6 Natural Antibiotics That Fight Superbugs Naturally

antibiotic-capsule-pill-drugsTaking antibiotics is like blowing up an atomic bomb in your gut to wipe out everything and anything. It doesn’t differentiate between harmful and beneficial bacteria. It destroys all living organisms in its path unapologetically leaving you with some devastating side effects.

You should know that killing off prized probiotics causes an unpleasant shift in your intestinal flora. This can lead to opportunistic yeasts to spread like wildfire inside your body.

Many symptoms may begin to manifest such as a white coated tongue, vaginal yeast infection, toe nail fungus, dandruff, seborrhea dermatitis, tinea versicolor and more.

When the gut is lacking in beneficial bacteria food becomes harder to properly digest, bowel movements become irregular, your body finds it difficult to absorb nutrients and you’ll probably be feeling bloated all the time.

Antibiotics may kill off pathogenic organisms to make you feel better but at the same time it weakens your immune system which leads to more illness, a vicious cycle indeed. Instead of wreaking havoc on your body with damaging prescription drugs, try these wonderfully natural & gentle antibiotic alternatives instead!


Do you enjoy the aroma of garlic?  Well, did you know that this flavorful little bulbous plant has been cultivated by humans for over 7000 years and has been used for culinary and medicinal purposes since ancient times? It is a fascinating herb that has proven itself amongst humans for thousands of generations. However, you must consume garlic in its raw state to experience the full benefits.

High heat can destroy the fragile substances that make garlic one of the best natural antibiotics you could ever obtain. Although there is method you could employ to help preserve the active substances. Chop, slice, crush or mince the garlic and let sit for 20 minutes.

Scientific studies have shown that garlic contains Allium sativum which is effective against preventing and curing the common cold. Amazingly in both World Wars, soldiers used garlic as an antiseptic against gangrene. It has also been shown to be an effective remedy against fungal infections. It is most effective against chest infections & digestive disorders.

Another proven fact about garlic is that it can help cure your bad breath! Add some garlic to your mouthwash to fight off bad breath causing bacteria. Some evidence has even suggested that garlic can kill E. coli and antibiotic resistant superbugs. So what are you waiting for? Make sure you add garlic to your diet.

Manuka Honey

Do you love the taste of honey? Well you’ll be pleased to know that a special type of honey called Manuka honey is actually a potent and natural antibiotic.

Manuka Honey is created when bees feed from the nectar of the Manuka tree found in New Zealand. This honey is special because it contains methylglyoxal which is a major player in its antimicrobial component. Research has suggested that methylglyoxal has a strong relationship with the non-peroxide antibacterial activity (NPA) in manuka honey.

The higher the methylglyoxal, the stronger the NPA.  Manuka honey is usually sold with information about the strength of antibacterial property through their trademark UMF (Unique Manuka Factor). Make sure you purchase honey with a high UMF from a trusted and certified seller. Are you still unsure about this sweet & sticky super food?

There is actually some strong and compelling scientific evidence that supports manuka honey in its role as a natural antibiotic. Studies have indicated that manuka honey is effective at treating mild burns when applied directly.

Another study has suggests that manuka honey may be used to prevent gingivitis and reduce buildup of plaque. Participants of that particular study were given a specially made chewable manuka honey gum that could be ingested as well as chewed like gum.

There have even been a few implications that manuka honey may help clear up nasal congestions caused by allergies. However there is much more solid evidence about manuka honey suppressing coughs and calming inflamed membranes.

Hundreds of children were given manuka honey or a synthetic cough suppressant, manuka honey was found to be more effective at soothing the childrens cough and allowing them to sleep peacefully.


Have you ever been interested in using Ayurvedic medicine? Turmeric is an orangey-yellow superstar in Ayurveda. Turmeric is an herbaceous plant that is related to ginger and requires heavy rainfall to thrive. You can have turmeric fresh, dried and ground.

You can consume it or apply it as a paste directly onto your skin. Turmeric has been used traditionally to heal a myriad of diseases, from chicken pox to liver disorders. It is the active compound curcumin found in turmeric that allows people to find relief from this awesome orange herb.

It is also curcumin that gives turmeric its antibiotic effects. Studies have suggested that turmeric can kill bacteria and viruses.  A study conducted in 2009 showed promising evidence of turmeric extracts being effective against E. coli, which is known to cause food poisoning.

Another study in the same year showed that turmeric extracts was able to suppress hepatitis B. In 2008 it was found that turmeric could be highly effective against fungal infections especially Candida albicans. Turmeric also helps you to fight off infection by strengthening specific proteins found on your immune cells.


Echinacea is a beautiful flowering herb that has been used for over 400 years by Native Americans. It was especially popular in the 18th and 19th century where many people used it to treat fever, syphilis and malaria. Nowadays Echinacea is successfully used to reinforce the immune system to help reduce symptoms of the common cold.

