Do You Poop Every Day?

poopEverybody’s bowel movements occur at different frequencies, and there is no scientific ideal for what the frequency should be other than “regularly.” Once a day is healthy, twice a day is healthy, and every other day is healthy. One of the most popular guidelines is that if your frequency is probably healthy if you poop anywhere between three times a day and once every three days.

Factors That Contribute To How Often You Poop:

•    Types and amounts of bacteria in the gut
•    What and how much you eat
•    How much fiber you eat
•    How much junk food you eat
•    How much water you drink
•    Whether or not you take probiotics
•    Whether or not you take antibiotics
•    How much dairy you consume
•    Whether or not you take certain medications, including but not limited to iron supplements, narcotic pain medicines, and antidepressants

While pooping less than once a day may be healthy for some people, it is sometimes a sign of constipation. Many people don’t know that they’re constipated; it can occur slowly over time and is easily dismissed by people who assume they don’t have a problem like that.

Bowel movements should be easy and smooth; it isn’t healthy to have to push or strain, and doing so can actually cause tears in the lower GI tract. Constipation itself can cause tears in the intestines, as it essentially means that you’re backed up with poop, which puts pressure on the organs around it. It’s also not good to have toxins and waste trapped in the body for longer than is necessary. Usually, food takes about three days to turn into waste and be excreted. With constipation, waste sits in the GI tract for longer, and that is not good for proper gastrointestinal health.

Signs Of Constipation Include:

•    Pooping less often than once every day or two
•    Feeling bloated most of the time
•    Being excessively gassy
•    Having to push or strain to poop
•    Being unable to eliminate completely
•    Having very hard poop
•    Having occasional but regular bouts of diarrhea
•    Abdominal pain

4 Natural Steps to Cure Constipation:

1) Eat plenty of fiber foods every day, this will help to increase fiber intake to keep your bowel regular. Below is some of the high fiber foods that can help constipation.

Prunes (Fiber 7 grams per 100 grams) – Contains natural laxative too
Lentils (Fiber 8  grams per 100 grams)
Black beans (Fiber 16 grams per 100 grams)
Raspberries (Fiber 6 grams per 100 grams)
Artichoke (Fiber 5 grams per 100 grams) – One of the highest fiber foods among other vegetables.
Flax seeds (Fiber 27 grams per 100 grams)

2) Exercise in general can also help you stay regular. Here are some recommended workouts and exercises for constipation –

a) 3 quarter squats: The squat position aligns more of the intestinal tract downward and this will help facilitate bowel movement. To do a 3 quarter squats, simply bend down half as far as you would bend to sit in a chair.

b) Lunges: Lunges work because they help exercise your thigh muscles. They also help to move the intestines back and forth. Do at least 5 lunges every day for the best results.

c) Other exercises like brisk walking, jumping rope, swimming, also helps to improve blood flow in your body and can help constipation.

3) Put a footstool a few inches in front of the toilet. It helps you elevate your knees so that you’re sitting closer to a 35-degree angle. This is similar to the squatting angle that helps to move the bowel.

The 90-degree angle that toilets cause you to sit at is not conducive to elimination. Simply putting your feet up on a stool and leaning forward will help.

4) Take probiotics daily.

A study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that people who take probiotics tend to poop more frequently and have softer stools than those who do not. The strain of bacteria called Bifidobacterium lactis particularly improved constipation symptoms.

This study took into account the experiences of over a thousand patients, and there are dozens of similar studies that prove the effectiveness of probiotics against constipation. As a side note, probiotics are universally considered healthy and effective against quite a few other health issues. Probiotics significantly improve gut health and can also benefit the immune system.

I highly recommend ProbioShield because of the number of strains in the probiotics and there are more than 25 billion CFUs of probiotics. Watch the video in the link below –

Probiotics for Constipation

If you think that you even might be constipated, then it is worth looking into. Constipation often gets worse over time, and it can cause serious problems if left untreated. There is no need for medications when treating mild to moderate constipation; you simply need to eat more fiber, drink plenty of water, and maybe take probiotics or exercise more often. A study published by physicians in The American Journal of Gastroenterology found that around 63 million Americans meet the criteria for constipation.

It often goes along with poor diet, so people who have been eating a lot of junk food for a long time may have been constipated for years and have just never realized it. It’s important to maintain the best gastrointestinal health that you can; gut health is a major factor in many diseases, and poor gut health can influence your every day life.

