Are You Using This Appliance Found in 90% of American Homes That Was Banned By Russians?

There is a harmful cooking device found in 90% of the kitchens across the United States and other parts of the world. People are using this device in order to cook, defrost, or reheat their food each day. The microwave oven sitting on the counter in so many homes may be posing dangerous risks to people’s health.

The original microwave was invented by the Nazis during World War II as a portable cooking device for their troops. This enabled them to prepare meals using one piece of equipment on a large scale for their troops with convenience and without the hassle of transporting cooking fuels and extraneous equipment.

After the war, it was researched by American scientists and then went on the market for home use in the 1970s. The microwave was also researched by the Russians who decided to take opposite action regarding it. In fact, after conducting independent research on the microwave, the Russian government made the use of it illegal.

The Russian scientists who tested the microwaves concluded that they destroy the nutrients of food cooked in them and the resulting food becomes carcinogenic. Carcinogens have been found to potentially cause cancer.

What is So Bad About Microwave?

The FDA has tested and only allows microwaves on the market that are estimated to have safe levels of radiation, but there is still potential for a microwave to cause radiation to leak into the homes of those who use them. The problem with radiation in homes is a disconcerting factor, but the degradation of the food people are cooking in microwaves is of even greater concern.

Microwaves are electromagnetic energy waves that transmit information to basic communication systems such as television signals, satellite signals, and telephone signals across the planet. These types of electromagnetic energy waves are used in that black box that is referred to, as the name implies, as a microwave. A tube in the microwave called a magnetron generates micro wavelength radiation and interacts with the water molecules in the food which cooks it through steaming.

The water molecules in the food that is being cooked have negative and positive ends and when they are microwaved, they vibrate to their opposite polarities at very high frequencies. The radiation changes the polarity of the molecules in the food millions of times every second and deforms the molecular structure of the food particle. Therefore, microwaves damage the food as a means to heat it.

Due to the radiation from the microwave, the food no longer has the same structure and consequently does not offer the same value to one’s body when eaten. Microwaved food is denatured food which becomes carcinogenic in the body when consumed by people. Microwaving also decreases the body’s ability to use the vitamins and minerals left in the food. Yet, after being cooked in a microwave, there are almost no nutrients left in the food and it is close to the point of decay.

Essentially, microwaving food causes the beneficial properties of the food to become poison. For example, when milk is microwaved the beneficial amino acids, which are known as the building blocks of protein and are an essential part of human nutrition, turn into carcinogens. Another example is when vegetables that are raw, frozen, or previously cooked are heated through microwave radiation, the plant alkaloids are converted into carcinogens.

As a result of the molecular changes that take place in microwaved food, when people consume it they are taking a serious risk with their health. German and Russian researchers concluded that many biological processes are harmfully affected by eating microwaved foods. They believe that digestive disorders, increases of cancer cell formation in the blood, and lymphatic disorders are caused by consuming microwaved foods over extended periods of time.

There is also a term called “microwave sickness,” coined by Robert O. Becker, about the detrimental health effects on humans with high exposures to the radiation from microwaves. The most common symptoms of “microwave sickness” are stress syndrome and high blood pressure. Other common symptoms of “microwave sickness” are headaches, insomnia, immune system disorders, and vision problems, among many others.

Other research indicates that consuming microwaved food causes changes in the blood that can have detrimental health effects on consumers. A controversial and very small study done by Dr. Hans Hertel, a Swiss food scientist, concluded that these changes in the blood after consuming microwaved foods resulted in higher cholesterol levels, decreased white and red blood cells, increased amounts of radiolytic compounds, and lowered hemoglobin levels. These are all conditions which may pose serious risk to the health of an individual.

Using a microwave to defrost, cook, and reheat food is definitely convenient. Yet, doing so wastes money by depleting food of important nutrients and therefore denaturing the food’s essential purpose as fuel for the body. Consuming microwaved food also creates a toxic environment in the body and leaves it not only susceptible to diseases and health problems, but contributes toxins in order to create them. Thus, it is important to have other options for reheating, cooking, and defrosting food rather than using a microwave oven.

