The Cancer Causing Additive Hiding in Your Toothpaste and Your Food – Titanium Dioxide

Titanium dioxide is an additive that can be found in toothpaste and a range of food products. And it is one of the top fifty chemicals produced worldwide.

It might seem like a harmless additive but new study finds titanium dioxide can cause cancer.

According to the study, which was led by The French National Institute for Agricultural Research, the ingredient Titanium Dioxide, which is commonly used to give white food products and toothpaste their white colour, is actually extremely carcinogenic.

The study proved that rats which had been exposed to food grade Titanium Dioxide developed stomach tumours, in 40% of cases.

This chemical is also spread to other areas of the body via the blood, and there is reason to assume that if it can promote the development of cancerous cells in the intestines, then it is likely to have a similar effect in other areas of the body.


What will Titanium Dioxide do to my Body?


According to the above-mentioned French study, 40 % of rats exposed to Titanium Dioxide developed precancerous growths in their colons, intestines and stomachs. These precancerous growths can further develop into more deadly forms of cancer and tumours.

The test group of rats who were not exposed to the chemical did not develop these growths at all.

It was also found that inhaling Titanium Dioxide when it is present in products like paint and white wash can cause cancer in the respiratory tract.

After the experiment those rats exposed to the chemical (even those who did not develop growths) suffered from a weaker immune defense system than their healthy test group counterparts. They became more prone to illness as a result.


Which Consumer Products contain Titanium Dioxide?

Titanium Dioxide is a naturally occurring metal. It is used primarily in products like gum and tooth paste to give them their white colour. It is also found in other white foods and sweets such as Jello’s Banana Caramel Pie.


Here is a list of unexpected places you will find Titanium Dioxide:

  • Toothpaste
  • Gum
  • Hard White Candy
  • Jello’s Banana Caramel Pie
  • White Sauces
  • Icing Sugar
  • White or brightly coloured products
  • Jelly Glow Worms
  • Paint (it can be inhaled through fumes)

The best you can do is, on any item you buy which is white (or bright) in colour, check the ingredients for Titanium Dioxide. It can also be listed as TiO2, so be wary if you see this ingredient code.

Rather buy something which is more naturally coloured, and avoid anything too white or very bright. Those colours do not appear in any natural foods, which means that anything unnaturally bright must have been treated and processed to get that way.


Titanium Dioxide in Non-Food Products

Even if you are not ingesting Titanium Dioxide (as with toothpaste) it can be absorbed through your skin and simply by being in your mouth. That’s all it takes to get it into your blood stream.

The rule of thumb is to check labels on anything that goes into or onto your body.

You also need to be aware of what you are breathing in. Titanium Dioxide is present in paint, as are many other toxins. If you are building a home {link to article on the hidden dangers in new homes} you should make sure every item and product used is safe.

You are not just checking for Titanium Dioxide. Read any of our many articles on food additives and other dangerous ingredients. They occur in everything from Health bars to washing powder.

It’s up to you to protect yourself and your family from being un-knowingly poisoned by the products you use every day.


In fact, there are more than 100 toxic chemicals in many of the products you used every day and increase your cancer risk dramatically. Go to the next page and & learn how you can protect your body from cancer –


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    Great idea for a diet.

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    Sundown calcium-magnesium-zinc supplements and many other multivitamins, vitamin and mineral supplements of many brands. also many glucosamine supplements

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    Just found out that the chemical is in Xyzal Allergy medication…How many more medicaiions is it in?

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    Just wondering if there is a toothpaste you can recommend?
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    I am worried because the medication my doctor has had me on contains titanium dioxide and my liver is not functioning properly neither are my kidneys. I believed it was the medication as I sought out other people who use the same medication long term and they have shown similar symptoms. A person I have been introduced to who uses the same medication has legs like the elephant man and his GP has told him to his face to get his affairs in order. Again I was introduced to a woman who uses a very similar medication from the same company and she is suffering severe pain in her abdomen as yet undiagnosed. I intend to investigate this additive much more.

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    I would recommend Bragg’s Apple cider vinegar and alkaline water. I am have been dealing with In
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