Herbalist may also prescribe Echinacea as an effective remedy against many fungal infections such as thrush and athletes foot. There has been an interesting study that suggested Echinacea may have exhibited antiviral activity against cold sores cause by the herpes virus. There are also 2 fascinating case studies proving the effectiveness of Echinacea.

The first one involves a woman who developed a horrid staph infection that was worsened by prescribed antibiotics. She decided to add Echinacea drops to her regimen and her symptoms improved miraculously. She got off antibiotics soon after but continued to take Echinacea and the staph infection never returned.

The second case study is of a young woman who suffered with mononucleosis which caused her to always feel depressed and fatigued. Doctors were unable to prescribe any drugs to aid in her battle against mononucleosis. So she decided to take Echinacea drops and after 2 weeks reported overwhelming improvement in her symptoms.

Coconut oil

Have you ever been told coconut oil is bad? Well don’t believe it because people from the Philippines call the coconut palm tree, the ‘tree of life’ as it is treasured for its plant-based fats that provide many benefits including energy. Coconut oil is extracted from the delicious white meat of coconuts.

It is high in saturated fat and rare medium chain triglycerides. It contains lauric acid which our bodies convert into monolaurin which is a potent and natural antibiotic. Monolaurin is also found naturally in breast milk, so if it’s safe for babies then it is definitely safe for us! Research has proven that taking coconut oil regularly is useful for protecting oneself against bacterial infections.

It has also been found that when directly applied coconut oil can fight against skin infections and even acne. So if you are taking antibiotics for your acne, try using coconut oil instead by ingesting it and as a completely natural moisturizer. Another study discovered that caprylic acid and monocaprylin, components found in coconut oil could be a worthy natural alternative for antibiotics in treating bovine mastitis.


Did you know that ancient Greek & Roman brides & groom were crowned with fresh oregano as decorative fashion statement? Apparently they recognized oregano for its aroma and used it as a symbol of joy and happiness. In Austria it is traditionally used to treat infections of the intestines, nervous system and respiratory tract. Even the great Hippocrates used oregano as an effective antiseptic.

You may know oregano as an important culinary herb that makes food delicious! But you ought to know that this particular herb also has very powerful antibiotic effects. Oregano contains the chemical components thymol and carvacrol which have been shown to inhibit growth of food-borne pathogens. Researchers have also found that oregano is highly effective against the intestinal infection ‘Giardia Lamblia’; even more effective than the standard prescription drug that is commonly used for Giardia.

Oregano is also useful if you have contracted the common cold and the flu as it has been proven to have antiviral activity. It is recommended that you take antibiotics with food to prevent any nausea that may occur due to the powerful effects.


Besides these 6 natural antibiotics you should eat, there is a more potent source of natural antibiotics which have proven to heal the body and boost the immune system. You can go to the next page and watch this presentation on ‘The Elixir Of Life That You Are Missing Out‘.


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Emma Deangela is the best selling author of The Alkaline Diet Program and 80/20 Fat Loss. She has helped over tens of thousands of men and women to lose weight and transform their health with sound nutrition advice.

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23 responses to “6 Natural Antibiotics That Fight Superbugs Naturally”

  1. Peggi Avatar

    thank you for this article. Antibiotics are in meats, chicken ect. With all the chemicals we are getting it is a wonder we still have a natural, organic response to anything. We are trying to go towards a more natural lifestyle so this article is most helpful.

  2. Terri Steck Avatar

    Taking all 6 of the above mentioned natural remedies could cause problems. Is there specific order or time that could help, for instance, on an empty stomach, before or after a meal, at night, etc.

    Thank you.

  3. Patty Smith Avatar
    Patty Smith

    Thank you for this article. I had a bacterial infection for over a year ~~ had no idea, except for discomfort & itching. A doctor had me on Cipro for six months, with NO results except for the fact I got tendinitis in my arms and was miserable. Went to a health food store & was recommended to take Goldenseal Root for 7 days 2 ~ 3 x’s a day. I was clear of the infection at the end of the seven days! The tendinitis lingered for over a year. Have also been on 5 BP meds for more than a year, however, I now take 1/2 of two of them once or twice a day. Taking other supplements, not named, as they may not work for others. I have researched & know that my BP stays level & my energy level is so much better. Thank you for the opportunity to be able to comment.

    1. mary knight Avatar
      mary knight

      I’d l;ike to know which supplements helped you with your B/P. You could print a disclaimer. I do read
      Dr. Axe for foods to eat, but would also be interested to know what you are using. I’m sure others would also like to know!!!

  4. Faridah DeFreitas Avatar
    Faridah DeFreitas

    Hi Emma,
    You had advertised a powdered drink on your website
    When I did the “how acidic is your body test. Can I still purchase it?