Practical Ways to Heat Up Your Food

There are many viable ways in order to avoid microwave use without completely sacrificing convenience when planning meals. An excellent way to ensure that vitamins and minerals in food are left unbroken is to incorporate raw vegetables into meals every day. Minimal processing of vegetables allows the body to access all of the nutrients that it needs from the raw plants. Yet, it is not necessary to eat everything raw in order to keep the integrity of the food intact.

A convection oven or toaster oven can be used to reheat food and both of these are less damaging to foods than microwaves. Defrosting food requires nothing more than removing the food from the freezer and leaving it in a sink full of water for a few hours. Many cultures over the world cook and reheat foods on the stovetop rather than relying on a microwave for convenience.

The most practical ways to lessen the need for a microwave are to plan ahead and to prepare meals that require minimal amounts of cooking! Leaving microwave cooking as a relic of the past will enable better health for those on the planet and will provide a better opportunity for the health of future generations.

About the Author:

Emma Deangela is the best selling author of The Alkaline Diet Program and 80/20 Fat Loss. She has helped over tens of thousands of men and women to lose weight and transform their health with sound nutrition advice.

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96 responses to “Are You Using This Appliance Found in 90% of American Homes That Was Banned By Russians?”

  1. Carolyn Avatar

    We thought that we would miss having a microwave so much, but we use a pot or a pan to re-heat and don’t even think of a microwave at all…

  2. Phil Avatar

    I understand that carcinogenic chemicals are released when food is cooked/ heated in any form of plastic. However, could you provide clinical research confirming your info related to general microwave use? Microwaves have been around for a long time. Therefore, the research should abundant.

    1. Simona09 Avatar

      there is no research but hearsay
      one tells you its no good , another tells you its nothing to worry about ‘you do as you feel what works for you
      research is only done for medication and even that can go wrong , ready meals can poison you but nobody tells you why, Hypothyroidism can make food a gamble any day with or without Microwave
      I never found anything useful for my Thyroid problem, its good for one but not good for another person, not all fits all same with Microwave , I love the saving on Power ,

  3. Sandy Halliday Avatar

    I got rid of our microwave years ago. We have not missed it at all.

    It’s interesting that microwaves are used in gene altering technology to deliberately break and neutralize “life-force” so they can be manipulated.

    Microwaves destroy the the life-force that gives food its vitality and nourishment.

    One of the worst things I see new mothers doing is heating their babies bottles in the microwave oven. They tell me they didn’t think a few minutes would matter. I would not take the chance.


    1. Gio Avatar

      When my son was born in 1987 the first thing that a nurse said was to “never, ever, warm baby formula in a microwave.” She explained the same reason as why not to do so.

      1. Faye Avatar

        I presume the nurse told you that microwaves don’t heat things evenly, and that is why you shouldn’t heat baby bottles in them.

  4. Janice Thompson Avatar

    I got rid of my microwave several years again, because it just did not feel a healthy way to treat and eat food. This wonderful article absolutely confirms what I have long suspected. I admit it did take my then adolescent children some time to get used to not having one, but it is no problem at all anymore to any of us, and I am sure we are all a lot healthier than we could have been if we had kept it.

    1. PUNISHER Avatar

      have not seen any reasurch, or proof that microwave ovens are bad. if you stand 5 feet from it, you wont get the high emf’s that can cause cancer. you have more of a chane getting cancer from your cell phone. the plastic they use in frozen dinners is not the bad plastic. they stopped using it 10 years ago. you paranoid?

      1. Bart Keough Avatar
        Bart Keough

        Bart Are You blind or what…Punisher.? Must be in denial.. there’s dozen’s of articles on the studies of the effects Microwaves have upon food alone…! Have You ever heard of Google.. Get real..!! Lol

      2. MaryAnne Sculley Avatar
        MaryAnne Sculley

        Duh, “punisher”. Did you eat paint chips as a kid, too? It’s about degrading the food by reheating it (especially) this way. They’re not writing about … the plastic or emf’s. (You don’t know, what you don’t know…)—Good Luck.