Pick out a few foods that you enjoy on the high-fiber list above and add them to your next grocery list. Thankfully, constipation is easily treated and most people can become regular again within just a few days.

If you are constantly having unhealthy stool, you might want to take good care of your gut and digestive system. Go to the next page and watch the 3 tips for better gut and digestive presentation.






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19 responses to “Do You Poop Every Day?”

  1. sheryl kapala Avatar
    sheryl kapala

    You said “you could have as much as 10 or 20 pounds worth of rotting food stuck in your colon ” What do you suggest to clean the colon out.? I have problems with only eliminating a few times a week and feeling as though its not fully eliminated, and when I read that you could have 10-20 lbs worth stuck in your colon????? Wow!

    1. Ivonne Avatar

      Take your weight divide by half and that is how many ounces of water you should be drinking per day. It REALLY helps to clean out the colon and keep you hydrated.

  2. Minnie Franklin Avatar
    Minnie Franklin

    Thanks so much for this information. You’re right, so many people don’t talk on this subject. I’m so glad that we finally got someone to do this. You’re a blessing indeed.

    Thanks again,
    Mrs. Franklin

  3. judy Avatar

    I have leaky gut …..I also do not have bowel movements…..I mean I can go a week or more…then I have to take a tea or something else to go…..I do take iron but it is a non-constipating type…..I eat fiber…lots of blkberries, rasberries and blueberries…..I have an apple a day…..I am diabetic..type 2 n have allergies…esp to almost all antibiotics….I moderately exercise am a young 73 who was always thin but am very overweight n am having hard time losing…what do u rec???? I would be very interested to see what u think…please respond by e-mail……thank you

    1. elektra Avatar

      I read magnesium deficiency can make you constipated.

  4. Mrs. Biedron Avatar
    Mrs. Biedron

    Thanks so much for the reminder of just how very important this subject is. Your sharing of this information has me determined to take better heed of this subject. Man has been made not to poop sitting on a toilet but in the fields or the idea of elevating your knees is certainly a great tip. I am adding more fiber to my diet this morning, thanks for the reminder to do so! Your article is timely and much appreciated.

  5. Gentleman Avatar

    If you’re gay pooping is absolutely necessary if you plan on having intercourse with your loved one every night.

    I recommend forcing water in the anus before loving making.

    My boyfriend takes care of his anus and bowels like they’re a new house or something. This helps me out a lot because I’m extremely well hung.

  6. Tim Avatar

    What about magnesium? I could not live without it.

  7. Brown Clown Avatar
    Brown Clown

    Oh what I would give to drop a twenty-pounder in the bowl.

    Pictures via text would be sent to everyone I know. I would be crowned “king of the commode.”

  8. S Gilligan Avatar
    S Gilligan

    I have suffered years. I eat plenty of fiber and drink water as my preferred drink. Not an eater of meat and little fast food.Taking magnesium everyday has helped me with constipation.

  9. kyersavich Avatar

    I’m confused

  10. kimberly Avatar

    No matter how much i eat i don’t have bowel movements 2 times a day just one

  11. h a kader Avatar
    h a kader

    Please help. Wenever I hav a bowel movement I feel more sick. Tummy feels uneasy

  12. Pearl Avatar

    Please help i hardly have bowel movement if i do its hard small balls sometimes i have to force them out
    Please help

  13. Donna Avatar

    I am surprised you do not talk much about water. I am 79 & health professionals say people need 1/2 of their body weight in ounces,. A 160 lb. person needs 80 ounces a day
    preferable 70% before 2pm. then there is no constipation. drink alkaline ionized water at 8.0 to 9.5 pH. Then you are more hydrated also,.

  14. Pedro Arcanjo Avatar
    Pedro Arcanjo

    Nice, useful article! I’ve tried also coffee enemas and water fasting for three days as excellent ways to reduce weight and cleanse the intestines. Drink plenty of water and do intense cardiovascular workout with bike, step, ellypticals, threadmill…

  15. dana Avatar

    my daughter is 14 and suffering from constipation. she exercises, and rarely eats junk food. she wants to do a cleanse to relieve the constipation, bloated feeling and the abdominal pain. Is there a cleanse you suggest? what about enemas? thank you

  16. June morris Avatar

    Fibra, water, exercise. That’s the simple process for everyday pooping. Learned that a long time ago, but to stay on target is the challenge.

  17. jake Avatar

    wow good inforamition

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