  5. Sabrina Avatar

    In reference to Patty Smith’s comments. It would be nice if you would list the BP supplements that are working for you with a disclaimer that they may not work for someone else. I have been trying to lower my BP for several years and could only get it down a little. I was at stroke stage and had a previous TIA so I had to go on BP meds to get it down but the side effects for me are unbearable. I would appreciate any help in that department and I am sure others would too! Thanks.

    1. Pam Avatar

      When I was diagnosed with type II Diabetes I went on a very low carb diet. My blood pressure went down so much that my doctor took me off BP medications. I also lost a lot of weight. I had the help of a Nutritionist.

  6. Marilyn Avatar

    I take Kyolic (garlic supplement) to keep my blood pressure at a good number, but be careful how much you take as it could possibly thin your blood I think. I take one a day.

  7. Vani Avatar

    Hi Emma, Thank for posting this article. This is very informative. I am so glad that I have been consuming Garlic and Turmeric since my childhood.

    I am from India, We use garlic and Turmeric in Indian cooking every day.. I add a bit of turmeric powder in all the curries I make. same with garlic. we crush garlic and add in the curries at the end.

    Hope this helps.

  8. Niki Avatar

    Is there any concern that oregano oil can kill of the good bacteria as well? Also, I’ve had stool testing done before that showed I was resistant to various natural antibiotic herbs and foods such as garlic. Is this accurate in your opinion?

  9. Renee Beatty Avatar
    Renee Beatty

    Is there anything natural that works on pain?

  10. elsa Avatar

    Thank you for the recomendations, but when a person have a gastric reflux this can not eat garlic and others foods, Do you have some recomendations for gastric reflux?

    Thank you

    1. Bill Avatar

      I had very bad gastric reflux and got to a point I would cough up blood.i read an item that HCL tablets helped produce hydrochloride acid, which is the opposite to antacid treatments. The results were very swift and the best part is I was ably to use HCL to repair the gut. I only occasionally take one now if I over indulge on red wine. Starts working within 20 minutes.

  11. Cathy Avatar

    Over the last two decades, I have used garlic and oregano religiously to prevent and treat bacterial and viral infections and it worked like a charm. When everyone else in my family came down with something, I never got it, or I got rid of it within 3 days if I did. They were sick for weeks at a time. This year was different. I came down with a combination of bronchitis and pneumonia that lasted for 3 weeks. I was prescribed levoquin which is one of the most potent antibiotics, along with prednisone. It did nothing. I was prescribed a second antibiotic of Zithromax with a second prescription of prednisone, along with albuterol and some other medicines. They didn’t work either. Finally I chased the medicines down with a clove and a half of raw garlic every day during the third week. It finally cleared up. Maybe next time, I’ll try the turmeric and honey. Garlic might keep the viruses away, but it also keeps everyone else away too. I read somewhere that it takes at least a clove and a half daily to actually work as an antibiotic. Doesn’t taste too good to eat that much of it raw in one meal. Usually I put it in a cheese quesadilla or a bowl of tomato soup.

  12. Krishna Avatar

    Dear Madam,

    Hope you are doing fine.

    I am suffering dandruff problems on my hair.

    Could you please suggest a natural medicine for the same.


  13. Christopher Nappin Avatar
    Christopher Nappin

    All good info please keep sending updates

  14. Guadalupe S. Walden Avatar
    Guadalupe S. Walden

    How long to get the cholesterol to come down? i have it at 275 and i tried the simvastatin for a few days and felt very bad, so i decided to take only natural substances. also i have cut sugar down to about 2 tsps for my tea. i feel better already.

    1. rose Avatar

      I had similar numbers & read about Red yeast rice 600 mg.
      2 capsules with lunch & 2 capsules with dinner.
      RYR helps you go to the bathroom some what!
      I started with Just 2 a day, for a few months.
      The next doctor appointment I had, the doctor said the meds were working & my cholesterol went down 40 points! I told him I stopped the meds because of side effects/pain in my calves & I was taking Red yeast rice :-)! He said if it works for me!
      Read up on Red yeast rice & talk to your doctor.
      Wish you well
      Rose in NH

  15. r.f.garcia Avatar


  16. Jackie Newcomb Avatar
    Jackie Newcomb

    THanks much for all the comments. I had used honey and cinnamon in tea for pain and it works well. I have used echinicea for cold symptoms and it works great. Also I use collodial silver. Yes on coconut oil. I hate antibiotics, altho I know they have their place. Happy Healing to all.

  17. Leonorabayer Avatar

    Thanks for the post
    I use garlic in practically every meal
    Green tea is the number one antioxidant to have in the morning.

  18. Berta Viran Avatar
    Berta Viran

    Thank you for all your nice help ….God bless


  19. HP Avatar


    “…to heal myriad diseases…”

    NOT “to heal ‘a myriad of’ diseases”

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