  5. Lezlie Ely Avatar
    Lezlie Ely

    This is a machine I don’t use often, however just the thought that this was invented by the Nazis, is enough for me to not want to use it at all!!

    1. Simona09 Avatar

      how nice if the Nazis are in your Microwave
      how grazy can the world be
      wake up folks ,
      nazy did airoplanes Amerikans did Micro=waves when they build Rocketts and flew to the moon
      I love my Microwave and will not listen to bull like you write to me ,
      so sorry that everybody tells us Hitler and nazi are still around to make people Idiots , you better watch out what ISIS will do even without Microwave , they have big knifes

  6. Robert A. Avatar
    Robert A.

    I’m willing to listen, but not for long if there are no references regarding the “research” procedures and results. It’s awfully easy to say that Russians and Germans performed studies, but without formal information corroborating the studies’ results, it’s awfully hard to believe the assertions. Like I said, I’m open to listening, but not for long if there are no resources to cite. I’m with Phil on his point of asking for sources of your info.

    That said, I do like the suggestions of using convection ovens and slow defrosting procedures in prepping different foods for cooking.

  7. Laurie Avatar

    I would love to pass this info on to those I know, but without documentation of your statements (ie. references), I won’t be saying much!
    I have never trusted microwaves & would like greater proof of their safety/dangers. Our microwave died several months ago, & we have decided not to replace it. It is however, the only means at work to heat my food:-(

  8. Susan Avatar

    If you reheat foods, I highly recommend Chinese bamboo steamer.
    You find them in Asian market along with wok.
    You need fairly large ones (i.e. both steamer and wok).
    Place foods to be heated in a flat dish that the steamer can accomodate, then place in the steamer.
    Put water in wok and wait until it become vigorous boil before you place the steamer with the foods and heat accordingly. Be careful about the hot steam.
    You may have to go a little trial and errors before you come to know how long the foods takes for proper temperature. Other type of steamer should be also good, but I got used to this method.

    1. Carol Avatar

      What kind of steamer can be used if I don’t have a bamboo one? I live in a smallish town in the Midwest and there are quite a few things that can’t be found locally. I know that if health is important I can afford the extra taxes and shipping fees.
      The article about microwaves is scary! It makes a lot of sense though.

      1. Linda Jean Avatar
        Linda Jean

        I use a basket steamer. One made of stainless steel. Usually use it for veggies, and they taste so good! The steamer is round, and folds in or opens out.

  9. LUNA Avatar



    1. Jim Avatar

      All in caps? And the way you write sounding like a nutcase? Learn how to communicate please or don’t post on websites.

      1. Henry Avatar

        Some people type in caps because of their eyesight, not because of hollering and some people can’t spell very good and maybe doesn’t have spellchecker. Don’t be so quick to judge. Just saying…

        1. Beth Avatar

          Why are people so easily led. Just because someone decided that caps meant hollering, people actually imagine that they are being yelled at, how stupid, upper or lower caps so what? it’s still the same message. I’m just mystified. .

          1. Ra2pax Avatar

            Lol, good one Beth. Me tinks Jim ran up the hill and fell on his CAPs. Hahahahah. I think lm goin to put my bamboo steamer in the microwave. LOL LOL.


        To say that to some one who had her cap button on and expressed their self honesty .. Makes you sound like a nut! How dare you tell some one who may have vision are financial problems and cannot afford another key board with a sticky key board to stop posting on the internet! .Do you own it?..Not only does this make you sound like a nut but proves you are very insensitive and shallow..

        1. SHERRY PAINTER-BURNS Avatar

          To say that to some one who had her cap button on and expressed their self honestly .. Makes you sound like a nut! How dare you tell some one who may have vision are financial problems and cannot afford another key board that may have sticky keys to stop posting on the internet! .Do you own it?..Not only does this make you sound like a nut but proves you are very insensitive and shallow..

        2. Cedar Avatar

          You don’t sound too rational yourself. How are people supposed to know that a person is not yelling or has a crappy keyboard because they can’t afford anything better? Did you manage to extrapolate all that from Luna’s message?

