Monsanto A Documentary on GMO – Must Watch






6 responses to “Monsanto A Documentary on GMO – Must Watch”

  1. nikki Avatar

    Beautiful I love Your site it tells the truth about what the gov. is capable of which is killing us with the food we eat…

  2. Diane Reh Avatar
    Diane Reh

    This is pure monopolizing a market. It’s evil, demonic, and corrupt. How can judges uphold Monsanto? Why do farmers have to be part of unsafe science? The world is run by the devil and Monsanto is part of this! I hope they go to hell.

  3. Patty Bingo Avatar
    Patty Bingo

    If Monsanto’s patent on a gene is valid and they own it no matter what life form that gene is in, (see minutes 58-60) if we, as human beings, eat the GMO foods and have those genes in us, does Monsanto OWN US?

  4. dphelps Avatar

    God bless you guys for getting at the truth. Let’s stand united and beat Monsanto. All of us should contact our senators and let them know we do not agree with Monsanto. We demand that GMO crops be controlled and even stopped. We demand that GMO foods be labeled. We have a right to know what we are eating, what we are feeding our children.

  5. Stephanie Henry Avatar
    Stephanie Henry

    Monsanto has paid Harvard University to create robotic bees to pollinate their crops. Bee colony collapse is caused by Monsanto chemicals. This POWER grab is incomprehensible. A corporation should not have this control on life, especially the destruction of a species.

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