Inflammation – The Silent Enemy Inside Your Body

InflammationIt is a well-known fact that most illnesses are associated with, if not directly brought about, by breakdowns in our body’s immune system. Recent research suggests that the greatest culprit in such breakdowns in the immune system are actually caused by a normal bodily process which is inflammation.

What is Inflammation?

Ordinarily, inflammation is a beneficial process that the body necessarily and fortunately undergoes instinctively in order to heal itself when a body part is injured.

When we suffer cuts or sustain wounds, our body’s inflammatory reflex involves dispatching a host of potent white blood cells to the affected area to destroy bacteria and repair damaged tissue. We experience the visible manifestation of inflammation as swelling and soreness of and around the affected area, accompanied by the sensation of warmth or heat. Inflammation, therefore, is actually a normal and beneficial process that the body needs whenever a person is ill or has an injury.

How does inflammation become a silent enemy?

Sometimes, however, the intended benefits of the inflammatory process can turn to serious threats to the body it is supposed to serve and protect. When unchecked and permitted to linger in an otherwise healthy and injury-free body, inflammation continues to inflict its effects as if the body were being continually assailed by illness.

The body is thus subjected to an unfavorable multitude of white blood cells that can engulf, cause serious damages to and stay in the system for an indefinite amount of time. The constant production of white blood cells exhausts the immune system, rendering it too weak to fight off other diseases.

With an impaired immune system, viruses and bacterial infections are free to wreak havoc on the body. Chronic heart illness, diabetes and obesity have all been associated with deficiencies in the immune system brought about by hidden inflammation.

Fat cells are believed to release proteins called cytokines which intensify inflammation. This overproduction of cytokines interferes with the body’s capacity to regulate the balance of insulin in the body, thus paving the way for Type 2 diabetes.

Chronic inflammation has also been discovered to contribute to the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease and greater mortality rates among the elderly. One study which was able to measure extremely high amounts of interlukin 6 and C-reactive protein, both markers of systemic inflammation, in otherwise healthy members of an elderly population, concluded that these subjects were 260 percent more prone to pass away within four years. Deaths were due to cardiovascular, diabetic or other conditions, but these diseases were almost always ultimately aggravated by chronic and hidden inflammation.

Aside from the diseases already mentioned, it is also quite disconcerting that a compromised immune system can permit cancer cells to proliferate without restraint. Many types of cancer, including cancer of the breast, lung, stomach and colon, are associated with the continuous mutation of cells that are damaged by free radicals, an occurrence made possible by chronic inflammation.

It may also come to a point that the immune system that is supposed to defend the body becomes the very thing that assails the body, by allowing the development of serious autoimmune disorders, such as fibromyalgia, Lupus, Crohn’s Disease and Graves’ Disease.

It is only recently that inflammation has come under scrutiny as one of the most treacherous villains responsible for these serious illnesses.  What makes inflammation so dangerous is that people can already be suffering from it without even realizing it until it’s too late.

Usually, when symptoms become noticeable, the consequences of inflammation that has been lying dormant and keeping cover in the body for years are already quite serious and could even be life-threatening.

So what are some of the primary causes of inflammation? There are many factors that have already been identified to contribute to unwanted and unhealthy inflammation, including a genetic predisposition, smoking and high blood pressure.

Poor diet, that is, a diet comprising mostly sugars, processed foods, refined flours and trans fats, is another major contributor to the body’s inflammation intensification, as is the experience of daily stress. Failure to include nutrient-dense foods as part of the diet can be a major contributing factor for chronic inflammation.

Chronic infections due to viruses, parasites or bacteria that afflict the body, as well as chronic food and environmental allergies also do not bode well for the anti-inflammatory cause.

How to fight chronic inflammation

In spite of the gravity of the consequences and ill effects of inflammation, the good news is that it is a condition that can easily be managed and even prevented through simple and ordinary strategies. Many of its causes can actually be managed, reduced and taken out of the equation.

Regular and Moderate Exercise

One of the most effective ways to combat inflammation is exercise. Any type of regular physical activity, be it walking, running, dancing, cycling, swimming or even yard work, reaps priceless anti-inflammatory benefits. A mixture of aerobic and non-aerobic exercise such as moderate weightlifting lowers the body’s inflammation levels by producing more antioxidants and destroying free radicals that are related to prolonged inflammation. For it to be optimally beneficial though, exercise must be engaged in for at least thirty minutes daily.

This schedule is preferable to long bouts of exercise done intermittently. It is important to note, though, that moderation in exercise is key. Overdoing it may cause the muscles and joints to be sore and trigger the inflammatory process, thus defeating the purpose of exercise.

Appropriate Diet

Observing a particular diet is another sure way to counteract inflammation. The ideal diet involves daily meals that include generous helpings of vegetables, whole foods, fibers, superfoods with high omega-3 fatty acids to inhibit the production of inflammatory chemicals.

