The #1 Worst ACIDIC Food to Avoid

You might have heard about this a million times before, but you probably haven’t heard of the reasons that makes this the #1 WORST ACIDIC food you need to avoid  – and I’m going to share with you exactly why is this so today.

Avoiding, and eliminating this food is not just for weight loss, but it’s about preventing yourself from harmful diseases and cancer.

Well, this food is none other than SUGAR.

The most frightening aspect is that sugar can be more common in your food than what you think. It is hidden in some foods you’d never imagine. We all have underestimated the amounts of sugar we eat during every meal, unknowingly. The sugar is present but you just don’t see it in its raw form.

If a food tastes sweet and yummy, it contains a certain amount of sugar.

Let’s look at the statistics of sugar consumption over the last 3 centuries.

In the book ‘Sugar Love: A Not so Sweet Story’, author Rich Cohen researched and found out that back in 1700, the average Englishman ate four pounds of sugar a year.

But today, the average American consumes 77 pounds of sugar annually, which amounts to more than 22 teaspoons of added sugar daily.

This sharp increase in sugar consumption could be the root cause of obesity and many health issues. But let us investigate how sugar is broken down in your body and why it is bad for you.

Why Sugar is Bad For Your Body?

You see, sugar is actually refined sucrose, produced by multiple chemical process from sugar cane or sugar beet. Sugar is classified under simple sugar as they get rapidly digested in your bloodstream rapidly after you consume it.

Even though our body requires a moderate amount of blood glucose to function properly, the rapid increase of blood glucose would stimulate the pancreas to produce large amounts of insulin in a short amount of time.

The role of the insulin is to remove excess glucose in our bloodstream.

However, when there is a rapid increase in glucose, the pancreas will continue to produce insulin to remove excess glucose, even when no additional sugar is consumed.

The excess production of insulin causes the glucose level in your blood to drop rapidly. This is known as hypoglycemia.

When blood glucose falls too low, our adrenal glands will tap into the reserve of glycogen, which will simulate the production of glucose from proteins and other substances in our body. This will overwork your adrenal gland.

When you constantly stress your adrenal glands, you are literally killing your adrenal function.

This is just a gist of how sugar is being processed in your body.

As you can see, frequent consumption of sugar will cause your pancreas and adrenal glands to be overworked and weakened.

And over a period of time, it can lead to many health problems and diseases. Besides obesity, diseases associated with sugar include cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, stroke, type II diabetes, and even cancer.

What about fruits?

When most clients find out about the dangers of sugar, they will start to ask “if sugar is bad for me, can I still eat fruits?”

Whole fruits contain dietary fiber, which not only makes us feel fuller, but helps to slow down the body’s absorption of fructose. Hence the sugar takes a longer time to enter the bloodstream, giving the body more time to metabolize them.

Whole fruits contain an abundance of minerals, vitamins and healthful nutrients for our body too. So as long as you do not have diabetes, it is definitely beneficial to eat most fruits.

Remember, we should have a moderate amount of glucose in our blood and not none at all.

When you start kicking the sugar habit from your diet, you can reap immediate and long term health benefits.

How do you kick off your sugar habits?

1) Start by avoiding products with added sugar. Study the nutritional label and take note of the quantity of sugar in these products.

2) Use natural alternatives like date paste, figs, fruits like raisins and bananas, coconut sap and stevia to sweeten to your food.

3) Retrain your taste buds. If you stop eating sweet foods for a period of time, you can train your taste buds to enjoy things that aren’t as sweet. If you can’t go completely off the sugar, try reducing the quantity of sugar. If you are putting one tsp of sugar in your coffee, try reducing it to ½ tsp.

Now as you have learned that sugar is the #1 food that you should avoid, you will be amazed to find out about ‘4 SWEET Foods You Should Eat’. This is an informative video presentation from my friend and nutritionist, Laura Lindsey and I normally recommend my clients to eat this 4 sweet foods too.

Go to next page to find out the ‘4 SWEET Foods You Should Eat

About the Author:

Emma Deangela is the best selling author of The Alkaline Diet Program and 80/20 Fat Loss. She has helped over tens of thousands of men and women to lose weight and transform their health with sound nutrition advice.

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44 responses to “The #1 Worst ACIDIC Food to Avoid”

  1. Eugene Gauggel Avatar
    Eugene Gauggel

    My doctor of Chinese medicine recommends eating fruits rather than drinking only the fruit juice, for this very reason.
    Whole foods in general are better for our system.

  2. carolann siegle Avatar

    I have almost chonic esophagitis and also pre-diabetes.
    l would love to have afew recipes mostly for the esophagitis.
    snack food, bars all low in sugar and gluten free maybe.

