5 Things That Make You Age Faster

concept of aging and skin careIn the modern world that we live in today, most of us have learned to become health conscious and aware of the needs of our body. We no longer settle for “quick fix” solutions such as plastic surgery or barely-thought out “fad” diets. We now look to more natural, holistic ways to keep ourselves healthy and to keep our youth in check.

As such, we are bombarded with products, programs, diets, and supplements that claim to be able to turn back the tides of time and help stall, if not almost cease, aging. However, people are still often unaware that many of the ingredients, foods, and dietary staples in their everyday lives actually contain elements that speed up the aging process.

#1 Sweet Temptation

Do you ever stop and wonder how much sugar is actually present in your daily food intake? How many teaspoons of sugar do you put into your usual morning cup of coffee? How much sugar do you think is used in the processing and making of your favorite dessert, be it a cupcake, or a candy bar? Though the dangers of sugar have long been known, especially in the area of diabetes or heart disease, it is important to keep a vigilant look-out for how much sugar we actually consume.

A study recently conducted in the UK has shown that high blood sugar levels are also contributing factors to accelerated aging. Simply stated, the results of the study showed that the higher your blood sugar/ glucose level is, the more likely you are to look more aged compared to other people who are as old as you are but have lower levels of sugar in their blood.

This is believed to be caused by the fact that high blood sugar levels translate to more sugar in your system that will bind itself to collagen, thereby causing the collagen to lose its flexibility and to constrict. This is important because collagen is a very beneficial protein that naturally aids in keeping your skin looking and feeling young. High blood sugar levels will also cause a reduction in insulin production which, in turn, hastens advanced aging as well.

#2 The Unhealthy Vegetable (Oil)

Most of the time, people are quick to assume that “vegetable oil” is the healthiest possible cooking oil that they can use. The truth is, however, that even vegetable oil is subject to a lot of dangers to your health and can undoubtedly increase the rate at which you age.

Due to the highly perishable nature of vegetable oils, they are prone to undergo “oxidation,” a chemical reaction that, when consumed and introduced to your body, can cause up to 60 different illnesses or conditions that accelerate aging. This is because “free radicals,” which are the wild, uncontrolled molecules in your body, in a sense, attack and age healthy cells in your body, resulting in the release of oxygen.

This reaction ultimately greatly speeds up aging by causing skin wrinkles and discoloration, impairment of eyesight, growth of white hairs and the like. Vegetable oils also usually contain too much omega-6 fats, which, in moderation, are usually a good thing for your body and your health, but when taken in excess results in the increased risk of acquiring dreaded diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, depression, cardiovascular illnesses and even cancer.

What then can you use for cooking? Well, simply using vegetable oil in sparing amounts can already be a great help, but other oils such as olive oil and coconut fat can also do the trick.

#3 Junking Junk Food

The fact that junk food and sodas are bad for your health is no news. These have been identified as causes for numerous sicknesses, conditions, and are general sources of unhealthy living. Recent studies, however, may have uncovered yet another reason to drop the bad snack habit.

It was found that high amounts of phosphate, which can be easily found in sodas, junk food, and other processed food, increase the process in which we age. This aging manifests itself not only in wrinkles and spots on your skin, but with real, dangerous complications that come with an aged body. Tested on groups of mice, it was found that those who had an imbalance of phosphate in their system lived up to only half as long (8-15 weeks) as those who did not have a heavy presence of phosphate in their diet (20 weeks). So at the risk of your health, throwing away junk food becomes much easier.

#4 Cooking Up Trouble

Though it is very good to know which foods are beneficial to your health and which foods are detrimental to it, sometimes this simply isn’t enough. It is also very important to know not only what you cook, but also how you cook it. Any health buff or diet-conscious cook out there should know that cooking food at a higher temperature, no matter how healthy, organic, or natural your meat is, can actually make your food unhealthy and greatly increase the speed of your aging.

This is because of Advanced Glycation Endproducts (also known as A.G.E.s) which are substances and compounds that are dangerous to your health and which accelerate the aging process. A.G.E.s are already commonly present in sugary, processed, or browned foods, and have the particular reaction of forming at a greater rate in the food that you eat when you cook food at higher temperatures.

However, the unnecessary build up of A.G.E.s can be easily negated by simply cooking your food at a lower temperature over an extended period of time. Preparing your meats and foods with an acidic aspect (in your marinade, for example) will also reduce the appearance of A.G.E.s, as well as using more water-based methods of cooking such as boiling, poaching, or steaming.