      3. RandiJ. Avatar

        Jim, You are Mr. Know-it-all. Must be nice to feel that superior and criticize others without knowing their situation. By the way, how many times we heard—coffee is bad, tomatoes cause cancer, fruits are full of chemicals etc. Than— 1-2 coffee cups are good for you, tomatoes fight cancer etc. Who knows??? Maybe you!

    2. Roxanne Avatar

      You do sound crazy . It’s the quality of life that should be the aim . Living with energy and without diseases .. such as cancers ..

      1. Debbie Avatar

        I liked your comment, yes, its the quality of life that matters the most, trying to stay disease free and if we find out about harmful foods or appliances, I personally am thankful when its brought to my attention, for those that don’t care, do what you want!

        1. Carol Avatar

          Agree Debbie! Keep a clear head about stuff, all things in moderation I say?

    3. Cedar Avatar

      Let’s not be a worry wart but let’s not bury our heads in the sand either. Think of all the organisations who told us that smoking wasn’t hazardous and that used asbestos freely (and still would if they could get away with it) and all the promoters of GMOs who insist that they are safe now; where will they be when the chickens come home to roost (assuming the chickens have survived being fed GMO grain!)

  10. Cathy Avatar

    I agree with Jim – stop yelling!! Also, I agree with the other posters – if you are going to say something is that bad for the health of humans in general, please provide references and studies to back up the claims. Too many organizations and people get on their high horse and proclaim modern things as bad for us and scare everyone for no reason.

  11. Free Avatar

    why dont you all research it yourselves and then comment?

    1. mom Avatar


  12. Seeking spirit Avatar
    Seeking spirit

    I agree w/ Free–good idea, don’t be lazy and expect people to do it for you. Do you own due diligence and seek for yourselves…

  13. phillip anti Avatar
    phillip anti

    I can’t disagree with the article…I started using a microwave 6 yrs ago when i moved and I could certainly do without it

  14. Willow Moon Avatar
    Willow Moon

    Here is a website I found that tells about the Russian’s banning microwaves and the research done.

    1. Ben Ryterband Avatar
      Ben Ryterband

      Thank you for this link two years later.

  15. Pastor Willie Avatar
    Pastor Willie

    At first read, I thought to give a copy of this article to the congregation. However, after reading the suggested link I immediately changed my mind. It pays to garner research from official and worthwhile sites in order to accumulate the truth. Apparently, the microwave is not as harmful as the article declared. Whatever you do be informed about the benefits and consequences.

    1. Alexi11 Avatar

      If it were mentioned in the bible would it be treated as true? Just a thought.

  16. Bobbaloo Avatar

    Microwave radiation surrounds us all the time. Radio and TV broacasts are microwave emissions; so is wi-fi, as you point out in your article. Yet somehow, the human lifespan continues to lengthen. Where is your evidence that microwave cooking harms or changes food? Frankly, your paragraph on polarity of molecules sounds like fantasy to me. Microwave radiation cooks food by heating the H2O molecules in the food. This is done by excitation. State changes as the water heats up, but show me how this changes “polarity” (an odd word in this context, since water is not magnetropic), or, more amazing yet, turns alkaloids et al into carcinogens. We are in a new age of junk science, as people ignore what they should fear and fear based on unsupported claims. Kindly provide references to your foreign scientists and their properly conducted studies, or stop spreading irrational fears. In general, I am very suspicious of health food type sites on line. They seem careless with facts, happy to spread fear in exchange for hits, and they encourage a credulous audience.

    1. Roxanne Avatar

      Statistically we may live longer .. Statistically we have more cancers and other health issues related to foods of all kinds , vegetables , fruits , due to pesticides ( poison ) than ever before . Again it’s about the quality of life . I can live without it founded proof or otherwise . I believe it’s dangerous .

