The Shocking Truth About Milk & Calcium

LandscapeA study by the Iowa Women’s Health discovered that women who drank more than one glass of milk per day had a 73% greater chance of suffering from ovarian cancer than women who drank none.

73% – are you kidding?

Read that again.

Nope. Not joking.

Consumption of cow’s milk is known to increase levels of IGF-1 in our bodies, however the Physicians Health Study (PHS) has also been performing some intensive research on what this does to our bodies. They performed a study of 21,660 men over a period of 28 years. They discovered that if men were drinking over 2.5 servings of cow’s milk per day, they were significantly more likely to suffer from prostate cancer and early death than those who drank less than 0.5 servings per day.

If this doesn’t shock you – it should.

We have been lied to, cheated and now we are being put at risk of cancers, diabetes and also putting our children at severe risk (I’ll get to that in a moment, it is truly awful).

Let me ask you something a bit personal, do you suffer from any problems such as acne or eczema, allergies, diarrhea or constipation, cramps, anemia or possibly even more serious, life threatening diseases?

Drinking cow’s milk is very likely the thing that is causing these problems, even though it is likely a shock to hear that. See, cow’s milk does have a purpose – it is designed to grow a baby calf from weighing as much as a human adult into about 5 times that within a year. As much as we want our children to grow up to be big and strong, cow’s milk is not the way to go. In addition, cow’s milk is heavily acidic, which creates a buildup of toxic acid in your body. This destroys the natural pH of your body and is part of the reason cow’s milk can be so detrimental to your health.

Here are just a few of the reasons why cow’s milk is something you should avoid like the plague:

1. You Have Been Lied To By People You Trust Most.

Think for a moment where we get all of our nutritional information from – as children all the way through to adults. Let’s be honest, not all of us are scientists, chemists and nutritionists, so we have to get our dietary information second hand.

We rely on schools as children, some of which provide “free” milk for the students. We rely on the government to provide us with that free schooling and education, we also rely on television and our parents. Most of our parents were never food scientists, so they have also relied on the same channels.

The dairy industry is worth almost $100 billion per year – you don’t think that they are going to get a bad name overnight do you? They have the power and money to “buy what you know”. They can tell governments what to do, they can give “free milk” to schools and instill in the education system that it is good for.  They have power, influence and they are able to buy whoever, and whatever they want to ensure that their product remains in the limelight.

2. Millions Of People Are Allergic To Cow’s Milk.

Dr Oski, M.D, author of 19 medical books and over 200 journals has been quoted saying “The majority of the world’s population is “lactose intolerant”. They cannot digest the lactose which is in cow’s milk.

In 1974 the FTC took the California Milk Producers to court because so many people were suffering from illnesses attributed to milk. Lactose intolerance, allergies and even heart disease were the main offenders, and the FTC won the case. The milk company had to change their slogan from “Everybody Needs Milk” to the very similar, but not illegal to “Milk Has Something For Everybody”. After the alarming results studies shown, it seems milk has plenty for everybody, diabetes, skin rashes, heart disease and diarrhea are all in plentiful supply when you consume cow’s milk

3. Less Cows Somehow Equals More Milk.

From 1970 to 2006, as the number of cows declined 25%, output per cow more than doubled. Is this because of some new amazing technology? Think again. It is from the hormones and “production line” style that cows were milked. No longer did cows live on farms, instead they were housed in sheds where they were fed chemicals and hormones all day, then milked all day. Not too much of an appealing thought.

4. Calcium From Cow’s Milk Is A Myth.

A 12 year long Harvard Nurses’ Health Study found that those who consumed the most calcium from dairy foods broke more bones than those who rarely drank milk. This was a broad study based on 77,761 women aged 34 through 59 years of age.

That is a pretty staggering number of people to survey, and a terrifying result.

Robert Kradjian M.D from Daly City, CA has said: “Inclusion of milk will only reduce your diet’s nutritional value and safety. Most of the people on the planet live very healthfully without cows milk. You can too.”  Because the calcium in cow’s milk is pasteurised, it is inorganic. This means that it is in large, unusable to the human body. When something is pasteurised, it means that it is heated up to a level, and then immediately cooled. This process renders the calcium mostly useless for human consumption.

A diet high in dairy products such as cow’s milk can actually cause your body to lose calcium. The amount of protein in cow’s milk is about 3x more than that of humans milk, and this has been linked to calcium depletion.