    Thank you very much, Carolann

  3. Tom Avatar

    so what happens when you eat cake or candy ?
    There are lots of eggs in French cakes, for example– in fact most trad desserts have lots of egg. Later resipes used milk and baking powder to make them rise. My recipe for sponge cake has 6 eggs to a cup of sugar, plus the flower and the butter. Very simple. So if sugar is added to the egg-flower mixture, maybe it’s not so bad, and why French people are not fat usually but they eat everything, or so they say.

    1. Emily Avatar

      She’s not talking about how sugar can make you fat (or not), although sugar metabolizes into fat quickly. Sugar is a poison to the system, irrespective of whether you ingest it moderately and don’t gain weight. Sugar feeds cancer cells. It affects brain functioning, increases inflammation in the body….I can go on…..each of us need to make our own decisions about how much sugar we ingest but for me it’s not about whether I gain weight or not. It’s whether I have another bout of cancer or develop Alzheimers or become a Type 2 diabetic.

  4. HENRY TROYER Avatar

    Are you trying to say that sugar is acidic? Sugar is NOT acidic! Did you mean the metabolic products of sugar are acidic? Whatever acid is produced from sugar metabolism is very readily buffered by the blood’s buffering system. There is nothing to worry about.
    When you use the word “sugar”, do you mean sucrose, glucose of something else? Sucrose is a double sugar, consisting of a molecule each of glucose and fructose. Glucose is “burned” for energy whereas fructose is preferentially metabolized into fat.
    Repeated surges of sucrose mortally stresses the insulin-producing Islets of Langerhqans, a very small part of the pancrease, while the remainder of the gland continues to produce digestive enzymes.
    When excess glucose is removed from the bloodstream, where is it stashed? Mostly in the liver, where it is stored and slowly fed back into the circulatory system as needed, and insulin controls that process..
    Your article needs much clarificetion.

  5. sweetpea Avatar

    I love this. “EVERYONE” everywhere should see and read this information.

    I was diagnosed with breast cancer Nov 2010 and after researching dangerous foods to eliminate from my life and strong encouragement from a personal friend who is an intellect on such matters of avoiding sugar in any shape or form I stopped eating it “on the spot” and have never had another morsel of sugar since Nov 2010. Reading labels is crucial and there is fructose corn syrup and sugar in virtually everything. People should not be tricked into thinking Agave is healthy to consume either as it is in the same if not worse than eating fructose corn syrup.

    Sugar should be removed from everyone’s diet and artificial sweeteners are even worse for health issues.

    Thank you for this beneficial information.

  6. Buyerbwear Avatar

    Henry, you sound very knowledgeable on this subject; however, all I know is that when I eat sugary substances (and I have a raging “sweet tooth”), I end up with swollen ankles, feet, hands and my knees, hips, left shin and right shoulder ache. Worse yet, I wake up during the night with dry nasal passages, mouth and throat. My weakness is good chocolate (sweetened with sugar, not high fructose corn syrup) and, the absolute worst, ice cream. With my family history of Type II (aunt, uncle, grandmother, cousins), and being recently diagnosed as pre-diabetic, I am more apt to concur with Dr. Deangela’s position.

    1. Bill horton Avatar
      Bill horton

      Thanks for the information. I have that same sweet tooth. Ihave the same symptoms, shoulder dry mouth,etc. I also love ice cream.

  7. Betty Rinderknecht Avatar
    Betty Rinderknecht

    So maybe the old adage about moderation in everything is the path to follow. When thee is talk about totally eliminating something from the diet I wonder…..

  8. michele Avatar

    I totally agree with that being said,most of us has negative. Reaction to our fingers swell,and my knees ache.we need to start eating clean!!!!! We have too!

  9. Leo C. Avatar
    Leo C.


  10. marianne Avatar

    Is honey healthy?

  11. Aggie Dentel Avatar
    Aggie Dentel

    What about Honey? & does it have to be Raw? Or just Natural?

  12. Carol Hull Avatar
    Carol Hull

    Have you addressed the acidic foods as related to bloating? I am frantically looking for solutions as I am bloated horribly.

    Thank You for your informative work

  13. Lynn Avatar

    I’ve become curious about this: When statistics are gathered for the consumption of sugar in America, what does the USDA use for their data? Do they take the stats for the population? Let’s say we have X# of people in the U.S and X# of pounds of sugar are sold in stores everywhere (???). Then do they just divide to come up with the number of pounds of sugar are being consumed?

    If so, what about the times I go into the store and purchased 3- 10 lb. bags of sugar for mine and my neighbors hummingbird feeders? That’s 30 lbs. of sugar and not a teaspoon is going for human consumption.

