Hey Fat Ass – Exclusive Interview With Author John Manrique

Are you a fat a$$? I’m sure you are not but John Manrique had choose this unique book name for his book and published it in the bookstores. When we first came across the title, it sounded offending but we decided to interview John and realize that he has some good points that can help guys to lose weight fast and healthily.

A writer and marketing executive, Manrique’s previously published work includes the satirical novels OCEAN RATON and FOR THE PEOPLE. A native of New Jersey, John currently resides in South Florida with his wife and their two beautiful children. To learn more and connect with the author visit www.johnmanrique.com.

1. What inspired you to write “Hey, Fat Ass!”, can you tell us why you choose this title?

I lost 70 pounds and have kept it off for a few years which seemed to amaze people. They would ask, “How did you do it?” like I found the cure for cancer or something. Hardly, and that’s what inspired me to write the book since losing weight and getting right is simply about making choices and acting on them. The title comes from what I said to myself to start the journey, “Hey, Fat Ass, you’ve got a choice to make …”

2. What are the main factors that you saw that have resulted in the obesity epidemic in the modern world?

From a 42 year-old American’s perspective, I believe the obesity epidemic is a result of too much crappy food being readily available, a public that really isn’t educated about what we eat, and a “super-sized” culture that celebrates more as more.

3. Your book discusses about support and empowerment, how exactly does it help in lowering weight?

First, it is important to accentuate the positive and tune out the negative. You need to engage with friends and family who encourage, support and challenge you to achieve your goals and disassociate yourself from the naysayers. Most of all, YOU need to be your biggest believer, cheerleader and taskmaster. Support yourself by making positive choices, taking effective action, and in doing so, achieving goals that will empower you to go further and attain what you wish.

4. What makes the “Hey, Fat Ass!” different from the common weight loss diet?

It is not a diet. Each of us is an individual and I’d be an absolute idiot if I thought I could put forward a single diet that would work for everyone. To go from Fat Ass to Fit Ass is about changing a lifestyle and living it from now to the grave. What I offer are strategies, ideas, suggestions and information people can try and use to create their own journey. For instance, the foods that are most effective for me, may not be as effective for you. Each of our bodies is different and unique, but when readers work within my three basic rules they can find a formula that is effective for them.

5. Could you share with us on average how much weight does your clients usually lose while following the strategies and eating plans in “Hey, Fat Ass”? And what is the ONE thing that helps them to lose weight?

I don’t have clients and Hey, Fat Ass! is not about hitting a certain number. That’s what I see as the problem with most weight loss books and magazines – they simply focus on a number like it’s the end all be all. It’s not. Ultimately, the goal should be to get healthy and create a sustainable lifestyle. What you weigh is secondary.

6. How much weight can a person expect to lose by following Hey, Fat Ass! diet?

I have lost 70 pounds so far, but that’s me and that’s my journey. Getting healthy and getting right is the goal – when you achieve that you will be at the right weight for you.

7. Besides losing weight, what other benefits should a person expect to derive following “Hey Fat Ass”? Is it suitable for a woman as well?

The key result I hope Hey, Fat Ass! helps people attain (men and women) is “Getting Right.” By that I mean having a better understanding of food, finding the actions and activities that will lead readers to feel fit and fulfilled, and most important, each success achieved empowers other aspects of their lives. Feeling healthy and positive about oneself can provide the confidence to further professional and personal aspirations as well as help strengthen relationships with family and friends. When we feel good, we do good.

8. What should a person expect to experience while following “Hey Fat Ass” book? Could you share some of the experiences that your clients gone through with the program? (if it’s not confidential)

What they should expect is that there are no quick fixes or magic potions. If someone truly wants to “get right” it’s about a lifestyle and that’s not something you change and are done with in 30 days. There will be success, frustration, you’ll feel great one day and have doubts nagging at you another, but that’s life and that’s what Hey, Fat Ass! is about. When we push through and do that which we did not want to or didn’t think we could is when change happens. When a reader experiences and understands that truth in their own journey, that is the point when you know you’re on track to getting right.

9. From your experience, which foods, if any, do you simply refuse to eat due to their negative health impact?

No diet sodas, colas or gassed up energy drinks. As for grocery shopping, my simple rule is that if the list of ingredients contains two or more multisyllabic words I don’t know or can’t pronounce, I don’t buy it. Also, if “High Fructose Corn Syrup” or “Monosodium Glutamate” are listed within the first the first five ingredients, I’m not buying (best to avoid those altogether, though we do live in the real world).

10. Do you have anything specific or advice that you want to say to the readers who are struggling to lose weight to help them shed the fats?

Do not focus on numbers, e.g. “I’ve got to lose 30 pounds” or “I’m 50 pounds overweight.” Your goal is getting healthy with a sustainable lifestyle, and best of all, you are absolutely in charge. For all we think others control – politics, Wall Street, professional wrestling – your body, what you put into it, and what you do to it is 100% yours. As the King (or Queen) of this castle, it is up to you to rule it wisely so that your domain flourishes for many years to come. It is totally up to you. Be well.


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