#5 Lacking Telomeres?

Telomeres may not be a familiar term to majority of people, but every person should know how important it is, not only to our health, but our entire lives, as well. Telomeres act as a sort of “cap” at the ends of our DNA strands which prevent the strands from unraveling and dying. As we age, our telomeres slowly and gradually decrease and decrease, acting as indicators of our age and well-being.

When these telomeres are completely gone, the cells and DNA unravel and our body grows older and unhealthier. In many ways, telomeres can be seen as a fuse which begins shortening from the beginning of our lives all the way up until the end.

By now we can see how important telomeres are in keeping a healthy and sound body.  Making sure that our telomeres are not unnecessarily wasted is simply exercising good judgment. Scientific discoveries have shown that eating processed meats and foods can actually decrease the lifespan of our telomeres by up to 14 years. Thus, we can see how important it is to avoid having processed foods in our diets.

Curiously, there is also a way in which we can expand the longevity of our telomeres and this is by actually eating organically vegan. This is because telomerase, enzymes which help repair our telomeres, and telomerase activity are significantly encouraged and boosted by partaking in a whole-foods plant-based diet. Doing so not only helps deter the aging process, but impedes the occurrence of debilitating conditions and diseases associated with age.

Graceful Aging

Aging is a process that we cannot stop or halt. However, we can arm ourselves with accurate knowledge and take proper steps in order to make sure that we do not age too quickly nor too prematurely. With the appropriate knowledge and corresponding positive actions, we can gracefully age in a manner that is healthy, optimal and filled with the promise of sustained longevity.

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    Very informative and easy to read. Thanks

  3. Lori Balserak Avatar
    Lori Balserak

    I’ve never heard of Telomeres. Could you please give footnotes or other sources explaining them, as well supporting your claim that a vegan diet will “expand their longevity?”

    Lori Balserak

  4. Apprin Avatar

    As a vegetarian and near-vegan for several years, it’s always good to read documentation that leans toward support for my decision to avoid animal foods. The telomeres’ role in our good health has been examined closely for some time now. With each review, it appears more certain that telomeres is a vital component to preserve. Hopefully, more will get the message.

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    Marc Yagoda

    Great topic and subject matter!

    Strategies of slowing the aging process does start with nutrition as that is the foundation from which to build upon.

    Telomeric science although interesting as it does have correlation to lifespan and longevity, is in my opinion not what people should be thinking about, as who wants to live a long life in a diseased state?

    Here in the US, and increasingly around the world, people are sub-clinically antioxidant deficient and it’s taking its toll on people’s health. Just look at rising chronic disease and cancer rates … add-in lack of exercise/activity, and you can add obesity (including child obesity) to the mix.

    From the National Institute of health – “Over 95 percent of the USA population falls into the moderate or high risk category of the carotenoid health index”. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22292108

    With our food supply being compromised including produce that has less nutritional value than it did a few decades ago, coupled with living in a more polluted and toxic world, how much nutrition does the body need to absorb in order to neutralize the level of oxidative stress and free-radical damage our cells are dealing with in a given day?

    Eating organic does help, but unless you actually test the produce, how do you know that that organic field or orchard, wasn’t subject to blowing winds and other atmospheric contaminants? You don’t unless you have a way to measure the end result in your body. Which you do .. and that’s why I’m launching a network called the Antioxidant Scanning Network.

    Once you are able to establish and maintain a high cellular protective level of carotenoids, you will find it easier to manage a healthy weight.

    And this is an exciting time as science is evolving and we’re entering a whole new era of epigenetics where nutrigenomics is the future of nutrition. It’s where we can restore youthfulness to the body by influencing targeted genes to behave younger, thus enabling people to live “younger” much later into their senior years. Yes please!
    Live healthy, live young! G-d bless!

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    I don’t have reason to doubt what’s stated, however, being a retired IBM engineer, I’m a bit of a nitpicker.
    I’m not trying to refute the claims that you make, but since you are not doing independent research, you need to provide scientific sources to support your claims. For example, referring to recent studies without giving a verifiable reference is not very persuasive for getting people to change their habits. The association between dietary sugar and heart disease, telomeres, which most of us have never heard of, etc. need scientific references.
    You comment about using vegetable oils and say, “- – – but other oils such as olive oil and coconut fat – – – .” as though olive oil and coconut fat aren’t, also, vegetable oils.

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