Do you know why? When your body receives too much of something and in the wrong form, it tries any way it can to get rid of it. Just like when you are ill, your body will try to get rid of the disease by vomiting, diarrhea and sweating. This is why calcium from cow’s milk can actually cause you to retain less calcium.

Think about how cows get calcium and protein…

Calfs get weaned off milk, and put on a diet on water and grass or maize.

They are getting their protein from the grass & maize that farmers feed them!

Research has also shown that when calcium is lost from the bones due to excess milk consumption, it doesn’t leave the body. Calcium deposits are picked up by blood and left in our blood vessels, organs, skin, eyes and joints. This is where the heart disease can start – your body stores the excess calcium in the heart and arteries around it. They start to get clogged up and your heart has to work harder to force blood through smaller and smaller arteries, then one day, it can’t cope and stops working.

What Can You Do To Stop The Madness?

Despite constant warnings from many major medical associations, cow’s milk is still being pushed into our diet by governments and dairy producers.

One out of every seven dollars in the USA is spent on dairy products and the average American consumes almost 400 pounds of dairy products a year, most of which is cow’s milk. This is destroying our health and creating massive problems for us.

The number one thing to do is look after you and your family. Stop drinking milk ASAP. Most of us have been conditioned for life to believe that cow’s milk is good for us and is the only way to get protein and calcium. You now know that this is plain wrong. Cows drink milk in their infancy, just like babies need to drink breast milk for a few months.

After this, the calves are weaned off milk, just like a human baby is. They then eat natural, whole foods for the rest of their lives.

However as humans, we have significantly more needs than a cow. As nice as it would be to eat grass all day, we require a lot more diversity of nutrients than a simple cow.

You need food that is nutritiously dense and alive!

You may already heard about the benefits of chlorella, spirulina, nova-scotia, wheatgrass, barley grass, echinacea, alfalfa and many more. These super foods give you an alkalized body (compared to a sickly, acidic body), huge amounts of energy, and help your body to absorb the nutrients like a sponge.

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About the Author:

Laura Lindsey is the chief nutritionist of Holistic Health Labs. She has helped thousands of men and women transforming their health with the right foods, nutrition and supplements.

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32 responses to “The Shocking Truth About Milk & Calcium”

  1. Irma Medina Avatar
    Irma Medina

    When I was growing up I used to love milk but in late thirties
    I began to notice that when I had my cereal with milk I use to get sinusitis and headaches also. I love to read medical articles about how bad was milk for you and I stop having milk I felt better I also can’t have any yogurt because I get sick. I suffer from IBS and my doctor told me not to drink any milk. Of course I was not having any.
    I read once that milk ha type of glue and that it adheres to all your organs, I don’t know if that is true.

    1. George Avatar

      I tread another “study” (that wasn’t selling anything) that stated:…”A calf taken from it’s mother and fed on it’s mother’s milk, that has been pasteurized, homogenized and processed , will not grow up but suffer starvation.”…Perhaps milk is not the problem, but it’s the processing instead.

  2. Kimberly Avatar

    I agree with the article as for store bought milk, not true however for raw cows milk, it is slightly acidic, not highly. It is a living food and has numerous health benefits! Check out Weston Price.You could live on raw milk… it has everything!

  3. Beth Avatar

    This is a good article as it applies to conventional milk, purchased from the store. I wish the author had done a little more research and shared that none of these facts apply to quality raw milk. As Kimberly noted, there are numerous health benefits to raw dairy, especially when it’s fermented. It is living food, with enzymes and beneficial microbes intact. Pasteurized milk is dead and should be avoided.

    I once did a home test after reading Dr. Weston A. Price’s works. I left store-bought milk and raw milk unused in the fridge. In 6 days, the store-bought milk was rotten and had to be discarded. I used the naturally soured milk 16 days later in recipes and smoothies.

  4. Shelley Seymour Avatar

    This is informative, and didn’t shock me, as I’ve reviewed on my blog Dr. Esselstyn and Dr. Campbell’s books about the same topic.

    Just please correct “nova-scotia” for “Nova Scotia dulse” a kind of seaweed? Being from Canada, I find it offends just as saying mean things about New Jersey where I live now offends me. Nova Scotia is a province, like a state in the U.S. for your information, and I hope this bastardization of the word isn’t becoming common currency. If it has, I’m sorry to bother you about it.