  17. Silvia Avatar

    Thank You,,,,just in time you arrive to m home…my microwave oven just broke and was anxious to go and bu a new one,,,y

    you saved me my life,

  18. Bruce Avatar

    Percy Spencer invented the first microwave oven after World War II from radar technology developed during the war. Named the “Radarange”, it was first sold in 1947. Raytheon later licensed its patents for a home-use microwave oven that was first introduced by Tappan in 1955, but these units were still too large and expensive for general home use. The countertop microwave oven was first introduced in 1967 by the Amana Corporation, which was acquired in 1965 by Raytheon.

  19. Janice Avatar

    I have always thought this because of something I read a long time ago. Then I had a roommate who LOVED the microwave and always uses it. He said that a doctor told him it was better to use the microwave than to use other cooking methods because it was a shorter period of time for cooking. I personally thought he was crazy, but better to keep peace in the house than to tell him that he is just crazy. I am very happy to see this article, it makes more sense than anything else, plus food doesn’t taste as good after being microwaved. Thank you.

  20. Rogerm Avatar

    Why would FDA allow the use of Microwave if this is truly not advisable? Almost all households here in USA have been using microwave.

    1. Marina D Avatar
      Marina D

      Yes how come the FDA is not banning the sale of microwaves if it is that bad?

    2. Cedar Avatar

      You really trust the FDA?

  21. Arthur Klauss Avatar
    Arthur Klauss

    I have also gotten rid of my microwave a couple of years ago. I usually reheat leftovers on the stove by adding a little water to the pot of beans, rice, or by putting a completed casserole or cut of meat in the stove for 5 to 10 meats. I don’t miss the microwave at all and saves counter space.

  22. sarah south Avatar
    sarah south

    what do you think Sarah..

  23. Margaret Avatar

    I’m confused, I really dont know what to believe. I use my microwave to heat cold coffee each day. I also use it to warm foods. I never go past 5 min. Sometimes I make a T.V. dinner
    other then that I dont use it for anything else. I’m 74 years old and what the heck I dont want to stop doing this.

  24. arden Avatar

    Is induction cooking safe?

  25. Jessie Jeppesen Avatar
    Jessie Jeppesen

    I am almost 90, live by myself and there is no way I can start using a stove again. My hands are too shaky and weak and I’m afraid to use the oven. I can’t afford to buy a convection or toaster oven. I can’t even stand long enough to cook a normal. meal, but I’m trusting on God to keep me going. How long do I want to last anyway? My mother died of colon cancer when she was 98. I will just Praise the Lord when he decides t take me!!!

    1. Jenni Avatar

      You sound like an awesome lady, Jessie. I admire your Godly attitude! [I have an excellent, trustworthy resource proving God is bigger than any thing or idea made up against us…. Isaiah 55:8–9]

    2. Marvalous Marva Avatar
      Marvalous Marva

      Praise the Lord Sister Jessie, yes God will take care of you. He is an awesome God, and so are you! Keep on praising God, and using your microwave.

    3. Bill Avatar

      I like using the M/wave. I’m 79 have used one for 50yrs. If I should pass away tomorrow, what a good life I’ve lived with M/wave cooking.

  26. Cedar Avatar

    Many years ago I read an article citing research that had been done, whose conclusions were that microwaving altered proteins but were OK for cooking vegetables. It is so long ago and I didn’t think I would need to remember who did the research but I have always felt uncomfortable about microwaves ever since and would not have one in the house. (Their emissions are dangerous too if their seals are worn).

  27. Cedar Avatar

    rogerm – you have great faith in the FDA. I’m afraid that I don’t share your confidence. They pass many things that are not safe or only marginally so. Your government are in the process of allowing increased pesticide use (I think it was a 2 thousand percent increase in the use of pesticides on GMO foods, so that is why I have no faith in government agencies.

    1. Scarlet Avatar

      The FDA is comprised of many former executives and employees from Big Ag and Big Pharma. They really don’t care about protecting Americans health. It’s all about the money. They actually attack more healthy alternatives because it doesn’t allow for as much use of synthetic drugs. It’s a vicious cycle. They can’t be trusted and all it takes is reading many articles of what they pursue as bad, yet allow heavy pesticide use and GMOs that have been laden with pesticides.