    I’m really curious as to how this kind of data is collected. Sorry, just venting. I will go to the USDA website and see what they have to say. Thanks for listening.

  14. Maureen Murphy Avatar
    Maureen Murphy

    What about maple syrup? I use organic, grade B.

  15. Marta Avatar

    Sugar is what raises cholesterol and taxes the liver and just about every organ in the body. Refined sugar, stay away from all packaged goods. Fresh fruits and vegetables along with home made meals are better than any frozen you can buy. It takes a little more effort but you will feel the difference! As soon as I eat refined sugar or flour, white rice, and any packaged goods, my body just hurts. 3 days of none of these and have a flexible pain free body. I Never take any drugs OTC or otherwise, just watch what goes into my mouth and mind. Forgive the past, live today to the best of your ability, do not worry about tomorrow. . . It may never come.

  16. Shirley Brown Avatar
    Shirley Brown

    Is coconut sugar better for you than regular sugar?
    if so how much is considered healthy and for a weight loss in a day?

  17. Paul Meyer Avatar
    Paul Meyer

    Sugar! It’s everywhere! It’s OK for fruit and 100% fruit juice to be sweet, but sugar is everywhere. It is the ubiquitous spice of America. It’s hard to eat out anywhere without everything tasting candied. I like my fish, meat, and vegetables to be brothy (umame), and maybe a little salty or chili pepper hot. Dang! I don’t appreciate my meat, fish, and vegetables to taste as sweet as a candy bar. Don’t have time to cook all of my food from scratch, but may have to if sugar is to be limited to fruit products.

    1. Ann Runnels Avatar
      Ann Runnels

      I agree. I’m cooking more at home

  18. Paul Meyer Avatar
    Paul Meyer

    Whole fruits are better than fruit juice because their glycemic index is lower.
    Henry takes me back to my classes in human physiology, anatomy, and biochemistry. Glucose ends up in the glycolysis and Krebs cycle pathways as it is gradually step-wise degraded into water and CO2, releasing energy at each step of the way. Islets of Langerhans. Duct of Santorini. Haven’t come across these terms for 20 years. Henry, thanks for the memories.

  19. Paul Meyer Avatar
    Paul Meyer

    Oh yeah, citric acid, and some other acids are part of the Krebs cycle, but they don’t hang around for that long.

  20. Rohan Avatar

    If U are really interested in killing the Diabetes, take in Real Bees Honey and Cinnamon, early morning as U get up, as the first intake.

    For Lunch, sprinkle a small amt. of Turmeric on to yr. plate of lunch. It is difficult thing to swallow..

    When U start the above program, take yr Blood Sugar reading and compare the results after after 30 days of trying the method suggested.

    I am certain it will really go down BUT DO NOT TAKE ANY SUGARY ITEMS within that testing period of 30 days.

    Any one who tries it, pls let me know the results after 30 days.



  21. Searchandsource Avatar

    Sugar is one of the deadly sins of humans once you get the taste for sugar its hard to lose it. For the sake of our health we must all try to curb it.

  22. gloria crawford Avatar
    gloria crawford


  23. gloria crawford Avatar

    how much honey and cinnamon i need?

  24. Edith Avatar

    I stop eating sugar since my nutritionist told me I have fungus. I started with some supplements and no sugar and I feel amazing. Lost weight naturally, more energy, no headache, no insomnia, no itching, and so on. The sugar was killing me in silence!

  25. Liz Recco Avatar
    Liz Recco

    My Grandmother was an insulin diabetic, my mother was an insulin diabetic. I saw what there diets did to them. Amputations!!! No thanks!!! I’ve been very active most of my adult life. I’m also a former fatso. Weight lifting, biking, walking,gardening. I grow about 80% of what I eat. I tend to put weight on in the winter and resently had my blood sugar checked. I’m a boarder line diabetic!!! What the hell???? So now I’m really buckeling down with the diet so that I can maybe beat this. Is diabetis also genetic and no matter what you’ll still get it????

    1. CP Wren Avatar
      CP Wren

      @Liz Recco––You’re doing great with the exercise and growing your own food. Don’t give in to the “it runs in families” story, it won’t serve you. But what you have learned from your matrilineal line is that not paying attention to diet will cost you in the worst way. So keep going with dialing in your ideal diet.

      You might also consider consulting with a holistic practitioner such as a naturopathic doctor or an acupuncturist who is strong on food therapy. What you may have inherited from your family is a pancreas that needs some support to fully function. This can be addressed through the above suggested fields of medicine. At all costs, protect the proper functioning of your organs, do what you can to avoid the downward spiral of conventional pharmaceuticals.