  5. Sandro Avatar

    most of you consume pasteurized commercial dairy. These cows were probably fed corn soy and wheat. Which makes them very unhealthy animals on healthy animals cannot produce healthy product’s . Commercial pasteurized dairy from Grain fad cows it is toxic and should not be consumed. I know personally many regions from Europe they thrive on organic grass fed dairy raw. Just because food it’s ascitic doesn’t mean you should not be consumed . Gras fed dary has other values other then calcium butter from gras fed cows its of the most richest source of vitamin A vitamin K2 and many more other minerals which support your born health and absorption of calcium and magnesium and vitamin D. Instead of demonizing one food so you can draw and brainwash viewers to get attention to your website for any personal interest should look deeper and history of civilization. Spartans were toughest leanest people of mankind known in history and their diet were based on dairy. Of course not toxic very like majority of consumers consume today.

  6. Cheryl DeLonge Avatar
    Cheryl DeLonge

    Are you talking about RAW milk or processed milk?? I am milk intolerant but I have a daughter who swears by Raw milk. Do I need to forward this article to her???

    Hopefully someone looks at this and can respond….

  7. Cheryl DeLonge Avatar
    Cheryl DeLonge

    Guess I should have read others responses first. 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing everyone!!

  8. Marcia Avatar

    Is almond milk good for you?

  9. Donna Benson Avatar
    Donna Benson

    If you are going to give milk a bad rap, someone better do one on soda and it’s ill health concerns on the body, not good at all for anyone

  10. Clyde Johnson Avatar
    Clyde Johnson

    I grew up drinking raw cows milk and it wasn’t until I had to drink processed milk, beef no longer from grass fed cattle and practically a 100% processed food diet that health problems began to show up. I’m convinced that there is nothing wrong with milk that is still milk. meat that is really meat and vegetables or other food in which the nutritional value has not been almost completely destroyed. Even so-called fresh fruits and vegetables are not grown properly but they are about all in a grocery that has not been completely
    destroyed as far as food value

    1. Mary Priebe Avatar

      I feel the same way. Is anything good for us. And anything we eat are all the nutritional items taken out of EVERYTHING!

  11. Eve Avatar

    As a child growing up in the 30’s and 40’s, our milk would have the cream at the top of the bottle,I believe that’s why we never heard of Allergies or some of the illness of to-day. When they started to Homogenize the milk, and feed the cows added hormones, that’s when our problems started. I am now Lactose intolerant since, and do not drink milk now.

  12. Mnyama Avatar

    I stopped all dairy 4 years ago and have never felt better! I love my non dairy lifestyle. After suffering stomach problems and sinusitis issues all of my life, to be totally illness free is indescribable! I tell others to just try going dairy free for a month and they often refuse to do so because they believe in the milk myth and that something bad will happen to them if they stop – YET THEY ARE CONSTANT ILL. I cant help them nor do I try any longer. I do not miss having dairy…

  13. Mike Barbato Avatar
    Mike Barbato

    Vitamin D too, this is all BS. Milk is good for you, dont you find it is opposed to these statement ?

  14. Brenda Avatar

    Are you totally non-dairy? Or do you just not drink a glass of milk? Do you eat cheeses and use milk in cooking?

  15. debbie Avatar

    I grew up on a dairy farm. I did not have pasteurized milk until I was in the first grade. I am now a certified dietary manager who has a great interest in real/whole foods. Dieticians and doctors do not get a good education of real foods. Milk from the store goes through a process that makes it bad for us.Yes, it kills germs so it can sit on a shelf longer, but that is what makes it unhealthy. google it

  16. Dennis Doyle Avatar
    Dennis Doyle

    I live in a state the has one of, (if not THE highest) life expectancies in the nation and we drink milk by the gallons. The difference being that the vast majority of us drank raw milk right from the bulk tank,,,at least until the government had to stick their noses in it. Now the rate of expectancy is ever-slowly dropping. Its not quantum physics figuring out the picture here.

  17. Ida Avatar

    I found your article abhorrent. It is based on a view no different than what you criticized about the dairy industry. Further research would show you that some forms of dairy are good for you. I have found no information that indicates that fermented dairy is unhealthy. The SHOCKING TRUTH is you need to research your topic more diligently and open your mind to ideas that don’t fit into your agenda. Even if dairy doesn’t work for you does not mean it is not good for anyone.

  18. deb Avatar

    Question: I believe the bad rap on the milk is due to the pasteurization and homogenization not the milk itself. We are fortunate and have a source of Raw whole milk…..I love it!!! And it is actually good for you.