  28. Cedar Avatar

    rogerm. See for info on what is being proposed (pushed onto us) by vested interests with the governments help.

  29. Cedar Avatar

    Sorry that should read 4,000% roger

  30. amy Avatar

    The modern technology is of course very handy.Everything happens in fraction of seconds..but why is today’s world more prone to diseases than the previous period,its just because of these kind of stuffs. Be it microwave, mobile, refrigerator everything is causing damage in some or other means.We all know many of the disadvantages of these appliances but still persist to use just because we are used to it and want things to happen in no time.

  31. Alfild Schroeder Avatar

    I gave mine away . Any time a person has to be concerned if a microwave is being used when they may have a pace maker , proves to me, it`s there it`s everywhere. I want no part of them . When things are too good to be true they usually are. Not worth the risk. I`m not willing to take that chance. Mine even had a toaster. Not worth the risk. People want to use them fine ,start without me. Common sense has to come in somewhere wouldn`t you think?

  32. Learical Avatar

    I don’t ‘cook’ in mine, except popcorn. You can always use a lower wattage oven, or lower the power Level. Microwaves are not particularly for cooking meals with flavor, imo. This article kind of reminds me of the ‘reports’ that “Mother’s milk causes cancer.”, shortly after I stopped breast feeding!! That piece of ridiculousness struck fear in many hearts.

    1. Janet Avatar

      The absolute worst thing you can do with a microwave oven is to make microwaved popcorn. Read the ingredient list, that’s what will kill you long before the effects of micro waves.

  33. scott g Avatar

    I only use the microwave to re-het up a up of coffee in a microwave safe mug.

  34. floridahank Avatar

    I use a crock pot or a steamer for my cooking these days.
    They can handle most any kind of a meal. For a steak,
    there’s always a cast iron pan — no need for a microwave anymore.


    This is highly important to the kitchen people.
    But how to avoid in 5* hotel/motel?
    so that we can presume/assume that Microwave mobile tower is also harmful for mankinds

  36. Drbava Avatar

    I’m not sure how accurate this article is, but then again there are a lot of ideas out there about things we eat and use on a daily basis that are harmful to us. If you look at the history of the increase in diseases over the last 40 or so years, you will see a huge increase in cancers and other diseases. Granted some of this is due to new discoveries in medicine. But I also believe that the majority of disease is being caused by our diet, and poor lifestyle choices. People don’t want to change what they’re doing to get healthier, especially if it means more work.
    Regarding the FDA approving it so it must be okay. Be careful of being so trusting. The FDA has approved many things that are harmful to us,yet we continue to consume them anyway.
    A perfect example is Aspertame. It was approved over thirty years ago before it had been thoroughly tested, the FDA saying it was safe, yet people immediately began having reactions to consuming it. Because everyone wasn’t affected, it stayed on the market. If you are allergic to it like many I know, there are severe reactions, migraines, loss of eyesight, digestion issues, etc. but the biggest strike against it is that it is one of the highest acidic producing chemicals you can put in your body.
    So my suggestion is, do your research, don’t believe everything you read until you’ve done the research yourself.
    And also remember, the reactions to a lot of these life altering choices doesn’t always happen overnight. It’s accumulative!!

  37. bobby Avatar

    Well, I am not convinced the microwave is unsafe. There appear to be no good studies showing the dangers and a few minor ones showing the opposite. Also, I am not surprised cancers are increasing. As people live longer, naturally accumulated DNA damage from any source will lead to more cancers. The sky is not falling!

  38. Ben Ryterband Avatar
    Ben Ryterband

    Agreed. We are adrift in cancer causing catalysts. I am far more concerned about that which is only too obvious and frightening: the looming disaster of ever accelerating climate change which we and various powers-that-be collectively seem powerless to moderate.

  39. Darryn Rodenberg Avatar
    Darryn Rodenberg

    and don’t eat eggs, they’ll kill you

  40. Cheryl Avatar

    We have not used a microwave oven for almost 5 years now. We don’t miss it at all! I just wish my kids would quit using theirs!!!