    2. Paz Avatar

      Liz, what about your level of stress in your life? When the person is under too much stress (emotional, familiar, financial,etc) the person is producing without control free radical, the cells that are causing illnesses in our body, and they attack one organ, your heart. Diabetis is genetic, and you carry cells with Diabetis on you, if you are under a lot of stress, the free radicals that your body produce are attacking your heart all the time, and the heart without any vitamin that is protecting it, it is looking for your weak part en the body to produce a illnesses, unfortunately, you have cells of Diabetis in your body, and now you are border line of Diabetis, that why you are in that situation. Go to any Costco supermarket and get CoQ10 natural (Ubiquinol or Ubiquinone) and take everyday 200 mg (2 pills or 4 teaspoons(20 ml) in liquid) til your pre-Diabetis be normal again. When you normalize it, instead of 200 mg, get everyday for the rest of your life, just 100 mg to take care of the health of your heart. You will prevent all the problems related with stress and the damage of free radicals in our body. Of course, under your conditions, always you need to be very careful with your intakes of sugar in your system. Stevia it is a very good alternative for you, if you want something sweet.

    3. Andrew Marais Avatar

      Greetings everyone how are you all.
      I recently discovered that one can not lay the cause on genetics for a lot of situations including diabetes. Our genes and DNA continual changes to our lifestyle and behaviour. proven by scientists

  26. Leanage Avatar

    The article is very useful. What foods you suggest a person who takes treatment for primary liver cancer

  27. judith s. engel Avatar
    judith s. engel









  28. Will Freeman Avatar
    Will Freeman

    I probably put away 5 to10lbs of sugar a week. Been doing this scent i was 8 years old,now 57 years old.Weight 178lbs. I have a great health at my age. I do 2500 miles to 3500 miles a year on my bikes. So whats up with sugar.

    1. NicLee Avatar

      At 57 you are just a spring chicken. Please don’t be too cocky about being in good health at your age. I’m 72 and have perfect health, take no medication but avoid sugar. If you continue on your path, be wary. It’s not about how slim you are it’s about chronic illnesses that start to show in your sixties, seventies, eighties and nineties. You have been warned. Don’t look back with regret. Millions wish they had been educated sooner.

  29. john Avatar

    we make our own maple syrup and have bees for honey are these forms of sugar ok?

  30. Helen Avatar

    Don’t mean to go off-topic… but talk about something being EVERYWHERE on the supermarket shelves. I try to avoid soybeans in all their ubiquitous forms: soybean oil, soy flour, soy lecithin, and on and on… It’s in EVERYTHING! I spend half my time in the market reading labels, usually to put the item back because it contains soy. How can we fight the Soybean Growers of America lobby that makes manufacturers put soy in everything we buy. Soy makes estrogen in the body, which produces fat, which produces more estrogen. Please help!!

    1. Sonja Avatar

      I switched from drinking cow milk to soy milk and packed a lot of weight and made loosing weight hard. Thanks for pointing this out!

  31. Helen Avatar

    I’d also like to know about maple syrup and honey. Thanks!

  32. Kaye Berry Avatar
    Kaye Berry

    What about organic raw honey?

  33. Melinda Guzman Avatar
    Melinda Guzman

    Very informative Thank you so much.

  34. Rod Avatar

    Henry did not have the time to write a complete a full article on sugar but if you read carefully he does state the stressing of the pancreas and that the region that produces insulin which controls the amount of glucose in the blood – he also mentions that sugar is essentially the 2 molecules – glucose and fructose – and that fructose is maybe the one to be concerned with as well if not more so ie how much fructose can the liver bear – so he is more scientifically looking at the processes – everyone else appear to be just paraphrasing – high blood pressure, heart disease but giving no indication of the processes involved – I think he is correct in stating that the original article needs more clarification of the processes involved in sugar intake and also the differences in people which may relate to genetics, lifestyle, age, ethnicity

  35. Lynne Avatar

    What about honey?

  36. salpy mouneimne Avatar
    salpy mouneimne

    the same question l have. My dietitian told me the honey is the same as sugar, l use to drink water with squeezed one tea spoon,same vinegar and honey. l stopped ti. Today l feel terrible ackeing all over . I think the humidity getting to me. l walk, gardening, put l am always stressed. l am very disappointed not loosing any weight. l have no craving any sweet or cake or cookies but l do love my fruits. Oranges, avocado, apple, pear few a day. They say banana is no good , it lowers your Leptin which is fat burning hormone. Is that true? l would like to know about it. Salpy Mouneimne

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