  19. ACE61502 Avatar

    I was so with you until I read babies need breast milk for a few months. They actually need it for a few YEARS. Do your research!

  20. Keanna Avatar

    So is almond milk better or is it harmful to you as well?

  21. Bernard Avatar

    The Bible tells us that we only need milk until we have teeth and can eat solid food. In addition, it tells us that we should not be big meat-eaters. End of story. We have indeed been lied to, primarily by the meat and dairy industry. Modern day nutritionists must also share in the blame. Four months ago I removed all dairy products from our house. She recently had a checkup with her eye doctor who said that the previous hemorrhaging in her eyes had completely cleared up in that time. Go figure.

  22. Sally Miller Avatar
    Sally Miller

    Dear Diet Sage,

    Does this information apply to raw goat’s milk also? And what about raw cow’s milk?


    Sally Miller

  23. Cheryl Avatar

    I believe these statement to be true. We have never been bug on milk despite “milk it does a body good”. We barely use it in cereal. We never drink it. Both my grand babies are allergic to milk, breaking out in hives, constipation, diarrhea and stomach aches. Milk was different in the 80’s even.. My little brothers drank milk that was delivered to our door in glass bottles. They did fine with that milk. I believe it’s all the hormones they give cows to increase their size more quickly that gets passed into the milk we buy as well as the meat. That is why I believe young girls are starting their periods at a much earlier age these days, as young as 9 & 10 years old. When I was young it seemed the girls started around age 13 or so. People are also dying at a much early age these days also then before. If you read obituary many people die in their 50 & 60’s. I’m not saying this is due to milk but it is due to health issues that people in their 70, 80 & 90’s don’t have and in my opinion it’s due to the different chemicals and hormones used in animals these days that were not used 70 years ago. I worked at assisted living homes and people in their 70’s, 80’s & 90’s seemed to be more healthy then people in their 60’s, 50’s and even 40’s.. Just my opinion though..

  24. Marvin L. Zinn Avatar
    Marvin L. Zinn

    When I used milk it was raw goat milk from a farm. They had both cows and goats in pastures, not packed together in most milk supplies, and no hormones or antibiotics pumped into the animals. However when I had prostate cancer I had to avoid all cows milk. With a lot of three time experiments cheese is the worst. I am taking two herbs to stop the cancer instead of surgery doctors demanded, but with any cow products the herbs would fail. However, goat cheese seems to have no effect, so I will continue testing that.

    Even with needed nutrition, drinking milk every day is absolutely nonsense. There are better and safer solutions to any we need.

  25. Barbara Nytko Avatar
    Barbara Nytko

    I am Lactose intolerant. I buy Lactaid Milk. I love milk, big problem. What can I replace milk with. I have already quit soda. Tea is tireing after awhile. Juice is full of sugar. I do drink a lot more water. I tried lemon and water but I have sjogrens syndrome and milk is the only drink that soothes my mouth.Lemon and water actually made my gums and bones in my mouth swell and really hurt. I don’t like cheese much , same problems as milk. I am changing my diet slowly to lots more veggies. I know I am very acidic and have active R A and fibromyalgia.suffering from dry eyes and extremely dry mouth. Live in Fl. So hot tea doesn’t appeal much.

  26. Debra Jean Kelly Greene Avatar
    Debra Jean Kelly Greene

    It would be good to find out if my suspicions are correct about use of dairy and allergies connected with sinusitis. I have this condition chronically and have heard that it can be due to dairy consumption. If anyone has the low down on this I would appreciate the information for this condition really hampers my quality of life. I have lessened my bouts to twice a year from some five or six a year but still don’t like the constant stuffed up head and runny nose. Anyone care to PM me it would be appreciated for I have struggled with this problem way to long. My immune system is so much better but any suggestions would be helpful. Agape, Deb in NC debra jean Kelly greene on FB

  27. Chido Avatar

    I believe that this years is different than the70s, for the hormones, and many things that make all possessed food make you sick, as others, I see older people living better than the people at the 50s, my grandpa died at age 94 and he was healthy, he fell down and died alone, cos nobody was with hem at that moment.

  28. Dana Avatar

    No other mammal on earth drinks another mammal’s milk except for humans. See the problem????

  29. joi sheff Avatar

    tired, tired, willing to try Energize Greens, joi

  30. joi sheff Avatar

    Will try

    hi; will try Energize Greens, I have fibromyalgia and am in pain and tired much of the time. Thanks, Joi


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