  41. Debbie Avatar

    Roxanne, I enjoy your comments! Short , to the point and common sense!!! cancer rate is sky rocketing! Wake up people! Stop living with your head in the sand!!! I personally appreciate being informed about a harmful food or appliance and have benefited by applying suggestions on this site, for those that don’t care, do what you want!!!!

  42. Elan Avatar

    You used to be able to get a very large book at the library called “The Zapping of America”. It explained, among other things, how the microwaves actually change the molecular structure of food, rendering it pretty useless as a source of any nutrition. It said that you may as well just dump your food straight into the toilet, for all the non existent benefit you would get from it if it were microwaved! I’ve done a lot of teting on them… None of it is good.

    1. Cathy Avatar

      Exactly…microwaves change the molecular composition of food, even water! My doctor in Mexico told me to quit using them years ago. I finally wised up in 2010. I have not missed this contraption. Geez…when it was first on the market, it was called a “radar range.” You’re infusing your food with radiation. People in this country want everything “fast” no matter what the consequences. I find most refuse to believe this kind of stuff and some even become combative.

  43. Rose Avatar

    My brother, when he was in the navy, was showing me around the ship. I noticed a semi circle painted on the floor and asked what it was for. His explaination was that when they were transmitting with the radio, it is extremely unwise to stand anywhere near the circle because it will “cook your organs with the micro waves” he went on to say tha the microwave oven was developed when it was noticed that whenever ships were transmitting, that seagulls flying overheard or in close proximity, where falling out of the sky cooked!
    So from cooked seagulls to the microwave oven of today.

    I haven’t had a microwave oven for over 25 years. I use a sandwichmaker, which i find works just as fast and efficiently.

  44. Cedar Avatar

    I heard about this 15 years ago so I never bought one. What I heard was that they were OK to cook vegetables but that they damage the proteins in foods. Unfortunately people who use them for convenience don’t want to know the facts about them.

  45. G.Nabi Avatar

    I gone through your article &comments with openion.I do appreciate your concern.I only can suggest the use of microwave occianly when it most needed

  46. Charpenn Avatar

    We each have to make up our own minds as to what is safe or not. I have read to never heat infant formula in the microwave because if destroys all the nutriants in it….That’s enough for me. I don’t cook in it but still use it only occasionally to heat a slice of pizza etc.

  47. John A. Schnurr Avatar
    John A. Schnurr

    There is nowhere in the article that gives us a date. So, not knowing how old the article is, or how out-of-date the research is, with today’s technology and constant improvements, I feel microwaves are perfectly safe and sane to use. We use ours all the time, and everything thawed, re-heated and even cooked in it is delicious and as tasty as if it were done on a stove top or in the oven.

  48. Jane Beech-Allen Avatar
    Jane Beech-Allen

    I have had serious doubts about microwaves for twenty five years. They are used in airline galleys and many stewardesses have contracted breast cancer and thyroid cancer they must be at some kind of risk using them. Also another friend had a microwave and it went wrong and the the family experienced a weird sensation in their mouths for several days after eating microwaved food. I think this speaks for it’s self.

    1. Fay Avatar

      Anyone spending much of their life at cruising altitude is subjected to solar radiation. Microwave use on planes is an insignificant source of radiation in comparison.

  49. Janet Horsburgh Avatar
    Janet Horsburgh

    I read an interesting article about a science project done by a British schoolgirl. She bought three identical pot plants and watered them with 1) tap water, 2) distilled water and 3) microwaved water. Number 1 lasted indefinitely, number two died after two weeks and number 3 died within three days. Whatever the effects of radiation may be, I would opt for retaining the nutrients in my food.

  50. Linda Avatar

    I bought a microwave in the 70’s , I did not like it. The meals I cooked for my family had no taste. You mix up a few ingredients, Turn on the microwave oven for a few minutes, toss it on the plates, sit down to a bland colourless meal. Where is the love, the creativity, planning and effort that goes into preparing healthy meals for your loved ones?

    I could and would not give up the joy of creating meals for my family for the sake of saving time. I put my microwave where it belonged, in the bin.

