Is Your Doctor Manipulated by the Drug Companies?

Have you ever walked into a doctor’s office with an ailment and left feeling like the only option you had to feel heal your health issue was some form of unnatural drug? Have you ever wondered if your aches and pains and diseases could be healed naturally?

If you could be healed through natural means, why wouldn’t every doctor you visit tell you those means first instead of just writing a prescription that could have harmful or even just uncomfortable side-effects?

Just like any machine that needs maintenance and proper care to function optimally, the human body needs the appropriate maintenance and care.

What does this care look like?

Proper nutrition.

The correct amounts of macro-nutrients (carbohydrates, fats, proteins and water) and micro-nutrients (vitamins and minerals) is essential for the body’s cells to work like they are supposed to work. This is why people who eat nutrient-dense foods have far fewer health chronic and acute health issues than people who eat a lot of processed foods.

Macro- and micro-nutrients don’t simply enter and leave our bodies—they are broken down and used to make our bodies function.

Oftentimes, when someone gets a disease (whether chronic or acute), breaks a bone, has headaches, etc., those health concerns can and will be healed more quickly when an appropriate and intentional nutrition plan is followed (sometimes in conjunction with traditional medicine if needed).

So that brings us back to the previous question…why don’t doctors first recommend a natural care plan and THEN prescriptions/other forms of care if necessary?

The pharmaceutical industry has collectively been called “Big Pharma” as a means of identifying the industry as a whole, and if you research how Big Pharma came into existence and the key players in this, some interesting information emerges.

Big Pharma’s History

Much of today’s pharmaceutical industry came about through the financial assistance of the Rockefeller Foundation in the early 1900s.

John Rockefeller, the foundation’s namesake, had a notorious reputation for being very snake-like in his business practices.

Using the foundation, he funded the research for the Flexner Report which inadvertently resulted in multiple medical schools closing or merging with others in an effort to standardize medical education.

While this sounds like a great idea (and granted, medical professionals should carry the same training for quality purposes), one of the results of the report was legislation that qualified only doctors trained in chemical pharmaceutical practices to be certified as “real” doctors. This very quickly shut down holistically-minded education.

Shortly before World War II, a German company called I.G. Farben was found to have very close workings with John Rockefeller and his foundation, as well as other companies of his.

I.G. Farben was one of the most well-known companies that performed human experimentation during World War II on those put into concentration camps making this union between an American company and this German company extremely unethical.

In fact, funding for these experiments came from a few other major players in the pharmaceutical field — German multinationals Bayer, Hoechst and BASF (all I.G. Farben executives). After World War II ended, the I.G. Farben executives (including others not listed above) responsible for heinous crimes against humanity were sentenced in the Nuremberg war crimes tribunal to only twelve years in prison. I.G. Farben’s corporate shares were then divided between the Rockefeller trust in the U.S. and Rothschild/J.P. Morgan in the United Kingdom.

Essentially, in exchange for receiving corporate shares, Nelson Rockefeller (John Rockefeller’s brother and business partner), who had become the Special Advisor of President Truman for Special Affairs, kept the executives from losing their lives.

Even worse, by 1963, one of the very men convicted of these “crimes against humanity” had become the chairman of the board at Bayer.

The United Nations, which had been formed in 1945 under the influence of the Rockefeller brothers, began a major move in the early 1960s to eliminate any competition to the patented drug business that lasted until nearly recently.

Their efforts were intended to reduce and eventually remove any vitamin therapies and other natural means of healing from as many U.N. countries as possible, thereby giving the Rockefellers and those they supported a monopoly on the healthcare industry.

There are many other companies that came about before and during this time of pharmaceutical battles including Pfizer, Eli Lilly, Sanofi,Merck and others.

Each of these also has a financial hold on today’s medical industry making it easy to understand why the idea of using patented drugs as a response to treating illness is taught in place of utilizing nutrition as a means of preventing and treating illness.


Present Day Medical Education

Because of the U.S. legislation resulting from the Flexner Report and the financial contributions to major medical schools, most medical universities are no longer providing adequate nutritional training.

One study indicated that the quality of nutritional training at medical schools depended heavily on an individual teacher’s commitment to nutrition education.

In this same study, students from those schools discussed their disappointment with the lack of nutritional training. Even students from Harvard Medical School who have joined the American Medical Student Association have expressed their frustrations and concern over the fact that the pharmaceutical industry and its promoters are focused on encouraging these money-making drugs without truly discussing the potential dangers of them.

In fact, many faculty members at Harvard Medical School, including the previous dean, were and are paid by various drug companies for not only promoting those companies’ drugs, but for also sitting as those drug companies’ board members.

Sadly, this happens at many big-name medical universities, giving money-hungry drug companies another means of controlling what is taught, and therefore controlling what recommended to patients.

While it is important for doctors to be educated on the pharmaceutical aspect of the medical industry, it should be just as important for their education to also focus on the importance of nutrition.

Unfortunately, those who go through medical school without questioning what they are being taught will be the same ones who become, knowingly or not, controlled by the pharmaceutical companies as working professionals.


