Can Refined Salt Kill You?

Artisanal salt maker Koshin Odo once performed an experiment to show the differences in salts.

First he picked up a bunch of crabs from the beach.

He put a handful of them into salt water made from refined manufactured salt. The crabs died almost right away.

Next, he put another handful of crabs into salt water made from fresh water and unrefined rock salt (like Himalayan Pink Salt). They died within two days.

Then, he put the last handful of crabs into salt water using his brand of unrefined sea salt. The crabs lived. What’s more, the aquarium began to produce more life!

You see, most big brand salts you see in the store are refined. (And they taste like it too!)

What that means is —

  • They have had all their minerals and moisture stripped away.
  • They use sulfuric acid and chlorine to bleach the salt white.
  • They’re made in a way so that they’re an impossibly high 99.7% “purity”.

They would make it 100% pure but that last .03% is for the anti-caking agents. That’s the stuff that makes table salt flow out of your saltshaker.

(Real salt is moist, soft and tastes like the sea).

Problem is — anti-caking agents are essentially heavy metals, which are toxic to your body. Just take a look at their names: sodium ferrocyanide, ammonium citrate and aluminum silicate.

(Did you notice the poison “cyanide” and the chemical people clean washrooms with, “ammonia”?)

Why do the big name salt makers do this? In two words: “shelf life.” In one word: “profit.”

What’s more — the FDA allows them to have as much as 2% of your table salt be anti-caking and free-flowing agents!

But that’s not all…

The worst part is — some of them have caught on to America’s “health craze” and now put the “sea salt” label on their boxes.

But it’s all just a marketing ploy. Commercial “sea salt” may come from the sea… the question is — has it been refined?

Now, you may also be wondering — what’s wrong with “99.7% purity”? Isn’t that good?

That’s something else I discovered.

When you strip salt of its minerals… and you eat it, your body doesn’t “get it”. Refined salt is toxic without its minerals. It’s unnatural. So our bodies treat it like a foreign substance.

It doesn’t know how to use it properly. If the crabs can’t live in it, our body can’t use it either.

So if our body needs salt to live… but table salt, commercial “sea salt” and even koshering salt has toxins in it… what’s left?

Simple. We go back to how salt was made 150 years ago — before it became industrialized.

We eat unrefined sea salt made the way it was meant to be.

Brought to you by AztecSeaSalt™, a very special package of salt. It comes from La Laguna de Cuyutlán… the same place where the Aztecs got their salt over 500 years ago. Traditional salineros (salt farmers) continue to harvest this salt using an organic, 100% renewable process (evaporated naturally by the sun) — to protect the environment and wildlife. With your purchase, you are supporting this “small salt economy” of salineros, their families and their way of salt harvesting. Don’t wait, get yours here today, supply is limited.





4 responses to “Can Refined Salt Kill You?”

  1. frances droll Avatar
    frances droll

    sounds interesting. How does it differ from sea salt,
    Himalayan salt and celtic salt?

  2. Vickicali Avatar

    I look forward to throwing out all my asst salts, and buying Aztec salt

  3. Eugene Avatar

    Sounds good.

  4. Brunhilde Hawrylak Avatar
    Brunhilde Hawrylak

    I use Himalayan Salt it is not as salty as white Salt , I read about it that’s why I bought it

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