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  • Instant Noodles: What Are You Really Eating?

    Instant Noodles: What Are You Really Eating?

    Probably the most popular “make-it-yourself” meal amongst students, singletons and rushed mothers, Instant noodles have long been a household staple in most modern homes. They are quick and easy to prepare, easy to store and inexpensive. Instant noodles also taste so great that they are almost addictive. But have you ever stopped to wonder what […]

  • Is Your Butter Healthy?

    Is Your Butter Healthy?

    It turns out that butter can actually be healthy, but only if you choose the right kind. Scientists have found that “good” butter is high in a compound called CLA that helps prevent the growth of cancers and tumors. It also has Omega-3 fatty acids, which are healthy for the heart, as well as vitamins […]

  • 3 Processed Fats to Watch Out

    3 Processed Fats to Watch Out

    Yet again the food industry would seem to be putting profit before safety.  The carcinogenic effects of fat hydrogenation, with its trans-fat byproducts have finally been recognized by the regulators and they are slowly being removed from our food. However, some of the alternative manufacturing methods have even bigger health risks than the toxic processes […]