Big Pharma’s influence over Practicing Medical Professionals

As if drug company influence over the medical education system weren’t enough, a study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute clearly reveals that Pharma has major influence over currently practicing health professionals as well.

Financial pressure to recommend new drugs over cheaper, established ones (and established drugs over natural healing methods) comes in the form of free drug samples, drug-company-paid CME (continuing medical education) training, free conference trips and other financial incentives.

While the alarming increase in financial incentives has made some doctors wary, most medical doctors welcome the “advancing technology” and its financial benefits.

It’s important to understand a little more about CMEs before moving on to the next topic.

These CME credits are the means by which a doctor keeps his or her license to practice. They must accumulate a certain number of CMEs within a certain time-period to show that they are keeping up with the current medical trends.

In the past (and somewhat in today’s society), CMEs were obtained primarily by subscribing to and reading through a print journal, filling out a quiz in the back of that journal, and sending the quiz in to the appropriate crediting agency who would then send you a certificate noting how many CMEs you received.

Conferences also give doctors a relatively large number of CMEs at once, but travel costs are rising and many doctors are seeking a more convenient way to earn their CMEs—through the internet.

This makes sense since everything today seems to be internet-based, but it can quickly become a downward spiral of information promoted by whoever invests the most money in an effort to make the most money, namely, pharmaceutical companies.

Web-based companies who may offer CME courses are sometimes called Medical Communication Companies (MCCs).

Some of the most well-known ones are Medscape and WebMD, but there are also some that only physicians have access to, like Postgraduate Institute for Medicine, Network for Continuing Medical Education, and others.

Major pharmaceutical companies will pour grant money into these MCCs (like, a whopping 26% of the total grant money from the top 14 pharmaceutical companies in 2010) with the intent to “educate and communicate” with physicians.

If pharmaceutical companies are the ones “educating and communicating” with your healthcare providers, what do you think your healthcare provider is going to recommend to you for your specific illness or ailment?

That’s right…the drug (or the drug’s chemical name) they have been told will cure your illness, not a safe, natural, and often easy remedy.

This definitely seems to be a major conflict of interest.

The scariest part is that unless doctors already have some idea of what is happening (i.e. the way Big Pharma is controlling them), they may not ever question what they are paying to be told!


A shift in the system

Thankfully, more rising (and practicing) healthcare professionals are seeing the need for a return of serious natural and nutritional education in the modern healthcare system.

Events that highlight the superior healing power of micro-nutrients like one doctor’s discovery of Vitamin C’s ability to heal sepsis really shine the light on the need for this kind of training and research.

We can expect to see great resistance from Big Pharma to this change in mentality, but if an increasing number of health professionals take a stand, this overreaching industry will have no choice but to step back.

Now that you know how the Big Pharma influence your doctors, you can learn more about using alternative medicine, diet and nutrition to heal your body instead. Many diseases and illnesses can be heal by natural herbal medicine, alternative medicine or even diet.

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About the Author:

Emma Deangela is the best selling author of The Alkaline Diet Program and 80/20 Fat Loss. She has helped over tens of thousands of men and women to lose weight and transform their health with sound nutrition advice. Learn how you can lose weight fast – How to lose weight by adding these alkaline foods.

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4 responses to “Is Your Doctor Manipulated by the Drug Companies?”

  1. Joan Avatar

    Thank You

  2. Tara Avatar

    I’ve been hurt by Big Pharma and doctors for the past year- unnecessary medications in the form of potent antibiotics and steroids. I’m still dealing with the side-effects 6 months later! Thank you for the article. Few doctors will ever blame a drug for the current symptoms I’m experiencing. Instead, they want to order more expensive tests, which usually yield pristine results because they test for the wrong things! My eyes have been wide opened to the dangers of modern medicine and Big Pharma this year! Going to the doctor is risky business and I tell everybody I can about my experience. I am glad when some start to question whether they really need a particular drug or not. We are all programmed to think the doctor knows best, but this is not the case. We know our bodies and we are in control of what we put in our bodies!

  3. Murray Smith Avatar
    Murray Smith

    I was diagnosed late onset bi-polar at 63/y old, (17/y ago), the drug Epilim 700ml per day, controls my problem, with no visible symptoms, some drugs are life saving, but many are not, also having high blood pressure, osteoporous, and severe heart disease with no symptoms, I choose not to take any additional drugs, as I do not think they would be of any help and could have bad effects!.

  4. Kathleen Gallagher Avatar
    Kathleen Gallagher

    This is so true in my experience. 8 years ago I was told I should go on the pill, after my 2nd daughter, cause I had post natal depression. Doctor said you cant handle another child, so I agreed. I was prescribed the pill and antidepressants. Now I have aggressive breast cancer, 40 years old with 2 young daughters. There is no history of breast cancer in my family. I have just found out that the contraceptive pill I was on is a GROUP 1 CARCENOGENIC. DOCTORS ARE DANGEROUS. DOCTORS ARE DRUG DEALERS.THEIR MEDICENES ARE TOXIC POSIONS.

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