    Janice Jacobs

    are you promoting something that gets rid of bad breath other than Lemon, peppermint oil & Parsley? if so please let me know. Thank you.

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