When it comes to herbs, turmeric and ginger do wonders in the battle against inflammation while adding extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, flaxseed, hemp or wheat germ oil to our meals enhances our body’s anti-inflammatory potential even more.

On the other hand, we should avoid foods that are rich in sugar, processed foods and trans-fat as these serve to induce the body’s production of inflammatory chemicals. Steering clear of vegetable shortening, hard margarine, sunflower oil, corn oil, safflower oil, corn oil and all partially hydrogenated oil would definitely be a wise move.

Needless to say, we would also do well to avoid meat and high-fat dairy products.

Unfortunately, majority of people are not too conscious about consuming more of the anti-inflammatory fats such as omega-3s and omega-9s, and less of pro-inflammatory fats, such as omega-6, which can lead to a population beset by preventable diseases.

It is such a pity, especially since the difference between healthy comfort and severe illness can be determined by something as simple as eating the right food. With an anti-inflammatory diet, symptoms may be kept at bay and the course of illnesses may be altered and even prevented.


Individual sensitivities and allergies to certain foods, commonly wheat and dairy, should likewise be taken seriously. These foods, when consumed, trigger a bodily reaction and are considered as unwelcome invaders, causing the immune system to produce inflammatory chemicals. Ignoring food sensitivities such as lactose intolerance and gluten sensitivity is one sure way to suffer from chronic inflammation. If we truly want to keep inflammation levels at an optimum, we should avoid known food allergens and take the trouble to find out what other food products we are allergic to.

Mental Health

It may be hard to believe but a person’s mental health and emotional well-being also contribute to the body’s inflammation levels. When people are angry or stressed, their cortisol levels go up. Cortisol is a stress hormone that activates inflammatory chemicals that inundate the body, leaving it with unpleasant consequences. It is important, therefore, to deliberately maintain a calm and cool disposition as one way of subduing inflammation.


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Emma Deangela is the best selling author of The Alkaline Diet Program and 80/20 Fat Loss. She has helped over tens of thousands of men and women to lose weight and transform their health with sound nutrition advice.

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20 responses to “Inflammation – The Silent Enemy Inside Your Body”

  1. Verna Kershaw Avatar
    Verna Kershaw

    I have many inflammatory conditions and am working with a wonderful doctor. I always like reading more information about my condition as it reinforces what I already know and am doing to improve my health.
    Thank you

  2. LINDA CAROL Avatar


  3. Judi Avatar

    I loved this article. I have a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia and have tried anything and everything to get better. I find this diagnosis to be the “we don’t have a clue” answer. Some days it seems that one could fry an egg on my arms. I am vegan so that isn’t my nutritional problem and have tried the removal of sugar and then wheat from my diet. Maybe I didn’t try long enough. I am for sure going to try the Energize Reds. I would love to read more about Fibromyalgia help and things I could do to get off of the meds. Help!!!! My body is on fire and no one knows why.

    1. Carla Avatar

      Check and treat for leaky gut. It helped with my fibromyalsia 🙂

    2. Pauline Moreno Avatar
      Pauline Moreno

      I would start to include some superfoods in your diet. I get up every morning and take Spirulina, brewers yeast, and psyllium in water (never mind the taste! it’s good for you). I limit my animal protein to 5% of my total caloric intake which is usually my morning plain Greek yogurt (probiotics) with fruit and nuts. I eat mostly veggies, fruit, and plant protein (that’s the brewers yeast… Google it!); limiting my legume intake to 1/2 cup a day; the rest I eat nuts (about 2 oz. per day). I also drink 3 – 4 quarts of water daily. I am 67 years old, take no life sustaining drugs, and my blood pressure runs around 120/70! I grow as much of my food as I can and I can it so I can use it over the winter (can’t winter garden where I live). I also take an organic digestive enzyme with every meal.

    3. Linda Avatar

      I have the same issue . I am being treated by an acupuncturist for another problem , but she tells me that the “fire” we feel is from stagnant blood. She used a technique on me called Cupping and it has helped that tremendously. My heart goes out to you – it is a Daily battle.

  4. mary gomez Avatar
    mary gomez

    That’s wonderful you’nt stuck doing nothing
    Yes alkalize your body that’s simple

  5. Henry Avatar

    My kidneys need a overhaul job, they function very poorly, what do recommend? Diet, supplements, treatments? need urgent help.

    1. mary gomez Avatar
      mary gomez

      To Henry how long have you had this issue and how old are

    2. Pauline Moreno Avatar
      Pauline Moreno

      Drink plenty of water!

    3. sandra Avatar

      You need a kidney cleanse. Order from nature sunshine. Its usually a ten day cleanse.