  51. Lynn Scheinoha Avatar
    Lynn Scheinoha

    This information confirmed what I’ve suspected for many years. It makes sense – I still use my microwave, but only in a “pinch” when I am really in a hurry. I find that covering food, and just placing in the oven for 20 mins. works well, and all areas are warmed evenly. Fresh is always best, but we all have left overs !

  52. astrid Avatar

    I stopped using microwaves 5 years ago. I would never use one again.

  53. William stokes Avatar
    William stokes

    I have heard about microwave dangers before and quite right the Russians do not use. Every time I use the microwave I will not stand near it while it is on due to the dangerous wave. I mainly cook over the normal oven and only use the microwave when I have little time to cook. Thank you for your story

    1. cali Avatar

      So many are missing the point…. even if you are standing away from the microwave and you are not being hurt by the microwaves.. your FOOD had been changed, possibly carcinogenic (CANCER CAUSING). I had a friend that pooh poohed everything and they have died of cancer. Stop being SHEEPLE, think for yourselves. Don’t be scared – do be informed! Yes its a choice. I choose to die old in my sleep, still walked the day before and wiped my own butt. Not like my friend all shriveled up in pain for a whole year before he died. Ya, its a choice, “ya gotta die of something”.. I don’t choose cancer!

  54. Curtis Avatar

    I have always wondered why some foods become either dry, hard or tough when put in the microwave oven. This information strengthen my belief that food that is cooked or reheated in this device is undergoing nutritional, physical and chemical changes.

  55. Mark Whitby Avatar
    Mark Whitby

    Good stuff Angela. I write technical articles myself. Might I suggest that you re-post this with some examples of the carcinogens produced by the microwaves and the study which revealed same or the word carcinogen carries no weight to sceptics and actually detracts from the impact and people tend to put it in the ‘to be confirmed’ basket..

  56. robert kendig Avatar
    robert kendig

    I only use a toaster oven and it works just fine with out any radiation…just takes a little longer !

  57. Cali Avatar

    George Foreman Grill…
    Vegetables And Meat
    Cook Rice on Stove and lots of it and bag/store some in freezer and warm thaw in simmering water
    You guys act like these professional men and authors are trying to force you too do something right for your body to have a fighting chance , instead you should be greatful for the information and start trying to eat healty so no body would have to wait on your disable premature elderly body, and for the next century the help ee use to get is gonna be none exist. And if you wealthy and wesk and old with greedy children look out.

  58. paul markus Avatar
    paul markus

    As I understood microwave is only heating the water by putting vibrational energy in, not by alternating polarity, as I understood the it can work a little bit like a magnet at micro-scale. As i understood the energy is not suficient to break bonds: for that you need ultraviolet irriadiation (think of sunburns) together with too much heat. With ordinary cooking you can destroy your food as well: overcooking destroys vitamins and burning your potatoes is a chemical change. I think that if you use your microwave in the correct way, just avoid overheating, that it makes no difference at all.

  59. Bozo Avatar

    O well. After 30 years of using one. I glow green at night…
    To late now!

  60. Ellie Mae Avatar
    Ellie Mae

    We are using the third microwave, after thirty years for everything from heating coffee to cooking chicken casseroles. We are both 84 years old, and have a variety of illnesses. from high blood pressure to lymphedema. skin cancers and prostate cancer, but we are still walking and are self-care. At this point in our lives, it could be at least five other reasons why we have all the health problems to cope with. After reading this article, though, we will pitch the microwave in the trash, and go back to using the glass top GE stove, the Stainless Steel pots, the flat counter grill., Toaster/Convection oven for all heating, and cooking needs.
    But for thawing, we never leave out food for hours to thaw. We put the un opened freezer bag of food into a Stew pot of hot water. in the sink.
    Then as for cell/ mobile technology, we have a family member, who used these devices continuously at work and home– who now has brain tumors being surgically removed.

    So oo who is to say that we live in a dangerous world or in a SAFE science world. Only God will tell us when our life will end. God bless you all

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