  6. Arachne Avatar

    The gov. says we’re not to speak of natural healing methods; they once burnt people for that. I can however speak from personal experience; I have been studying herbal healing and natural foods since I became a cancer statistic. YOU must become your own best friend in truth; study. Not online one-sided sales talk. Get to amazon and stock the bookshelf. I lost my bladder to cancer, and had major issues with all the rest of the “plumbing” so it made things *very* complicated and I am far from over the rough spots, but; I did just pass a 10mm stone. (yep) Get Louise Tenneys book; “Todays Herbal Health”. Get Rebecca Woods book “The New Whole Foods Encyclopedia” and when your body craves a food, I suggest you grab up that book and see just what your body is trying to tell you. Watch out for white sugar! Find and support a farmers market as close to your home as possible and use honey. (can be used for wounds..err…they say that is..) If it used to have seeds when we were kids and is now touted as “seedless”; stay away. It is a “GMO” toxic “food” owned by companies like Monsanto. Our corn, wheat, soy for the most part; is all GMO in the states. Other countries; wont allow GMO’s. Its my opinion that since cancer sure makes them money, we here are to hush up and eat that white bread, gmo-fed animal on our plate with a side of gmo veggies. has some books that are eye opening; I just put “Herbal antibiotics” at the top of the sure wish the doctors would read this, list. Did you know for all their years of study to become a “professional” healer, not one day, not one hour is spent on working with nature. Good grief, even aspirin originated from the willow tree. Get on *real* pomegranate juice right now. Stay away from all forms of drink but your water and juice..and make the juice pom. or cranberry, grape is helpful but you have to know the source of said grape..its the dark red seeded grapes that are the ones you want, and thats not going to be found in the grocery store aisle. There are “tinctures” which are herbs in liquid form..go to montanafarmacy online and read up on “bidens pilosa” & “sida acuta” might be useful to know. Also interesting is “braggs apple cider vinegar” to which you add in some of that honey..and some for after. I hope it helps, I know very well how painful it is. Drink water constantly..but if you see things arent…right. DONT do the “maybe it’ll get better” because an infection can get into the blood stream, and antibiotics are NOT working. Cloudy, strange/change in color, blood; get to the BEST hospital..might not be the closest as in my case *sigh* BUT I also know it can mean the difference between life and death. Ps; make sure the juices you pick are keeping your system alkaline, not acidic. errrr…someone told me that. “eat right, live longer” by Dr Neal Barnard is helpful too, but written before the realization of the GMO culling of America..and there is NO such thing as canola, which is so highly touted as healthy oil. Try to buy a canola..bush, or tree, or seeds. You wont find them. The gov. also decided not to bother to tell us its truly a toxic weed known as rapeseed. The name being offensive, it would have been harder to get the citizens to believe its good for us. Simple; change the name. Use Olive oil at a lower temp if using oil at all. sorry so long..stumbled into this site on another “mission” and apparently was meant to find your words. Be your own best friend and caretaker. Ask questions. Get second opinions if your gut tells you something isnt quite right. Best wishes.

    1. Ch Avatar

      I found your LONG spiel to be inspiring! I have always been so conscious of my immediate and even non-immediate family that I pass myself up! I will try to be more aware of what I need. Thanks again!

  7. Kathy Avatar

    Get a ph balancer for your kidneys to keep your body in an alkaline state. They have a very easy way to test strips to check your levels and natural ph balances from your natural path to help your kidneys. Sometimes more water just isn’t enough. Of course up your water, eat heathy, watch your sugar intake and take your ph balence rand WOW what a difference, I only know so much because of what the hospitals did to my son by giving him non approved meds that he happened to be allergic to. He was 3. He is now 10 and still were struggling to get the meds out that are trapped in his body. Much testing has proved they are still trapped in his fatty tissues which for seven years has put him in an acidic state. It’s only recently that, on our own, we have figured out how to make him in an alkaline state. For the first time in seven years he is detoxing meds the hospital gave to him seven years ago. ALKALINE STATE IS THE KEY TO HEATH.

    1. Nadine Avatar

      @kathy what did you use to alkalise your son.

    2. Sue Avatar

      Agree 100%!!

  8. Doris Lauland Avatar
    Doris Lauland

    I had problems with my stomach for twentie years been to so many Doc. No one help me. I have blotting , gas , swelling like I would be nine months pregnant . I had so many meds but nothing helps.

    1. Kathy Avatar

      Perhaps you should stay away from gluten

  9. Margart K. Olson Avatar
    Margart K. Olson


  10. Peg Avatar

    I would say go ack to the natural way God intended for us to eat before the flood so that would be without meat. Eat whole foods and fruit , nuts, herbs. Buy organic as much as possible as the food today is full of pesticides. Detox your body, start with colon cleans, then kidney, liver, pesticides and heavy metals. Use natural products. Alkaline your body. One good thing is to start each day with warm water and lemon.

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